"The power to promote and reward, as also to demote and punish the individual and his fate in this world, lies within his mind, its thoughts and feelings. No external agency is necessary to bring this infallible fruition. As the growth and development of a seed, an embryo, or a cell designed and preserved by its own inner makeup, here too the causal forces for what one rightly deserves lurk within one’s own invisible bosom."

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Sreemad Bhagavad Tattva Sameeksha Satram


vishnu-03Sreemad Bhaagavata Tattva Sameeksha Satram is a 10 day-long exposition which explains how to apply the essential values and ideals of Sreemad Bhaagavatam to daily life.  The Satram is held at Naimisharanyam, Wadakkanchery, Thrissur district, in the month of December every year, and it aims at making devotion and Sreemad Bhaagavatam the very base of people’s lives, by describing the values and truths propounded by the text. It is organized jointly by the Hind Navotthana Pratishtan and Narayanashrama Tapovanam.

People from different parts of the country turn out in large numbers in Naimishaaranyam to listen to the day-long discourses and talks by an eminent panel of distinguished scholars and exponents, aimed at bestowing the Bhaagavata elixir and imbuing the listeners with inner values and vision. Knowledge of the Supreme Truth which is contained in Sreemad Bhaagavatam is the only means to free the human mind from the afflictions of the world. Distinct from the usual Sreemad Bhaagavata Saptaahams, the Tattva Sameeksha Satram aims at instilling deeper wisdom, universal values and rational thinking through the profound thoughts of the great holy Text. Each year this objective is being fulfilled to a greater degree, bringing conspicuous results among the attendees.

Vidyaavataam Bhaagavate Pareeksha’ (In Bhaagavatam is the real test for the erudite and scholarly). This quote is an indication of the sublimity and profoundness of this ancient yet timeless Indian scripture.  This very abundance of knowledge and wisdom contained in Bhaagavatam is what makes it relevant and practically applicable even in the modern world.


 The 17th Annual Sreemad Bhaagavata Tattva Sameeksha Satram will be held in Paralikad ‘Naimisharanyam’ from 21nd to 30th December 2018

Satram Program Details (2018) (English)
Satram Program Details (2018) (Malayalam)


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