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13th May 2020

Dear and blessed {name} :

Emergency Feeding Program During Lockdown - 10

Harih Om Tat Sat. On 10th, there were two local distributions. One was to the photographers and videographers, in and around Cherpu, who have faced nearly two months of unemployment now due to the lockdown. Their vehicle, loaded with the materials for distribution, left the Ashram about 1040 hrs.

Distribution to workers in Paralam Pachayat whom lockdown has laid off, was in the afternoon.

As days pass, the pressure to cope with Covid-19 impact escalates, putting people to a variety of difficulties. The Panchayat President and the Secretary submitted a list of unemployed persons like loading and unloading workers, three wheeler and allied drivers.

The vehicle with materials left the Ashram about 4.30 pm. Distribution was from Chenam, Ammadam, Kodannur and Venginissery.

A member of Photographers and Videographers Union receiving kit from Poojya Swamiji

Truck loaded with supplies for distribution to auto and taxi drivers and other allied services

Distribution in the presence of Paralam Panchayat President Sri Sateep Joseph

In Jamshedpur, the feeding program from the earlier three places (Guru Jaat Sangh, Babu Kumar Chowk and tribal areas near Ghatshila) will continue till May 17. CIRD Jamshedpur has extended its support to one more public kitchen run by local volunteers from May 10. This kitchen is feeding about 200 people from the slum at Ram Nagar, Kadma, everyday.

Prime Minister has said that the lockdown will continue for a while, but with modified disciplines. And we expect to return to normal conditions before long – a great relief and hope!

In the history of our Nation, this has been our first encounter with a disease like Covid 19, which paralysed the entire Nation, with a full lockdown extending to 54 days. Any event, plight, encounter or fate is always hard and even painful during its incidence. But once it passes and we have survived the impact, the memory of the whole impact becomes so reviving and strengthening that the episode remains an enlivening and enlightening part of our life.

Let us carefully handle this return to normalcy and gain further confidence and strength in ourselves, in Mother Earth and Her intrinsic power to survive all impacts from various sources around.

Love and ashirvaad. Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha and Ma Gurupriya send loving good wishes.

Poojya Swamiji
Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

Narayanashrama Tapovanam

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