"Thought is the most potent and creative power in the world. It initially takes shape in an individual mind. When shared with others, any benevolent thought starts growing as a vibrant process encompassing more and more people. It is such collective benevolent thoughts that build up great cultural values and treasure in the society."

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Narayanashrama Tapovanam Glossary

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Term Definition

sanskrit : कामः ; Wish or Desire.


sanskrit :कर्म ; Action, work, deed.


Sanskrit:कर्मबन्ध; The bonds of action (i.e. transmigration or repeated existence as a result of actions)


sanskrit : कर्मेन्द्रिय ; 5 organs of activity viz. 2 hands, 2 legs and organs of evacuation.


Sanskrit : क्रौञ्चः ; A bird known as bittern.

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