"Unflinching devotion to the Teacher is paramount in the life of a true seeker. To begin with, an external God can be the object of faith. But once the devotee grows to be a seeker, only a Wise Teacher can fulfil his quest.  It is then for the seeker to get purified and enlightened by the words of wisdom from his Guru.  Their bond and attunement put the Teacher on the pedestal of God.  Such an impeccable Guru-sishya bond alone bestows wisdom, strength and fulfillment to the seeker."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

Today I have to speak for Mukthisudhakaram. The chapter I am discussing is the fourteenth chapter. It explains to us how the whole world including the human individuality is made up of three gunas. One is keeping us active, rajoguna. The other puts us to rest, laziness, ignorance, delusion etc. Then the third, sattvaguna, makes you pure, holy, sublime. That is the one which takes you to the self, tries to make you contended, full. Krishna also speaks about a state where you go above the three gunas. What a beautiful description is that! I wish all of you try to understand these descriptions.

People are mad after making one prayer after the other. They don’t understand, not to have any prayer is far superior to praying. You are praying to a God who is all-knowing, all-knowing, all-knowing, all-pervading, all-pervading, everywhere present, present in your heart and around. The moment you think of such a God, where is the necessity for praying? It is within you because of whom you live and move. You speak, breathe, eat, sleep, everything is done because of Him and He sustains you. If you can get into imagination of this nature of God, where is the question of praying to Him individually and specifically? This is called nirguna state. In that nirguna state, the one important factor is non-expectation. Do not expect anything at all. When the mind becomes non-expectant, it has the fullest grace, grace, grandeur, abundance and fulfillment. My dear children, why don’t you be reflecting about this, try to absorb this fact?

You are perhaps telling the name of God, sometimes praising Him also, but the basket that you are keeping is inverted, so it doesn’t collect anything. Do not seek anything, seek anything, seek anything. Understand that God is full, everywhere. He is the first and last within you. You can have a touch or a feeling of Him only within your heart, within in your heart. Forget everything, forget everything. Dissolve everything. Let all thoughts dissolve. Every thought after a time disappears. You are chasing such disappearing thoughts. No thought remains. One thought disappears, another comes, that too also disappears. So, which thought will you chase? The best will be to allow the whole thought process to evaporate. You are full in the consciousness that produces thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories etc. The productions are transitory. But the producer is not. There are references to this wonderful state in Srimad Bhagavatam which discusses devotion.

निष्किंञ्चना मय्यनुरक्तचेतसः
शान्ता महान्तोऽखिलजीववत्सलाः ।
niṣkiṁncanā mayyanuraktacetasaḥ
śāntā mahānto'khilajīvavatsalāḥ |
(Srimad Bhagavatam 11.14.17)

Niṣkiṁncanā - Be non-possessive in your mind. Even when you are possessive, you possess nothing. Your child is separate from you. Your house is separate from you. The dress you wear is different from you. You have only put it on. The body doesn’t get glued to it. When the child was born of you, its umbilical cord was cut and it started breathing by itself. The mind feels that “I possess”, but you don’t possess anything. Even the breath that you take goes out the next moment. The food is digested and blood is used up. Urine and stool are discharged. What is there that remains constantly within you? Nothing. Nothing, nothing. But with delusion you think "Many things belong to me". No, not at all!

Let every thought vaporize. Do not take note of it. Do not be possessed and do not get into trouble. Rather than praying for something, pray for nothing. At the same time, keep God in your heart, in your mind, in your intelligence, in your activity, in your interactions. I don’t say you don’t think of God, think only of you. Think of Him as your wakefulness, as your sleep, as your dream. Think of Him as the earth, as the oceans, as the air, as the fire, different forms of energy, brilliance, heat and as the space. He is all the dream objects the mind creates. He is equally the sleep where you get coiled up for few hours.

What is the difference between your sleeping and your waking hours? It is the sleeping ‘I’ that has woken up. The ‘I’ does not become different. I slept - that was a state. I am wakeful - this is another state. I may dream - that is another. All the three belong to me and I alone am there. I am in my sleep. The same I am in my wakefulness, the same I would be in dream. All these are three different states of the ‘I’. This world is no more than what your wakefulness creates and preserves. The world has no roots other than your wakefulness. That is why when you sleep, the whole world disappears. It is there for the others, it is only because they are wakeful.

Do not feel poor, do not feel wretched, do not feel sinful. Feel holy, pious, devotional, spiritual. Have a sense of surrender, attunement and be open to accept the whole universe. Let there be many doors in your mind. Let all enter but nothing cling to, cling to. Do not cling to anything. Any moment, the body may drop. What happens to your so-called belongings then? Your grandparents must have died, their parents, their parents, all of them would have died. We are also dying. One day totally we shall exit. Before then at least, realize that you are like the spatial presence. You are like the space which contains everything but which is not tainted by anything. Similarly, your mind is a sentient sky. Whatever happens in it, it is not affected by. Why don’t you sit in a place, look into your own within and see the truth that you do not go, you do not come, you are not born and you will not die? There is no scar in you. There is no taint in you. There is no dent in you. You are full, full, abundant, affluent, full. The world can add nothing to you. It can take nothing from you. You are your mind, you are your being. What a wonderful thought is this! I think India alone has this wonderful knowledge and refuge and sukhoor. We need none and we have none. When the mind become empty like this, it becomes full with the self and God.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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