"Our body and this complex world around us is meant to reveal and display the Self variously. Spiritual seeking lies in looking for That which animates the body. Turn the mind and intelligence inward to their very Source. Let the thoughts make you search for the thinking substance, the thinker.  Only then the mystery of the Self will be unveiled."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

You know this boy working in the custom’s department 'S' came here and he is a little unusual as a young person. He says it is because of his own personal experiences, especially through dream that he had become a spiritual person. He says he is an engineering student given to scientific thinking but after his engineering education he joined the military, got into an accident, so could not be there, so he was sent away. He again joined back in the technical wing; that also he could not. Then finally, he is in the customs now. He was telling me that he had a dream in which he found that he was wearing white uniform as a professional.

He asked me a very important question when I was mentioning about meditation and post-meditational sādhanā, particularly the interactional sādhanā. He said that, “Swamiji, how to ensure that the interactional sādhanā is going on with all the activities and interactions?” I think this is something that all of you should take up as a matter of introspection and evaluation.

First let us be very clear that every action and interaction is initiated from the mind, proceeds from the mind and while the two - action and interaction are going on, they always subsist on the mind. Without the mind, no action or interaction can ever be even for a moment. There are instances when in sleep we move our body left and right. But we don’t know that the body moves. So there is no registration as such as far as we know. So can you say you are moving the body? No. There are some people who talk in sleep, who walk in sleep; that also they don’t know.

Only such actions and interactions which are subsisting upon the mind and constantly getting registered there are considered to be our actions and interactions. Why I said this? Actions and interactions are initiated by the mind, subsisting in the mind, and when they conclude the conclusion also takes place in the mind and remains there as a memory. This important point you should know. Actions proceed from the mind, subsist on the mind and conclude in the mind. So every time, the mind part is there as a part of your interaction.

Now the sādhanātakes place at the source level - mind level. What is that sādhanā? Very simple, what is that simple sādhanā? Make sure that all your interactions do not make you impure, unstable, constricted, deluded. Let the interactions be on but make sure that they are properly motivated, properly done and properly concluded. Every action and interaction proceed from either attraction or repulsion, rāga or dvesha or fear. Desire, hatred and fear are the three associates of all actions and interactions. Make sure that you don’t do anything out of a desire or greed or possessiveness. You don’t do anything out of any hatred and you don’t do anything out of a fear. The question then arises - what should be the motivation for work then?

That is where your evolution lies. If you ask me, I always make sure that whatever I’m doing is not out of a desire, possessiveness or otherwise. You know the mind will not allow me to do anything with a greed, with a hatred or with a fear. While the actions and interactions will be on in the sensory level, external level, in the internal level the sādhanāwill go on to make sure that the desire, hatred, fear ingredients are removed from the actions. Then what should be the motivation?

Let every action be out of a need. The need can be individual need, family need, societal need, religious need, national need. We are paying taxes. Why are you paying taxes? Because there is a need, it will be deducted at source. And why are they deducting it? To give you the societal facilities required in a country. Suppose they don’t deduct, then you will not give. Suppose you are prepared to give, then they don’t have to deduct; maybe people will give more than the prescribed tax percentage.

Similarly why am I eating? Because there is hunger. Not only hunger, even when I don’t have hunger sometimes I have to eat because the body needs it. Why are we sleeping? Because the body and mind need it. Why am I speaking? Because there is an occasion and a need to speak. Suppose nobody calls me and there is no platform, how will I speak? I am writing because we have the facility to publish what I have written. Suppose no facility is there, no convenience is there to publish and the books also are published but not distributed or read by the people, then who will write? Why am I breathing? Because there are lungs. Why is the blood circulating? Because there is a heart.

In the same manner there is a mind. There is an intelligence. There is an ego. None of these things is my product, my creation. I am only living with them. My birth itself is not something that I looked for, asked for or desired. I am living because the body was born and it was born from my parents. Let my parents explain it or the sequential parentage - let that explain. Just like the earth is revolving and bringing seasons, earth’s denizens are also doing their work allotted by nature. You can think in any manner:

एवं प्रवर्तितं चक्रं नानुवर्तयतीह यः ।
अघायुरिन्द्रियारामो मोघं पार्थ स जीवति ।।

evaṁ pravartitaṁ cakraṁ nānuvartayatīha yaḥ |
aghāyur-indriyārāmo moghaṁ pārtha sa jīvati ||

(Bhagavat Gita 3.16)

After explaining the cosmic cycle of activity, Krishna says that this cosmic wheel, if you are not following it, you are considered sinful and your life is wasteful. What more do you want? So can you not replace your individual desire, hatred and fear by a thought of this nature and work on a far greater, natural harmony? I sometimes feel how miserly people are. They can live, have a profession, get the income, spend the money, raise a family, have children, everything let them do, but let them do it from the higher and harmonious point of view.

evaṁ pravartitaṁ cakraṁ nānuvartayatīha yaḥ |
aghāyur-indriyārāmo moghaṁ pārtha sa jīvati ||

From Gita, this is the cosmic cycle of activity Arjuna which is constantly going on and every human being is a part of it. If he does not adhere to this revolution, then his life is wasteful and he is sinful. Would you like to be sinful and wasteful? No. Then keep on being active. That activity is born of nature, compelled by nature, led by nature, and it has got its own goal as the revolution of the earth on its own axis and around the sun has.

So the individual life becomes part of a universal process. This is what is meant by expansion of the mind, the enlightenment of the intelligence, the refinement of the ego. So the whole process is working in the mind-intelligence level. I think it is very, very simple according to me. You understand and evaluate - why are we alive? Why are we active? When you get an answer as to why we are alive and active, all these questions will simply dissolve. Understand that the river is not an independent entity, it is made out of water, the water from the surface of the sea vaporizes, it passes through the sky undergoing various conditions and plights, ultimately it gets cooled, in the higher altitude it falls as snow, in the lower levels it comes down as rain. Because they are falling on the earth and the earth is not of the same level, there are different terrains, incline and decline, the water finds its own level and the ultimate level is the sea. So it comes from the sea, goes back to the sea, rises again, again flows back, it’s a cycle.

Similarly the activities proceed from our mind, they come back and conclude in the mind and this kind of a cyclic process goes on. Understand that it is so and never go besides this cycle in your thoughts and assessments. So the interactional sādhanāis making sure that the attitude of the mind as well as objective of the mind with regard to any action or interaction remains the same. That is what is meant by:

लोकेश चैतन्यमयादिदेव श्रीकान्त विष्णो भवदाज्ञयैव ।
प्रातः समुत्थाय तव प्रियार्थं संसारयात्रामनुवर्तयिष्ये ।।

lokeśa caitanya-mayādideva śrīkānta viṣṇo bhavad-ājnayaiva |
prātaḥ samutthāya tava priyārthaṁ saṁsāra-yātrām-anuvartayiṣye ||

So your life in your house is not a personal life; it is on the other hand a ‘saṁsāra-yātra’, a worldly voyage arranged, prescribed, sequenced by nature and you simply follow it. For what? To please the Lord who has instituted and is preserving everything. So your family life becomes a devotional offering, means you know the orbit changes, the level changes, the perception changes, the attitude grows, and instead of being a puny individual of a family, you become a citizen of the whole universal nature. How beautiful it is to have this expansion!

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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