"In acquiring material wealth all are not equally blessed. But in gaining mental and spiritual wealth, every one has an equal chance. Beginning from character and disciplines and ending with supreme kindness and goodness, the wealth of the mind is displayed in abundance before all. The question is only who wants, and, to which measure !"

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If you want your mind to be undistracted during meditation, please tell me whom will you take it up with? You have to help the mind, teach the mind, train the mind to be undistracted. This effort can be done only by meditation. What is meditation? Meditation is a process whereby you try to live in your mind. You will have a mantra and this mantra is inserted into the mental wheel, so to say. And along with the other thoughts, you gain access into the mind. I like it call ‘optional thought’.

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

Please listen to me very carefully. In one of my personal discussions, the other person was telling me, “Swamiji, I can listen to a talk, maybe I can also read. But when I sit in meditation, there is too much of distraction.” I did not ask him but it was obvious. This distraction in meditation was making him almost reluctant to meditate or at least avoid meditating, not persisting on it.

Now I would like you to understand this subject very well. Suppose a teacher finds that a student is lacking in one subject, what will the teacher do? Ask him to exert a little more and help him a little more. But even then, the effort to learn the subject cannot be avoided or replaced. In the same manner, if you want your mind to be undistracted during meditation, please tell me whom will you take it up with? You have to help the mind, teach the mind, train the mind to be undistracted. This effort can be done only by meditation.

What is meditation? Meditation is a process whereby you try to live in your mind. You will have a mantra and this mantra is inserted into the mental wheel, so to say. And along with the other thoughts, you gain access into the mind. I like it call ‘optional thought’. You opt for a thought and the thought should represent what is the ultimate goal of your life, what is it that you want. Now representing that in an ultimate sense, you accept it and that becomes the optional thought, the mantra for you. And this mantra is inserted into the revolving mind. You go on inserting, inserting, inserting, inserting, inserting. The mind will revolve with its own thoughts but your success lies in inserting this optional thought and retaining and preserving it there. There is no substitute for it. The mind will initially get distracted, that is all the more reason why you should persist to tame your mind. And taming the mind cannot be done by a distractional process.

If you have to exercise your leg and make it healthier, I cannot give exercise to my hand. In spite of the pain, in spite of the difficulty, the physiotherapist will come and make you walk. Tolerate the pain and still walk. Mā had both the knees operated for replacement. After that, the physiotherapist came and he was making her walk. I think on the second day or third day, she climbed up and down the steps. The problem was for the legs and the treatment again was for legs. In the same manner, if your mind is getting distracted, whom will you treat for it? The mind itself has to be treated.

How will you treat the mind? Keep your optional thought again and again; the mind will get distracted, discover the distraction and feed the mind with the optional thought. Feed, feed, feed, feed, feed, feed, feed and the optional thought will become your static thought. It will become your static thought. The distractions will naturally become less and less, less and less, less and less. And arithmetically, you will reach a state where the number of thoughts every day in your mind, the optional thought will be more and the other thoughts will become less. But we need not reach that state; even before that the mind will become calm, quiet and will start revealing its sublimity. It will create and generate a considerable measure of exhilaration for you, joyfulness for you.

There is no substitute for meditation. Suppose the mind is turbulent; it doesn’t allow you to meditate. Okay. You try to introspect over an idea, spiritual idea that you have heard or read something from a very good book like Bhagavad Gita or something similar. But even then, don’t leave the mind to be distracted. Why don’t you keep a small Bhagavad Gita or something like that in your pocket? When the mind gets distracted, open the book and start reading. In other words, it will be a very pleasant and desirable diversion.

You mean to say my mind does not think? It thinks, it thinks. It thinks immensely. Today I thought I will not talk to you but because some new people have come, I decided I will talk. Otherwise I was writing something very important to be presented to the geologist who is to go to inspect our hill. So I wanted to write something and present before her. Because of all of you who are newly here, I decided I will speak something today.

So my point is that you are not able to tame your mind is no excuse for you to stop the effort and be absent. No, no, no. I was told by a disciple of mine who was working in Delhi transport, earlier he was a black commando. So he was telling me when he was taken and he was being given a training or some kind of a test, he was asked to run with 25 kilograms of weight. He was asked to run or walk quite a long distance. When he was about to end, the weight was too much and he was not able to do it. So the officers who were following him in a jeep, they were saying, “You have almost done it. Don’t leave, try, try you will be rated well. Go! Don’t leave, don’t leave! Pick up, pick up! You have almost reached. Go ahead, go ahead!” See, what did they tell him? They encouraged him to walk. They never said, “Oh, if you cannot do, we are waiting for the word that you cannot do. We will score you out.” So, should we score out the mind for its ability to concentrate or we should tell the mind what, “You will! You will!”? So, you should help your mind to remain concentric.

You know there will come a time, suppose there is a rough and tough road, you will not be able to walk well. So you get into a vehicle, sit firmly and then drive the vehicle. All the jolt will take place to the vehicle, not to you. In the same manner, you should be able to train your mind. And this optional thought, the mantra will be such a safe insurance for you that retaining it, equipped with it, enriched by it, held in its embrace, you will be able to do anything that is otherwise impossible.

Please understand the science of the mind. Nobody’s mind is still, we don’t want it also to be still. I have already started telling people that my eyes are winking, wherever I am and whatever I do, that activity as much as I want I am not able to do. There is a tendency, let me do it slowly. I am a fast mover. Now suppose this tendency I encourage and it picks me up fully, then you will find almost an inactive Swami in about three, four, six or seven months. Tell me whether you will like it.

So what you have to do is encourage the mind, help the mind, tame the mind. To get distracted is not anything; you should not use the word even ‘distracted’. Right from the beginning, the mind has been exposed to the world through the senses, and all the impressions it has collected are about the world. And once the impressions are collected, the mind is driven by the impressions. So to collect more impressions, to be driven by them; this is the culture of the mind and you are bringing about a drastic change.

Now try to get impressed by your own subjective glory and greatness. ‘Mind, realize your heredity, realize your heritage, realize your value, your treasure, your strength.’ Matter is indestructible they say, but our mind is far more so. Between matter and the mind, the mind is superior to matter. Why don’t you understand that you have a mind, something very superior to matter and energy in the world? And live in that mind, seated in the mind, deal with matter and energy, deal with your profession, but imbued with the majesty of your mind, the magnificence of your mind, the splendour of your mind.

We are running a telecast in Disha channel. The name I felt like giving was, “Inner Spiritual Splendour”. When you close your eyes, you can see nothing but you are able to visualize, see your thoughts well. For seeing anything, we must have light. The external light will not light up inside the body. So whose splendour or what splendour are you able to realize your thoughts, experience your thoughts? So there is a greater splendour inside the body, though it may not be visual light like lightening or fire fly, no. It is something entirely different which will not heat you up, which will not burn you. But it is also a splendor; that spiritual not material, inner not outer splendour. You are able to understand your thought because of this splendour. You are able to have a question or a doubt because of this. You are having your memory because of this. So it is the source splendour which makes you think, intellect, understand, memorize, guide and motivate.

So this introspection should not be left at all. If you persist, very soon the mind will become docile. The heavy mind will become light, the desultory mind will become delightful, the constricted mind will become expansive and the ignorant mind will become prudent, wise and luminous.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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