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Pranam Pujya Swami,

Can u please guide me about how can we control our mind in this modern era?

Poojya Swamiji Replies:

Dear and blessed SM:

Harih Om Tat Sat.

Mind is mind, ages ago and now. World also is the same since creation. It is inert panchabhootas. Our body also has not changed. The body, mind, intelligence and ego are surrounded by the matter-energy world.

What was true then is equally so now.

Do this faithfully. Close the door and windows. Sit on a special seat for the purpose. Sit cross legged if you can. Interlock your fingers, place them on the lap. Close your eyes.

Let one part of the mind go on observing the processes.

Mind will bring up thoughts, emotions, feelings, and many others. Just be observing them each, concurrently. Do not follow them, be not afraid of any, do not go into what each is, do not relate anything to the process. Just, as you will look at another’s face, be just observing.

Maximum 20-25 minutes. Get up then, wash your face, and get to your routines.

Report to me after 2 weeks. In this, have no solid food undigested. You may sip a little tea, if needed.

Be unaffected while watching.