"Thought is the most potent and creative power in the world. It initially takes shape in an individual mind. When shared with others, any benevolent thought starts growing as a vibrant process encompassing more and more people. It is such collective benevolent thoughts that build up great cultural values and treasure in the society."

The Guiding force of Narayanashrama Tapovanam & Center for Inner Resources Development

Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha


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Dear and Blessed Soul
Dear and Blessed Soul
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Over the last six decades thousands of people, while facing difficulties and doubts in life, have written to Swamiji seeking clarity and guidance. Not all their impediments are related to spiritual pursuit; quite a few are personal, professional or societal.

This book, the third in the series, contains selected replies by Swamiji to 35 afflicted souls. Topics are wide in range and relevance: test of Self-realization, attitude of students, motherhood, prosperity, efficacy of mantra-japa, meditation, worship, etc.

Those who have undergone uncertainties and torments in life, may find this book a great friend, benefactor and guide.

Extracts from the Book:


But, to marry also means to enter a strong bondage. It also means to foster a family in the usual sense. Progeny is the need and purpose of traditional marriage. Having a child, who will be about 25 years younger to you, is certainly to have a clear bondage and link. The parents also have to be responsible for the child's upbringing, character, general growth and welfare. The father should remember that is like the Brahmā of the lineage he is going to create.

* * *

Moksha is always personal. It will be to the extent and kind that one needs. To one it may be from desire, to another from hatred, to the third it can be from fear. To the fourth, it may be from all the three. In each the urge, motivation or compulsion may be different. You can take to the goal from the mind level, or the intelligence level. In the mind level, it will be the mind's creations, one or more of these that act as the base. In the intelligence level, t will be pure inquiry. Despite the differences in the beginning stage, the terminal fruition will be the same.

* * *

Remember that your personality is more mental and inward, than bodily and outward. Mind is the starting point of all actions and also the recipient of the resultant experiences. Body is used or employed by the mind Focus should be more on the mind. Growth of the mind is through right thinking, cultivation of right values and adherence to these. Ensure that your mind grows stronger and clearer through everything that you do. Emotional strength is what you should aim at, and not emotional weakness. Always look within to assess what it really is.

* * *

Think well. Is human life meant to hold or leave? Can you hold on to take with you anything that is around you or is acquired by you - either in the form of an intimate relationship or as material gains? Everything is there only to be left. You have to leave even the body which compels you to seek other things. Reflection on this supreme fact will itself be sufficient to safeguard against undue attachment. The sweet drink you are about to take has a deadly poinson in it - when this fact is known, will you still drink it? Knowledge is too powerful - sharper than a glittering sword!.

* * *

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