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3rd April 2020

Dear and blessed Soul :  

Emergency Feeding Program During Lockdown - 2

Harih Om Tat Sat. The Ashram is situated in Paralam Panchayat. Avinissery, Cherpu and Chazhoor are adjacent Panchayats.

Smt Surya Shoby, the President of Avinissery Panchayat, and Sri Sunilkumar, Standing Chairman for Committee of Welfare Activities, came to the Ashram on 31st March. After explaining the situation in their Panchayat, the President handed to me a list they had prepared of those who need help, with her request seeking help and assistance.

They have 114 persons, grouped in 29 families.

We agreed to give them materials like rice, dal, potato, onion, sugar, tea, salt, chilly and sambar powders, etc. The supplies were ordered, and arrived yesterday. They were immediately packed and sent for distribution, which began about 4 pm and lasted till 7.00 pm.

The President of Chazhoor Panchayat, Smt Jyothi Kanakaraj, Vice President, Sri K. Ramachandran, Health Inspector Sri Priyesh and staff Sri Trison came to the Ashram yesterday for the second time. They gave me a list of 1070 needy persons, all guest workers in the Panchayat. With some additions, the total would be 1100 plus.

We have agreed to give them rice, potato, onion, dal, oil, salt, sugar and tea. Some of the supplies are being delivered today and the rest will follow. The Panchayat volunteers will pack them into smaller measures. Our Dharma sevaks will distribute them tomorrow, with the help of the Panchayat officials, in 40 residential points.

The materials are meant to look after beneficiaries’ needs for at least 10 days.

Love and ashirvaad. Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha and Ma Gurupriya send loving good wishes.

Poojya Swamiji
Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

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