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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

I would like to remind you of a fact, a truth, and also a compulsion, which invariably all of you already know, but are not mindful about.

Every one of us is born bodily from the mother’s womb. I would like you to think about why we are born? The birth is actually a physical birth, from a physical womb, from a physical mother, into a physical world. But is this birth supposed to be only physical, or the physicality of the event is meant for serving something non-physical or meta-physical? Am I becoming too philosophical?

Everyone is born with a body. What for? To eat, drink, sleep, to put on some clothes, to live in a house! Is this the purpose? I don’t think! The entire body is born, and is nourished, only to rear the mind, rear the intelligence and the ego. Though the event is physical and bodily, the intention is the development of the mind, intelligence, and ego. Once you agree that the mere birth and growth of the body will not be of any consequence, unless there is a mind, intelligence, and there is also the ego to employ this body and bodily parts for various good purposes and move forward. If this point is agreed, I am asking you, for the development of the mind and intelligence with quality and enrichment, what are you doing? Have you ever thought about it?

So, our body itself is born, and it is growing and it is existing not for its own sake, but for the sake of the mind and intelligence. So the growth of mind and intelligence is the fundamental aspect of human life.

I am wondering, everyday how much time do you spend to nourish the body with food and drink? What is the time you spend for breakfast? How much time you take for having your lunch, then the afternoon tea and also dinner? If you total up all these minimum four, how much will it work to? Will it not work to something like, one and a half to two hours, similarly to clean up the body and make it clean hygienically - another one hour. So, minimum you are spending about two or three hours on the body, though the body itself is not going to be any consequence. It is meant for the mind and the intelligence.

Proportionately, do you spend that much of time, to nourish the mind and the intelligence with their nourishment? I don’t think anybody can say yes. Is it right? How do you expect to be peaceful and glorious in life, unless your mind is nourished, intelligence is nourished well.

In the matter of nourishing the mind and intelligence, there is a consistent interactional process, but there is an exclusive absorptional or meditational process also! Most of the people are not able to touch the mind and evolve, only because they don’t spend time with the mind, as much as they should exclusively.

Our deekshā and the deekshita sādhanā are meant only to nourish, embellish, strengthen, and refine our mind and intelligence. Close the door of your room, sit alone, and then be with your mind! Whatever sādhanā has been given, start doing it. It is purely a mental function - exclusively so. It is from the mind that everything proceeds. It is into the mind that everything proceeds, and it is in the mind that everything subsists, rests. Have you understood that the mind is the sole source, sustenance, and terminus of all your activities and interactions? Better know it now!

If you have to be good, the good has to sprout from your mind; if you are bad, the bad has sprouted from the mind; if you want to be strong, the strength has to be spun and woven by the mind! If you want to be efficient, the efficiency has to come from the mind. If you want to be successful and effective, these qualities have to be generated and preserved by the mind. Are you aware of this? If you are aware of this, “Do you spend time with your mind?” is my next question. How much time are you spending on your dining table per day to nourish the body? Whatever you nourish the body with, it is being spent and spent and spent. So, if you fast one day, to that extent your body will not have energy to work. But in the case of the mind or intelligence, no such expenditure and exhaustion, depletion will take place.

vyaye kte vardhata eva nityavidyādhanasarvadhanāt pradhānam | (subhāitaḥ)

Like the other forms of wealth, as long as you go on using it, the quantity will get reduced, reduced, reduced, but when you start spending knowledge, using knowledge, any quality of the mind or intelligence, that quality goes on increasing. Will you remember this? 

vyaye kte vardhata eva nityaṁ - Suppose you have 10 crores of rupees, if you start spending, with every naya paisa, you will find there is a reduction in the 10 crores. Suppose you have 10 big measures of knowledge, if you go on using that knowledge, and sometimes even sharing it with others, or imparting it to the others, your 10 measures will only go on increasing to 11, 12, 13, 14. It will never get exhausted or depleted.

vyaye kte vardhata eva nitya

So the wealth of knowledge is never exhaustible. You can spend it more and more and it will get reinforced more and more. The same subject you teach, your proficiency in the subject goes on increasing. That is the meaning.

So, my dear souls, what I want to tell you is that, our whole bodily birth, life and existence is not for the sake of the body but it is for the sake of the mind and intelligence. Being so, as you spend time to nourish the body with food, drink etc., you should also spend enough time to nourish your mind and intelligence. And what is the way you can nourish them? By trying to know about the qualities, virtues, benevolent traits, etc., which are embellishing the mind, trying to know about them. After getting exposed, you start feeling, “I should have them and start cultivating them”, just like cultivating a seed on the ground, on the soil. In that cultivational process, you will find, this brahmavidya deeksha and deekshita sādhanā are paramount, paramount!

You should sit alone with your mind. One part of the process will be to discover, what is the nature of the mind, what is it constituted of. Whenever good thoughts come, feel happy, encourage them. Whenever bad thoughts come, do not fret or fume, understand that they are bad, and patiently respond to them. “These are bad. My mind alone tells me these are bad. And bad means, I should not give in to them. So, let the thoughts come, and go in the same manner as they have come.” Once you have this patient, indifferent and rejecting attitude, you will find, after some time the thoughts will not come at all. Even if they come, they will be like writing in water. But you should spend the time. Let you come to know what is the nature of your mind, what are the thoughts that arise … are they good, are they bad, are they benevolent or are they maleficent. I think when you understand meditation in this manner, it becomes very easy and interesting.

Then what is the ultimate level of this meditation? The very thought process will come to a stop. You will go to the source, from which all thoughts come, and into which all thoughts dissolve. That source will be non-thinking. It will be a non-thinkingness. The source of thought will be pre-thought, no-thought. Every time the thought arises, and very soon it also subsides. So in the source level, there will be no such emergence and subsidence. Once you are able to feel a touch of that wonderful poise, if you are able to evaluate it, you will understand the whole universe has sprung from it in this manner. You are carrying in your heart a source that is not merely the source of thoughts but is equally a source of the entire endless creation.

Keeping such a great source, what is it that we are pleading, either lack or negativity? That is why we have celebrated statements:


I am unattached, unattached am I, unattached am I – again and again!

saccidānandarūpo'ha- I am Sat, Chit and Ananda!

ahamevāhaavyaya- I am the inexhaustible, undepletable!

What do you think of this kind of a thought and a feeling? Yes, everyone is! I am not speaking about the body, whose energy is being spent every moment. As I speak to you, so much of energy has been spent from the body. I am speaking about the source of your thoughts. In that level, the source is never reduced. Millions of thoughts arise. And there is no quantitative reduction in the source. It is beyond matter and energy, and the matter-energy loss are not applicable to ‘That’.

So, the summum bonum of my statement is “As you spend time to nourish your body, I would like you to spend time proportionately time to nourish your mind and intelligence.” Everyone will agree that he or she is not doing it! Do it and mend your life.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.


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