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Remote Group Chanting on the Occasion of
Vishnu sahasranama Vishwa Yajna Mahotsava

29th December 2013 

  1. Inform and invite as many people as possible.
  2. Request people to bring a copy of the Vishu sahasranama.
  3. Clean the venue very well.
  4. Keep a photo of Mahavishnu.
  5. Decorate the altar with some flowers.
  6. Light a lamp and keep it lit through the entire programme.
  7. If there are many people arrange a PA system (mike, speaker, etc.)
  8. Arrange for mats (aasan) for all to sit on.
  9. Start the programme at 4:00 AM IST sharp to synchronize with VSVYM in Naimisharanyam.
  10. Play the Narayanashrma Tapovanam’s recording of Vishnu sahasranama chanted by
    Swami Nirviseshananada Tirtha & Ma Gurupriya. Please write to the Ashram to get a copy
    of the Audio. You can also download this from the Ashram website.
  11. Identify one person from among those present to lead the chanting.
  12. Vishnu sahasranama should be chanted 10 times.
  13. If you do not have access to Vishnu sahasranama books, please write to the Ashram.

ARCHANA (if possible)

If you have access to Shankara TV Channel, then you can arrange for a TV set in the venue and
tune into the Vishnu sahasranama Yajna (LIVE from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM).

The programme will also be Webcast live over the Internet (http://www.srisankaratv.net/web_tv.html).

While Poojya Swamiji is conducting the Yajna (archana), the group can repeat after Poojya Swamiji and offer mental flowers.


At the end of the Session, some prasada to be distributed to all present.

Vishnu Sahasranama in Sanskrit                                         Vishnu Sahasranama (transliteration) in English

Vishnu sahasranama Vishwa Yajna Mahotsava
29 Dec 2013
Details of the locations where Vishnu sahasranama Chanting will be held
on 29th December at the same time as in Naimisharanyam, Kerala.
Date & Time of Chanting: 29 Dec 2013, 4:00AM (INDIA TIME).
NOTE: Please confirm local time depending on Time Zone.


Vasundhara, Ghaziabad, U.P
Centre for Inner Resources Development (CIRD),
Sector 5A, Vasundhara,  Ghaziabad, U.P
Contact: 9818900091

Irvine, California    Smt. Indu & Sri Murthy
14901, Dhalquist Rd., Irvine, CA 92604.
Phone: 949.733.8826 home; 949.981.3588 mobile
Time (local): 2:30 PM to approx. 7:30 PM on Sat., 28-DEC-2013 

Vienna, Virginia   Smt.  Nisha Govindani
8611 McHenry St.
Vienna, Virginia 22180
Phone : 703-863-5869     email :

Vadodra    Smt. Veena &Sri Amrat Panchal
4A, Mamta Society,Race Course, Vadodara 390023.
Phone: 0265-2397053, (M) 09601684005

Sydney, Australia   Smt. Malathy Thiagarajah

Vancouver, Canada    Smt. Mala Thiagarajah

Nairobi, Kenya    Smt. Mala Sridhar

Mobile: +254 788135865, +254 721368863

Besant Nagar, Chennai    Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Satsangam
Mini Hall of the Kanchi Mahaswami Ananta Maha Mandapam,
2nd Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai - 600020    8.00 Am and ending around 1.00PM

    Jamshedpur : Centre for Inner Resources Development (CIRD),
Circuit House Area, North West, Jamshedpur
Contact:  9234605079, 9431184333

Kotivakkam -Chennai    Sri Krishna Pandu Ranga Vittala Mandir
Natco Colony Community Center,
Middle Street, Kotivakkam -Chennai -600 041.
(Location Past RTO office on ECR Road and on the opposite side of the Road, inside street)    
Here Archana followed by VS Parayanam will be held between 7.00 Am and 12.00 Noon.

Vasant Kunj, New Delhi    Vishnu Sahasranama Satsang group,
C9/9704, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi (Residence of Smt.Vaidehi.)     18 participants       
Vasant Kunj, New Delhi    Gurgaon Bhagavata Satsang group,
C6/6438, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi (Residence of Smt.Krishna Anand.)    15 participants

Kolkata : V Narendran  09431111049
V N Kala Devi 09204058160
Address:  Flat 1B, Belmont Apartments,  18/2 Alipore Road, Kolkata.

Dubai    Residence of Smt.Padma Gopalakrishnan    8 participants

Download PDF file for Group Chanting Locations

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