"Thought is the most potent and creative power in the world. It initially takes shape in an individual mind. When shared with others, any benevolent thought starts growing as a vibrant process encompassing more and more people. It is such collective benevolent thoughts that build up great cultural values and treasure in the society."

The Guiding force of Narayanashrama Tapovanam & Center for Inner Resources Development

Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha


“Let every one of you be a torch bearer. Remember, every one of you is a successor as well as torch bearer of such a profound and glorious lineage. That you are the custodians of this invaluable cultural treasure should itself evoke sufficient self-respect in you. And the inspiration and compulsion to retain and reinforce the heritage should become imperative. Our decision to commemorate and celebrate the 5152nd anniversary of Vishnu sahasranama, which falls in this period of the century, with a global touch, is to help the much needed  reinforcement of cultural values and virtues.

“Everyone cannot be expected to study Vedas and observe their practices. But it is immensely relieving that by reciting and memorizing these 1000 names, a vital part of Mahabharata, held as the 5th Veda, every one can derive the full benefit of Vedic observance.”

Poojya Swami Bhoomananda Tirthji


How to Participate in this holy Yajna Mahotsava

  • Participate in naama-japa/yajna.
  • Take part in the pre-work to the Yajna.
  • Share this information with at least 20 others.
  • Volunteer in organizing the event.
  • Join us in arranging resources for the Yajna Mahotsava.
  • Be there to witness this sublime and glorious event.
  • Participate in the pre-yajna austerities.

Register to Participate:

Please register well in advance for the following:

  • To participate in the morning recitation (paaraayanam).
  • To participate in the Archana and Havan.
  • There is limited accommodation; register to avail of accommodation.

Write an email to with your name, phone / mobile number, age, gender (M/F) indicating your ability to sit down for the duration of the yajna to register your participation.

Join us in the noble cause

Such noble activities cannot be undertaken without hearty support and participation from like-minded devotees and well-wishers.

Offerings may be made through:

  • MO/cheque/DD in favour of Narayanashrama Tapovanam or Hind Navotthana Pratishtan.
  • Direct credit to ‘Savings Bank account’ in the name of Narayanashrama Tapovanam,  details of which are as under:

A/c No.                        Bank Name        Branch       RTGS Code

018 001 000 727                  ICICI Bank          Thrissur      ICIC0000180

911 010 010 701 058  Axis Bank            Thrissur      UTIB0000046

This facility of direct remittance is available to Indian residents transferring from accounts within India only. Remittance from foreign countries can be made only through cheques/DD.  Kindly inform the Ashram about the remittance details, so that it can identified for acknowledgement.

Donations to Narayanashrama Tapovanam and Hind Navotthana Pratishtan are eligible for exemption under 80G of the Income Tax Act. 

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