"In acquiring material wealth all are not equally blessed. But in gaining mental and spiritual wealth, every one has an equal chance. Beginning from character and disciplines and ending with supreme kindness and goodness, the wealth of the mind is displayed in abundance before all. The question is only who wants, and, to which measure !"

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

Yesterday after reading the letter which we had sent to ‘The Director of Posts, New Delhi’ with copies marked to ‘The Chief Post Master General, Trivandrum’, ‘Post Master General, Ernakulum’, then the ‘Assistant Director Mails, Ernakulum’, ‘SSP Trichur’, you must have had some idea. One remark was that this requires a lot of searching, researching, thought etc. The subject is not over. Today I am sending a letter to the Village Officer. He is a very very low official but all of them seems to be having some special responsibility and watchfulness in this matter because the High Court has said, if they are negligent in enforcing the order, everybody will be debited with the expenses, the loss incurred to the government apart from other matters. This is a very rare instruction that the High Court issues.

So this Village Officer was about to issue a prohibitory order to us but because the land was purchased recently, and she hasn’t officially mutated the land record to say that we are the owners; she cannot send the notice to us. But she had come to the spot. I did not know. So when I told her that this is the situation, she says, “I would like to have a copy of that statement.” So I am writing to her.

What do you understand from this? I always used to say right from the beginning, one important point - What is that? The intelligence or buddhi, similarly the mind, both of which are doing sādhanā and striving for liberation, don’t think that the intelligence and the mind are different; they are the same. It is the same mind and intelligence which started learning from the primary class, maybe to the post-doctoral research level; the mind and the intelligence are not different, they are the same!

Normally our research is in the sensory field. But when you become a spiritual person, the same mind and intelligence start doing research, but the research will be in the inner hemisphere. I would like to swear this a million times. By which I total 5 + 3 = 8, 5 * 3 = 15; it is by the same mind and the same intelligence, and I probe into what is within the body which animates the body. Is there any substance or presence there other than the panchabhūtās, the elemental body? If so, how can I find it out? Our mind is an evidence for it. Thoughts are another evidence, emotions, knowledge, enquiry, finding. What is that factor or source from which all these arise? Don’t you think it is an examination, it is a research, it is an enquiry?

That is why in the Brahmasūtrās, the first sutra is ‘Athāto brahma jijñāsā’ – ‘Now therefore is the enquiry into Brahman’. The Supreme Reality Brahman or God, is something to be enquired into, that means your intelligence has to do the job. We are spiritual and philosophical people especially given to the dissemination of wisdom. We have a number of śāstrās, scriptures. Upanishads are one, then Bhagavad Gita another, Brahmasūtrās a third, a number of Prakaraṇa-granthās, then we come to Ramayana, the first epic, Mahabharatham, the second, then we come to the devotional scripture, Pāramahamsya Samhita Sreemad Bhāgavatam. Then we have eighteen Purāṇās and eighteen Upapurāṇās. A number of other known and unknown writings also are there. If these are not an intelligential contribution, you please tell me what is it. You mean to say, fools have written these, composed these?

So if you are a person of good devotion, similarly good spirituality, you have to be enquiring. You have to be an expert in enquiry. Nandita and the others used to ask us earlier, “Swamiji, you want us to be particular, specific in dealing with matters, in keeping articles straight, parallel to the edges of the table.” Even the cloth on which you put the mike, if it comes a few inches behind, I don’t like it; few inches above in front, that also I don’t like. It should be moderately there. Well placed and it should not be slanting.

When somebody puts kolam in front of Bāba in Bāba’s shrine, when it is straight without any tilting or turning, how beautiful it looks! It is the same precision which is at work in putting the kolam that you have to use in understanding our scriptures and subtle propositions. The whole spiritual life is to take you to zero! Zero, from where the whole arithmetic and mathematics calculations begin. In other words, it is to enable you to understand that all multiplications when zero is included, you need not multiply it; it becomes zero. I say the life is a big multiplication list. Every day is multiplication. But the first figure is zero and the last figure is zero. So the question is whether we should multiply at all or not.

So if you are a good seeker, if you are a good knower, you will have to be magnificently intelligent. That does not mean we will not be foolish in some areas; we will be. But one has to be intelligent.

एवं बुद्धे: परं बुद्‌ध्वा संस्तभ्यात्मानमात्मना ।
जहि शत्रुं महाबाहो कामरूपं दुरासदम्‌ ।।
evaṁ buddheḥ paraṁ buddhvā saṁstabhyātmānam-ātmanā ।
jahi śatruṁ mahā-baho kāmarūpam durāsadam ।।
(Bhagavad Gita 3.43)

Arjuna, now understand what is beyond the intelligence. Then drawing your strength from that great inmost source, saṁstabhyātmānam-ātmanā, reform and moderate your sensory, oral, mental and intellectual layers of your personality. Then you overcome the desire and greed which are subduing the senses, mind and intelligence.

Tell me, what is this? Is it something to be accomplished by the tongue, by the finger tips or feet, or is it something to be accomplished by the mind and intelligence processes? You should know, ‘Why am I desiring? Why am I hating?’ Question! ‘By desiring, am I at an advantage or at a disadvantage?’ I always say desire is constricting. Free of desire, the mind comes into full fold expression. In search of God, should you walk, wander and search outside or in the name of God you have to understand his presence within you? So the intelligence part becomes very very clear. So we are able to do these things only because we are trying to utilize and harness our intelligence and mind. Do more and more of jñāna tapas, purify the mind, reform the mind, refine the mind, sharpen the intelligence and try to comprehend the presence within and without you alike.

The air that enters your nostrils, lung and the whole body and the air that is surrounding you, are they not the same? In the same manner, the presence in your body called ‘soul’, and the presence outside everywhere in the world is the same. You will not get a speck of joy from any object in this world which your inner presence cannot and will not and does not give. I think today or tomorrow, every one of you will have to be wise. When we say the affairs of the Ashram have to be conducted well, people have to be cared! Everybody should feel happy and comfortable. We should keep things in an orderly manner.

See, even yesterday, I came here and I was sweating, I didn’t know why I was sweating. After sometime when I looked up, the fan was off. So many people were there. It occurred to nobody that “Swamiji has come. We are under the fan. So we should switch on Swamiji’s fan.” Can you explain why it is so? But happens.

मत्तः स्मृतिर्ज्ञानमपोहनं च ।
matta: smṛtir-jñānam-apohanam ca |
(Bhagavad Gita 15.15)

‘From Me arises memory as well as forgetfulness.’ So we have to be watchful and careful about our forgetfulness. As you grow older, the memory will become weak, forgetfulness becomes stronger and broader, and it is a kind of a regular fight. One has to be very careful.

So make no differentiation between external attention and internal attention; sharpness in external world and sharpness in the inside world. I believe sometimes that a person who is liberally rich and liberally giving, when he becomes a knower of truth, he will become a liberal knower. Liberality is common. Only the content targeted by liberality is different. I think this subject needs further exposure perhaps. You can discuss it between yourselves and try to understand more about it.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

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