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Yajna, daana and tapas are the inseparable notes of dharma. Being a Dharmaacaarya, our aim is not only to benefit the poor but to spread the message and spirit of daana-dharma in society. It is the sense of sharing in the mind of people that we wanted to cultivate through Daana.

The more you give the more you get, is a celebrated saying. This apart, daana purifies and sanctifies one’s wealth however meager or huge it may be. It safeguards the wealth and their descendants from being spendthrifts and victims of decadence and destruction due to wrong ways of spending. It preserves wealth by fostering generosity. It begets a blessing that passes on to the ensuing generations.

It is the giver who should feel grateful that there are people to receive his charity. In fact, charity is a misnomer. It definitely carries the undercurrent of a sense of superiority. The concept of Daana has a far greater magnitude and nobility of purpose.

Humility has to be the watchword. Prayerfulness must grace the mind. Thankfulness must be the attitude. Equality, impartiality, must be the canvas of vision.

I only wish that the message of Daana permeates larger circles. Tax is something levied by the Government through law. No body has an option in this regard. But daana is something one gives heartily to others, outside blood and matrimonial relationships, requesting the recipients to make use of it in their life. By so doing, the giver, say the scriptures, will feel immense satisfaction. This kind of voluntary sharing of wealth is far different from the payment of taxes.

As long as the disparity in the society prevails, and the primary needs of people are not met, we will surely need daana to continue.

Pibanti nadyah svayam-eva na-ambhah
Svayam na khaadanti phalaani vrikshaah
Na-adanti sasyam khalu vaarivaahaah
Paropakaaraaya sataam vibhootayah

"Do the rivers ever drink their own water? So too the trees do not eat their own fruits. Do the clouds that shed rain ever eat the herbs and grains that grow after their shower? Resources of the noble are, likewise, meant for benefiting other."

May daana-dharma enrich, empower and bless all of you.

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