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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

I have entered into the discussion of actual Bhagavad Gita verses and maybe we have come up to 20 or 25 verses in the second chapter by way of speaking for Mukthisudhakaram. I think there is a lot of insufficiency on the part of all of you seekers in the matter of relating these scriptural statements and revelations to your sādhanā. You know the sādhanā is always done by the mind. To make the sādhanā proper, deep, wholesome, purifying and sublimating, how will you do it? These qualities have to be imbued into the mind.

The only agency that can imbue qualities to the mind, correct the mind’s functions is the intelligence. That is why in our scriptures everywhere you will find when there are crucial occasions, instantly there is a dialogue - dialogue between somebody who knows matters and the one who is aggrieved or who is found insufficient. In the Kurukshetra battlefield also, the crumbled Arjuna was spoken to by Krishna. Only by words of wisdom Arjuna could be relieved, retrieved and restored.

How much of importance should you give to these spiritual, scriptural dialogues? In introducing Karma yoga, Krishna says vyavasāyātmika buddhiḥ ekeha kuru nandanā (Bhagavad Gita, 2.41). Everybody says Karma yoga is doing work, doing work. Everybody does work. There is nobody who does not do any work.

Bhagavad Gita itself says that kāryate hy-avaśaḥ karma sarvaḥ prakṛti-jair-guṇaiḥ. (Bhagavad Gita 3.5). All beings are made active and functional in this world by the three guṇas of prakṛti over which you have no control. So where is the question of 'I am doing'? Everybody is doing. The animals are doing, mosquito is doing, the turtle is doing, the tortoise is doing, the rabbit is doing. See the birds in the sky, early in the morning they go out in search of their prey. What all things they do, we don’t know. At least I don’t know. And in the evening, they come back only for sleeping and resting. So who is not doing in this world?

The wind is blowing, the water is flowing, the earth is revolving, the fire is blazing. Everyone is doing in this world. So, don’t say Karma yoga is doing of an action. Certainly not. What is Karma yoga? Vyavasāyātmika buddhiḥ ekeha kuru nandanā. It is that resolute and well resolved state of the intelligence that matters in karma yoga. All our karmas are expressions and extensions from one’s own within. Every activity is conceived, designed and generated by the mind. It is resting on the mind and concluded on the mind. Therefore the mind should be the focus and not so much the action as such; what effect the action produces in the mind, either before or during its occurrence or at the conclusion or after that. So the mind should be the constant focus and attention for you.

And in that mind, never allow it to be wavered, wavered, wavered. There must be a single direction for your mind. What is that? I am living in this world so that my mind will be purified, will be enriched, so that I will be able to reach at the self and realize the self, which gives me ceaseless fulfillment, satisfaction and bliss. With every activity, what you seek is contentment and fullness to your heart. This will come not by action which is involving and which has many, many defects. This will come only when you are able to withdraw into yourself and land on the Self.

यस्त्वात्मरतिरेव स्यादात्मतृप्तश्च मानवः ।
आत्मन्येव च सन्तुष्टस्तस्य कार्यं न विद्यते ।।
yas tv-ātma-ratir-eva syād-ātma-tṛptaś-ca mānavaḥ |
ātmany-eva ca santuṣṭas-tasya kāryaṁ na vidyate ||

(Bhagavad Gita 3.17)

It is possible to remain self-focused, self-restful, self-delighted and self-poised. For such a man, there is no duty in this world at all. He is a fulfiller of all duties. Now this kind of an understanding which is derived from the intelligence is the real impetus, the corrector and sublimator for the mind. That buddhi is important.

So the real sādhanā is to develop your intelligence and make it constantly reflect the supreme spiritual truths which always focus you on your inner personality. So purification of the mind, sublimation of the mind, elevation of the mind, the resulting enlightenment and expansion you get, these are the real goals. Once you understand this, this activity becomes very natural, irresistible and harmonious. You will not prefer this act or have a prejudice for the other act. Everything will fall in place and you will find it to be natural, progressive and fulfilling.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

* * *