"Devotion is a means as well as its true end when it grows into a full treasure. When devotion becomes a treasure, you will need nothing more for inner fullness or affluence. As devotion grows, it will begin to free you of all desire, hatred and fear. It will relieve poverty, either by making you amply resourceful or by taking away from you the very feeling of poverty. Devotion also will remove your weakness, generating untold strength and confidence."

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Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha


Question : With pranams swamiji, may I ask you where is your position in spirituality? Please excuse me if this is a senseless question. Thank you.

Answer :

Dear and blessed daughter R: 

Harih Om Tat Sat.  Your email of 8 Sep. is before me and I am reading it again.

I wonder what you mean by your question. Good behaviour prevents us from saying anything that would appear to be a claim, self-conceit or the like. Nevertheless, an earnest seeker will certainly want to know whom he or she is with.

With reservation let me speak:  Inner personality of a seeker will not be at rest, unless the mind’s and intelligence’s needs are met, fulfilled. Mind craves for peace and joy; intelligence for wisdom. Result will be ego sublimation, effacement.  That makes one full and complete. A genuine seeker cannot rest unless his quest is fulfilled.  No concealing is possible here.  A flame cannot deny that it is bright and it illumines.

I am a fulfilled person.  My body does its tasks, mind and intelligence do theirs, but in reality I do nothing.  This is said to be the fulfillmental note in true spirituality, the last!

The question is very relevant.  Some have to raise it, mostly seekers get to feel the answer without asking explicitly.

Very good.

Love and aashirvaad.


Swami Bhooomananda Tirtha.

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