"Karmayoga does not mean ceaseless pursuit of karma. It truly consists in the Yoga orientation and discipline given to the buddhi and the mind. Constant preservation and application of Yogabuddhi while doing any work, alone makes one a Karmayogin."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

I would like to again emphasize the point that spirituality which is nothing but refined religious life is always related to and based upon the mind and the intelligence. In fact in our personality, the entire body along with the senses are constituted by matter and energy. But, the entire body is inert and insentient. It is lifeless actually. What enlivens it, makes it living is the inner personality consisting of mind, intelligence and ego, and these are the only spiritual components or constituents in our personality.

Whether you are a worldly person, a family person, a professional person, understand that your body is inert and what makes it function is the mind plus the other factors. You are essentially and experientially a spiritual person,  never a bodily or a material person. So, the spiritual sadhana will also be by and in the spiritual constituents of your personality. That is why it is related to the mind and intelligence. In the mind and intelligence level, matters can be cut short to a very great extent.

Gita consists of 18 chapters and in the 18th chapter you will find a summary proposition of the entire instructions Krishna gave to Arjuna. Here is a verse from the eleventh chapter.

मत्कर्मकृन्मत्परमो मद्भक्तः सङ्गवर्जितः ।
निर्वैरः सर्वभूतेषु यः स मामेति पाण्डव ।।
mat-karma-kṛn mat-paramo mad-bhaktaḥ saṅga-varjitaḥ
nirvairaḥ sarva-bhūteṣu yaḥ sa mām-eti pāṇḍava
(Bhagavad Gita 11.55)

This kind of a person, oh Arjuna, comes to me and merges with me. Which person? Mat-karma-kṛn mat-paramo mad-bhaktaḥ saṅga-varjitaḥ. All are adjectives of the human. Mat-karma-kṛt - he who always does all his actions for the sake of me, for my sake. So, your life in this world should be completely for the sake of God. Can you arrive at this proposition? This is a religious statement. In the religious statement you will find the entire focus is on the mind, its attitude and affinity.

Mat-karma-kṛt - whether you marry, whether you look after a job, whether you have children,  whether you build a house, you run an Ashram, you talk to your own blood and matrimonial relationships, or you talk to spiritual relationships like disciples and the others,  all your activities should be for the sake of the supreme Lord. The entire world exists for Him. If the world exists for God, the residents of the Earth are also existing for God. Our life is provided for, shaped and designed by Him.  Our eyes are his design. So the other senses. The mind and the intelligence and the ego also are his own creations and instruments. As is the Earth made by God and is governed by God, the denizens, the creatures of the Earth are also made by Him, designed by Him and they are for Him. So take away the egocentric position and possessiveness about life, let every activity of yours be for the sake of God.

Mat-paramah - you will be able to strike this attitude only when you are able to think of God as supreme in life. God should be the first factor, the last factor and the intermediate factor. Mat-paramah. You can make a list of things. You can do a lot of deliberations. Finally see whether you are able to give the supreme position as the source of the world, sustenance of the world, as the refuge and the terminus of the world. Unless you consider God to be supreme, you will not be able to live and work for his sake.

Mad-bhaktah – it is not so much practice of devotional items that is required. It is a transformation of your inner personality whereby you start feeling “I am a devotee.” Not that I practice devotion. I am a devotee. Once you are devotionalized, you become a devotee, everything that you do, think and achieve will become devotional. So you have to say, “I am a devotee.” And as a devotee you live, you eat, you sleep, you do whatever you like but as a devotee. So the entire life becomes devotional.

Saṅga-varjitaḥ – is it enough if you say that? No. If you are a devotee you will not have any saga towards anything. You may have children, wife, husband and many others but you will never feel saga, that delusional clinging to anyone. Saṅga-varjitaḥ.

One more quality of behavior, interaction is 'nirvairaḥ sarva-bhūteṣu', you should not have any feeling of enmity or hatred towards any creature in this world. Sarva-bhūteṣu. Take away enmity and hatred from the dictionary of your life. Nirvairaḥ sarva-bhūteṣu.

Yaḥ sa mām-eti pāṇḍava - whoever becomes like this, he comes to me, gets merged into me, I absorb him, I bring him to my own inner presence. It is a very beautiful statement. One thing after the other in an arithmetical form presented.

mat-karma-kṛn mat-paramo mad-bhaktaḥ saṅga-varjitaḥ
nirvairaḥ sarva-bhūteṣu yaḥ sa mām-eti pāṇḍava

I think these verses should be learnt and reflected upon and every time you try to rub your mind, rub your intelligence, rub your ego, to make sure that these qualities and these attitudes are preserved always.

mat-karma-kṛn mat-paramo mad-bhaktaḥ saṅga-varjitaḥ
nirvairaḥ sarva-bhūteṣu yaḥ sa mām-eti pāṇḍava

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

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