"Unflinching devotion to the Teacher is paramount in the life of a true seeker. To begin with, an external God can be the object of faith. But once the devotee grows to be a seeker, only a Wise Teacher can fulfil his quest.  It is then for the seeker to get purified and enlightened by the words of wisdom from his Guru.  Their bond and attunement put the Teacher on the pedestal of God.  Such an impeccable Guru-sishya bond alone bestows wisdom, strength and fulfillment to the seeker."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

Between the mind that experiences the world, creates the experience of the world, and the world that is experienced, you tell me which is the critical one? The critical one is always the mind, mind, mind, mind. Yesterday I was explaining further to say that whenever we have reactions, responses; these reactions are authored by the mind. Our mind receives a sound and reacts to the sound. When it receives a sound and reacts to the sound, Mr. Sound is not present there at all; it has already disappeared. But you start reacting to what you have heard in your own manner. By the time you hear the sound and start reacting to it, the sound is itself not there. It has already disappeared. Where is that experience then? It is a memory of what you have heard. Memory belongs to the mind and your reaction to what you have heard is then a reaction to your own mind’s memory. So is there any point of time in your life when there is anything besides your mind? Mind itself experiences, mind itself reacts, responds and mind itself finds its own reaction difficult and hard to bear.

So I would like to add one more proposition and then stop. What is that? First of all, mind responds to a seeming external impact. It responds to and reacts to and that reaction becomes agitation, dislike, tension, ego, pride, competition, intolerance and what not! Now all these are mind’s own reactions. What you have to deal with at any point of time is your mind’s reactions and responses. Now put one more step; add one more step. What is that? We are capable of reacting to our own mind’s reactions. I don’t know whether you understand me.

I have heard something. You spoke to me something and I get angry, agitated. This agitation is my mind’s reaction and response to what I heard (about) what you said and I am in that reaction. Can I not extend my mind and the mind’s potential a little further and then say - “I am responding to it in the form of agitation and anger. Can I further respond to my own mind’s response? Is this agitation, right? Is my response true? Is it worth itself? Can I do something more about it? Is it possible to sublimate and assimilate my own reaction? Does the mind have the potential to dissolve or assimilate its own reaction? If I can dissolve and assimilate my own mind’s reactions, then are not all my problems solved?”. I will tell my mind, “It is true that you are reacting but I want you to respond further to your own reaction. Is the agitational reaction or response, right? Can you do something about it? Who suffers in its hands? Do you like it?” The answer will be “No, no, no”. Then what is the “yes”? That I can still respond to my own mind’s unpleasant reaction. That response is what we refer to as 'tattva vicāra'.

Our magazine is named Vicharasethu. I started writing the magazine with the name ‘Sādhanā’. When I applied for, they did not give me the title, said “It is already there. Suggest three more titles.” I don’t remember what were the others but one title was Vicharasethu. I was thinking about what is the meaning of Vicharasethu. The word ‘vicāra’ refers to what? Judicial and infusional introspection. The intelligence begins to think rationally about anything whatsoever.

But in our parlance, this vicāra, introspection is with a view to set right our own mind and intelligence. It is not that I introspect like Newton did. ‘Why did the apple fall? Is it merely an accident or it is an incidental outcome? It is leaving the tree and falling to the surface of the Earth. So there must be a relationship between the Earth and the apple. What is that?’ That is an introspection to find out why the apple was falling. Here the introspection is different. Here, the introspection is to enrich the mind, empower the mind, enable the mind, enlighten the mind and make it harmonious, assimilative, stable and enriched. That is why I call it infusional introspection. The introspection is infusional in the sense the benefits of the interaction I want to generate in the mind itself, mind’s behavior and character themselves. I have got an ignoble mind. Can I make it noble? I have got an irritable inner frame, can I make it better, a peaceful and gentle one? Can I bend my head? Can I be receptive to what others say? Should I do always what I want to or should I do always what I should want and what will be right? So this kind of an introspection is with a view to infuse the benefits to the mind itself! So it is an infusional introspection, infusional introspection.

That vicāra becomes a ‘sethu’. The word ‘sethu’ has got a meaning. What is that meaning? A narrow mountain path. There is a huge mountain full of trees. If you enter there, you will not be able to reach the other side because you don’t know which way to proceed. It is fully dark. Which is that pathway which will lead you to? There is no road. Maximum, footprints may be there. So there is a very narrow path trekked by a number of people to cross over. If you trace the narrow path and start walking safely, you can reach the other side. In the same manner, our worldly life is a huge, thick, dense forest. There is a track there used by some people to get to the other side. If you walk through it, you can safely reach there. That is this vicāra. What is that process of introspection by virtue of which the introspecting mind and intelligence will themselves be enriched, empowered and enlightened with a view to cross over the entire quagmire of worldly life?

Another meaning is, it is a causeway between two countries or islands with sea in between. That is the one Sri Rama built for reaching Lanka from India. Lanka is an island. India is a peninsula. We are surrounded by water on three sides. Ceylon is surrounded by water on all the four sides. So from this peninsula, crossing the sea we have to reach Lanka. So he had to build a causeway. So Vicharasethu can be either the vicāra causeway or the vicāra narrow mountain path. I had explained it in earlier times. I think the time has come when we have to explain Vicharasethu over again; what is the meaning of this title.

I had one idea. I would like to start a very good journal called ‘The enlightener’. I don’t know whether the title will be available. The idea of any writing is to enlighten the reader and enlighten him in an inspiring, delightful, compulsive, persuasive and wholesome manner. Any writing becomes an art. An artful presentation of any idea becomes literature. “I went there”, is no literature, but you have to say something which will make people think. “I suddenly felt like dislodging myself from where I stood with a view to conquer the difficult distance between me and a far point which I had in my mind”. Means what - I walked. See, it should make the reader think and find some imagination, some joy, some kind of additional effort in his personality.

So I conclude again. Every time, we are experiencing and confronting the mind’s own actions and reactions. Learn the art of responding to and reacting to the mind’s own reactions. What are the reactions? Attraction, repulsion and fear. Possessiveness, ego and desire. Now learn to respond to them and handle them. When you are able to handle them, assimilate them, your own mind’s reactions, you become a conqueror, conqueror in humanity. You become the emperor of the whole world. You become an unparalleled and unsurpassable person in this world. Remember this, think about it and let me know at least in the evening. React to the mind’s own reactions with a view to sublimate them, assimilate them, dissolve them and get enriched every moment.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

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