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What is Vishnu-sahasra-nama?


Historic Origins of Vishnu sahasranama

Just before the battle began in Kurukshetra, Krishna instructed Arjuna on the supreme Truth of the Immortal Self. The revived and rejuvenated Arjuna rose up and fought for 18 days, wherein all but 10 of the 45 lakhs of warriors were killed. When the battlefield was thus reduced to a silent graveyard, 



Vishnu sahasranama Yajna

The  world  today, is witnessing an  unprecedented crisis  in decline of human  values and  virtues.  The neglect in adhering to Dharmic principles and the consequent erosion that has already taken place, are threatening the very existence  of civilised human  society. In order to  arrest  this alarming  trend, the problem has to be tackled at its very source.    more ...


Pre-Yajna Austerities ...  to bring us in touch with the Environment

  1. Bring water from the sapta-samudras (7 great oceans) of the world.    (See  सागरस्तव:  - In Praise of the Oceans)                             read more on austerities....
  2. Getting Gangotri water for Vishnu sahasranama Vishwa Yajna Mahotsava - A Report

Pictures from Previous Vishnu sahasranama Yajna's

Report and Pictures of Preparations Underway

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How can You Participate ...

Let  every  one of  you be  a torch  bearer.  Remember, every one of  you is a successor as well as torch bearer of such a profound and glorious lineage. That you are the custodians of this invaluable cultural treasure should ... (more).

Guidelines for Remote Chanting


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