"Devotion is a means as well as its true end when it grows into a full treasure. When devotion becomes a treasure, you will need nothing more for inner fullness or affluence. As devotion grows, it will begin to free you of all desire, hatred and fear. It will relieve poverty, either by making you amply resourceful or by taking away from you the very feeling of poverty. Devotion also will remove your weakness, generating untold strength and confidence."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

Many of you may wonder as to what is this meditation and what is its purpose and how to do it. I was just thinking about it, how to explain it in a very simple manner.

Early in the morning, we wake up by opening the eyes. Ever since then till we go to sleep; the eyes have no rest at all. Though it blinks now and then, the eye does not have any rest. Along with the eyes, the other organs of the body also become active. You have to move, short or long distances you walk to do your work, get up and sit. Every time you are acting or interacting. Suppose I tell you, though the legs are constantly moving and you are acting and interacting, take a little time and let the body rest somewhere sitting on a chair or lying. What will you think of such restfulness? Is it necessary, is it pleasant? Is it practicable? I think it is exactly in the same manner, ever since we wake up, our mind is active and interactive. This active and restless mind, you try to make the mind be restful without any activity and interaction. This restfulness, an effort to have it, is called meditation. Whenever the mind thinks, it issues outward through the senses. That outward mind is given an inward rest. This is the purpose of meditation.

When the body comes and sits, it generally sits on the chair or lies on the cot or even on the floor. I don't know whether you are sensitive to hear and understand what I say. For the body to rest, we require a medium other than the body, either a chair or a cot or the ground. But when the mind begins to rest, it cannot get any other product. The mind has to rest on itself. Have you understood my expression? The mind is thinking, thinking, thinking. We make the mind rest. Where will it rest? The body was resting on the chair, on the cot, on the floor. Similarly, where will the mind rest? It will rest on itself. Now, this restfulness of the mind on its own essence is called Meditative Absorption.

Everybody will try to meditate and then say the mind is restless, it goes here and there. The mind never goes from the body. If it once goes from the body, it can never return. Your body will have to be taken to the cremation ground. The mind never goes from the body. It is always associated with the body until the last moment. So, there is something called resting the mind, restfulness of the mind. This is what we try to get or attain by meditation. So, meditation becomes meaningful and fulfilling provided you understand this principle and you are able to make the mind be restful. It is just like the speaking mouth and tongue, closing the mouth and lips and remaining quiet. This quietness takes place in the level of the mind. That is what is meditation, attempt and fruition.

Now, think for yourself whether such a restfulness is good and necessary for the mind. When the mind rests or tries to rest by meditation, you will find it is getting surcharged by the very source of creation. There is a source for your own personality as well as the creation. That source is where the mind will rest on at all, if at all. From there, the mind draws any extent of energy, enthusiasm, drive, insight, any other quality. So, make the mind rest, be restful and try to draw upon the great source within. This is the purpose, the process and also the fruition of Meditation.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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