"Our body and this complex world around us is meant to reveal and display the Self variously. Spiritual seeking lies in looking for That which animates the body. Turn the mind and intelligence inward to their very Source. Let the thoughts make you search for the thinking substance, the thinker.  Only then the mystery of the Self will be unveiled."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

A question was raised yesterday, during the evening satsang about meditation by ‘X’. I said meditation is something that I can explain very clearly, vividly, but the actual meditation is a process which one has to get, imbibe in the form of a deeksha from the real teacher. There can be public meditation, congregation meditation; in fact, people call everything meditation. When they close their eyes and sit, it is called meditation. Well and good. But if you want to have meditation or sadhana with a view to get either Atma-Jnana or liberation or Eshwara-Sākshātkāra or Brahma-Jnana, Jeevan-Mukti, then there is a specific deeksha that you must have. And it should be from a person, from a Sadguru who has the realization himself and who is also competent to impart it to another, clarify whatever questions and doubts the seekers have. The second dimension, all self-realized people may not have.

Self can be realized practically by every one provided there is purity of mind and clarity in the intelligence. Now I thought I would speak something about meditation. You know, meditation is an exercise which is done solely by the mind. In meditation, no factor besides the mind ever works. You are supposed to sit in a place motionless. The body should not move at all. There should be no physical activity. There should be no oral activity also. How many different types of activity do we have? Physical, oral. When the oral and physical activities, both of them cease, then there is no offtake of energy. It becomes minimal. You only have to breathe in and out. The blood has to circulate. Throughout the day, it is the other way. Our heart beats, blood circulates, lungs bellow with a view to provide the energy for spending in the form of activity. But here, that chunk is not there. Can you imagine the difference?

When you keep quiet physically and orally, maybe ninety, ninety-five percentage of energy utilization is stopped. Then what will work in you, if at all? The mind. For the working of the mind, there also, the mind is not concerned with any objective activity or its consequences and the like. It is meditative. So what happens? No anxiety, no concern, no sentiments, no emotions with regard to interactions. So that also is very, very minimal. Then the intelligence, unless it takes up an enquiry, then that activity also is not there.

So can you imagine meditation, meditation is a state where minimal activity takes place in one’s personality. When activity becomes minimum, oxygen intake becomes minimum, carbon dioxide generation become minimum, all the cells become more and more oxygenated, oxygenated, carbon dioxide is less and less. In that condition, do you know what will happen, if the meditation results in a kind of an absorption? You will be able to realize and experience every cell of your body. Because each cell becomes very sensitive because carbon dioxide is less, minimal and oxygen is more. Secondly, nobody is conscious of the existence of the mind and its function. Ever since we wake up, we are goaded to be active. And one desire, one prompting or the other takes place and we follow it. There is no time for us to sit and observe from where the motivation comes, instigation comes, wherefrom the thoughts are proceeding. Nobody has a look at his own mind. So this meditation gives an opportunity by compulsion for you to sense the mind factor in you.

And what is this mind? The mind is the source of all activities. Every activity is first of all, thought of, wished or willed in the mind. And the mind alone implements that wish. So when the act or activity is on, interaction is on, that interaction is sustained and supported by the mind. Then it is also concluded, completed in the mind. I am speaking now and you are hearing. The speaking is an activity, first of all designed by the mind. When I stop it, it stops. And whatever I have spoken, you have heard and you may remember it, remember it in the form of knowledge and memory. So mind is the source of all activity; it is the sustenance of all activity while the activities are on and it is also the terminus and conclusion of all activities. Are you aware of this? I am sure you are not. If you are, then are you awake to this awareness?   Is your life governed by that?

So when you sit in a place, obviously, obviously without any activity, your mind comes to focus and you know how it functions. What is the type of thought that you are getting, wherefrom does it come, what is the source? When do thoughts become good, and why are they becoming bad? What am I to do with bad thoughts and what am I to do to have more of good thoughts? All these questions will start coming to you. You will come face to face with your mind.

Understand that every thought arises from your own within. The source remaining the same, why is it that we have plural thoughts with plural colors? From fire, the blazing, the flames also are hot and brilliant. But here is the mind, the source from which most ignoble thoughts and noble thoughts arise. What is the secret? Do I want noble thoughts? Yes. And what do I find? Ignoble thoughts. What is the reason? You will not look to any external factor. Because the source is within. So you will plunge into the mind more and more, try to understand when the mind thinks bad and how it should think good. So a discovery takes place. An analysis takes place. An assessment follows. So you will come more and more familiar with your mind. The greater familiarity, the greater attention, the greater effort to improve the quality of your thought and emotional processes. Except by meditation, you will never be able to understand that there is something called the mind in you and that mind is not matter, it is not energy. If it is not both matter and energy, what is it? It is that third factor called the ‘Consciousness’ or ‘Bodha’ or ‘awareness’, the best word will be ‘sentience’.

So what is this sentience? That is what has become the world, the panchabhutas, so many different forms of body like water condensing itself into ice and snow. Like water getting hotter and hotter to become vapour. As vapour, it has tremendous power, steam, as ice, it has some other qualities than liquid water has, this mind remaining non-matter and non-energy has shaped the body, shaped the senses with which we see, apprehend or comprehend the world and we may say ‘This is the world, this is the world’. The world is sensed by our senses and colored and shaped and appraised by the senses. And these senses are made by the mind. And mind itself is non-matter and non-energy consciousness. So you understand something called consciousness. And what is that? That is the one which causes thoughts, which causes emotions, which makes the senses perceive. So sensory perception is its creation. Emotional generation is its creation. Ideational generation is its creation. Doubt and enquiry are its creation. And knowledge is also its outcome. You come to know how potent the mind is, how magnificent the mind is and how to improve it, how to refine it, how to purify it, how to make it elevated, all these things start coming to you.

And then when you become spiritual and the meditation becomes absorbing, then the very thought process and the emotional process, enquiry, everything comes to a stop. And you remain, you remain, you remain, you remain a mass of radiance, a mass of luminosity, a mass of luminosity, radiance, where no questions arise, no doubt follows and no second factor ever comes to be recognized. It is actually the source of everything. Why? Because it is the source of perceptions. It is the source of experience. The world is an experience. God is an experience. And this is the source of all experiences. Naturally it is the source of the entire creation. To get to the second stage of confirmation, generally it takes time. But you can initially have a touch, a feeling and an experience of your consciousness.      

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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