"The power to promote and reward, as also to demote and punish the individual and his fate in this world, lies within his mind, its thoughts and feelings. No external agency is necessary to bring this infallible fruition. As the growth and development of a seed, an embryo, or a cell designed and preserved by its own inner makeup, here too the causal forces for what one rightly deserves lurk within one’s own invisible bosom."

The Guiding force of Narayanashrama Tapovanam & Center for Inner Resources Development

Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha




“True spiritual pursuit must generate the feeling of sky-like impersonality and impartiality within. Our inmost identity is the abode of fearlessness, abode of strength.”

* * *

“We are suffering from the fear of losing what we like and facing what we dislike. By not clinging to what we like, and not hating what we dislike, we become fearless.”

* * *

“By clinging to external objects and objective situations for gaining happiness, we become slave to the world. By discovering the real source of happiness within, we become master of the world.”

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