"The power to promote and reward, as also to demote and punish the individual and his fate in this world, lies within his mind, its thoughts and feelings. No external agency is necessary to bring this infallible fruition. As the growth and development of a seed, an embryo, or a cell designed and preserved by its own inner makeup, here too the causal forces for what one rightly deserves lurk within one’s own invisible bosom."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

Last night during the Satsang, I was discussing solely one important devotional verse (Nāsthā dharme) in which the devotee says that “I don't aspire for either dharma and it's practice. Why? Because I don't propose to have any kind of a wealth or a treasure in order to enjoy many of the things of the world. Because Artha and Kāma, prosperity and enjoyment, I am not interested in. The rules and regulations governing these two are also redundant.” Why do you say so? “Because Yad Bhavyaṁ Tad Bhavatu Bhagavan, whatever is ordained to take place, let it be. Everyone’s life is governed by whatever previous factors are there. So the previous factors already having transpired, their effects will continue to be in an unhindered manner. We don’t have to strain or struggle to produce anything new. Therefore, let anything come, I don’t mind. But nevertheless, I have one dear prayer for me. What is that? Let me have unflinching devotion to Your Lotus Feet. Even if I have to take many more janmās, in this as well as then, I must have unflinching devotion to Your Lotus Feet.”

This is a very important statement, a confession, a beseeching, from a devoted mind. ‘How do you understand it?’ is the question. Everybody has a mind. We also have devotion in general. In spite of the fact that we have a mind and we have devotion, we are not able to lead the devotion, develop it to this level of a resolution and harmony. Why is it a resolution? It is a firm decision and resolve taken by the devoted mind. Why is it harmony? Because by virtue of this thought process and resolution, the mind remains in harmony with life.

Life is always getting unfolded. Every day is a fresh beginning. Every night is also another beginning. We may have woken up yesterday, day before yesterday and many other days. We also woke up today. But there will be a difference between these. Why? At least our body is becoming older. The rest during the night would not have been sufficiently good, undisturbed. Some change and therefore difference will always be there. Our mind should be prepared to welcome it and be harmonious with it. Harmony with whatever has taken place, harmony with whatever is taking place and harmony with whatever is yet to take place.

The past unfolds the present; the present unfolds or leads to the future. There is an inextricable relationship between the three. If the past is unalterable, then the present also is to a very large extent so. If both are so, then the future also is quite so. Now, you must be able to revolve this process of thought in your mind and stabilize it, stabilize it, stabilize it. After sometime, stabilization will not be necessary, it will become natural and concurrent in you. Suppose you are able to do so, what is the benefit or effect, you may ask me. Is it that God suddenly comes and looks after the devotees? Yes, in a devotional language it is so. But if you want to understand it in a matter-of-fact manner, it is subject to a scientific examination. What does that examination reveal?

It reveals that our mind which is generally getting distracted by a number of thoughts in which unnecessary fondness is there, hatred is there, fear is there and multiples of these three are also there. Mind is getting frittered in a number of ways; all that will come to a stop. If at present, you have only some ten percent effectiveness of your mind, when the distractions and multiple ways of thinking stop and you carry this harmony and attunement, then the mind’s power will be far, far greater.

Mind is not something that you can experiment like sodium, chlorine or nuclear energy. It is something available to the individual within his body in the form of an experience. That experiential mind cannot be subjected to any objective process of examination or finding. So it is very difficult to say the mind that you have, how effective it is and how effective it will be when it is harnessed in a devotional manner.

Water normally flows and when it flows, it does not create any force or disturbance. But the same water, when it begins to flow through an incline, then it starts becoming forceful and it can be very, very powerful also. What happened in tsunami? Suddenly a current came from the sea with such a vehemence that people could not run and escape its force. Their running speed was overcome by the tsunami force. Normally the wind blows, but when it blows beyond 170, 180, 200 kilometers speed in a hour, we won’t be able to walk on the road, we will be simply pushed off.

One day a pilot was telling me, these clouds, how high they go. He said if a cyclone comes or a whirlwind comes, it can suddenly shoot up the clouds to a very great height. 20000-25000 feet high, he said. Normally the wind is entering our nostrils and it goes out also, we don’t know. Now these are material constituents of creation - Earth, water, air. Now what about the mind which is supra-material, beyond matter? So when the mind is tuned to, harnessed by, trained by devotion, it develops such a wonderful power. I don’t think it can be imagined. Each person has to feel it according to his capacity and effort. So it can mean anything, anything, anything.

Can you imagine Meera Bai, she was given poison to drink by the mother-in-law. That wonderful mind never resented or stopped for a while. She simply received it and drank. But the poison did not have any effect on the biological body. Can you tell me how, if it is not the effect of a very, very unusually great mind? Our body itself is swarmed by the mind substance, so the same mind neutralized the effect of poison. Like that, many, many things can happen. Rather than running, going out to hit at situations, allow the situations to come and carry, carry, carry.

People say “I made an effort, I knocked here, I knocked there and then got this.” Some will say “Whatever was necessary, God provided for me.” “I don’t deserve whatever God has given me, it is too much.” Such people also are there. I think if you are going to make 100 efforts, they will be reduced to two, three or even one, provided you have a devotionally harnessed mind. So when this devotee says,

Yadbhavyaṁ tadbhavatu bhagavan. Janma-janmāntare'pi niścalā bhaktirastu.

One is, “I am not going to bother about the past, present or future. So the botheration is removed. I am only interested in having unflinching devotion to Your Lotus Feet.” So it is a mind where all botherations are dissolved and a new attunement is developed and grown. And that attunement makes the mind unimaginably great, powerful and inviting. It invites the situations. Ultimately anything in the human world is done by the power of the mind and intelligence. Any discovery, any invention, any leadership, any liberation, any reformation, everything takes place by virtue of the thought process in an individual. When he starts expressing his thought, automatically many will agree with him and the thought becomes a collective thought and it becomes a dominant force. That is how we got independence many years back.

So I would like you to understand this process of the mind getting devotionalized and how in the process, life becomes easier, natural and most effective.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

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