“The paths leading man to god or Truth are said to be many. I will speak only of the shortest. It is to recognize God as the Self in you and then to find Him out. What is the distance then between you and God, between you and yourself? Ah, there is no distance at all, a full Zero! Yet, how dare you say to find God and Truth is hard?’’ 

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Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

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Spirituality is something very simple easy, soft, sweet, nourishing. It demands nothing from you. It only tells you be open, be simple, be full-hearted and live peacefully, comfortably, happily, light-heartedly, jubilantly. This is the message of spirituality.

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

I will open my eyes and talk because closing eyes does not work because I don’t know how you are hearing me. See I am again on the same subject. What is that subject? I would like you to think, argue within oneself and then let me know whether spirituality is an advantage or disadvantage. For everyone in this world, for a thief, for a dacoit, for a debaucher, prostitute, for an administrator, for everybody you tell me is spirituality an advantage or a disadvantage? If you have a doubt, let us discuss the subject. If it is an advantage, why don’t you have it in ample measure? What prevents you from having it? You know this one statement from Bhagavad Gita,

राजविद्या राजगुह्यं पवित्रमिदमुत्तमम् ।
प्रत्यक्षावगमं धर्म्यं सुसुखं कर्तुमव्ययम् ।।
rāja-vidyā rāja-guhyaṁ pavitram-idam-uttamam |
pratyakṣāvagamaṁ dharmyaṁ su-sukhaṁ kartum-avyayam ||
(Bhagavad Gita 9.2)

In terms of knowledge, he says, it is a very high degree of knowledge, royal knowledge. So it is very prestigious, even the best of post-doctorate people should be seeking it because it is the highest knowledge.

Rāja-guhyaṁ. It is actually a great secret. So you must be able to get that secret exposed. If you just read the text, I think you are not getting it. So many people are reading. My Srimad Bhāgavata exposition has been going on in Kerala for the past seven years and people are saying, when I started after about six months, very old people, people who are scholars, mature people, austere people, 90-92 years, they say there has never been an exposition like this of Bhāgavatam. What does it mean? All the others are reading the same Bhāgavatam. Why are they are not getting the truth? So people started writing; I read in one place, ‘This Bhoomananda Tirtha who knows the essence of Bhāgavatam’. They were describing like that. They are reading the same text! So it is a secret. Rāja-vidyā rāja-guhyaṁ.

Then pavitram-idam-uttamam. It is purifying. It will purify the dacoit, it will purify the prostitute, it will purify the robber; everybody it will purify. It will purify the celebrated Brahmin. So you tell me where is that disadvantage in spirituality? What is it that you want in your life? You want in your life ample resources to live, prosperity. But you should above all want niḥśreyasa, this spiritual felicity. Both it gives you. You will not be lacking in money, lacking in resources, you will not be lacking in wisdom. Now you tell me where is it that you find it unacceptable or unpalatable? Don’t you think that you should resolve this problem in your mind? You take two years, three years, four years I don’t mind. But within four years, you must be able to achieve a reasonable degree of purity whereby you say ‘I am alright’.

So I am repeatedly telling people su-sukhaṁ kartum-avyayam. To practice this is extremely comfortable He says, pleasant, delightful. Such a spirituality, why is it that it is abominable or hateable for you? I think this the crux of the question. How many people are there, people who seek prosperity, others who seek liberation? For both, this is the right method. Do you like to have illegal wealth or would you like to have legal abundance? Srimad Bhāgavata will give you legal abundance or spirituality will give you. But I don’t think we are understanding it or using it properly.

How many people are flocking in the temples! And they will come back. They are waiting to come back from Sabarimalai to commit wrongs. Like a dammed river, everything is dammed by them. They are waiting for the day to come back. You know one sight, this exposes the world. I went to Sabarimalai, I stayed in Pampa river, that is where people camp. So they make a number of havans, pit to cook their food. We went and the last day was over; we returned. When we returned, in all the places where they have cooked, they have passed stool exactly in the same place. I went around to see whether one is empty; nothing is empty. I don’t know how you react to it.

I don’t mind crow coming and discharging its excreta there, but can human beings do this? They find it very comfortable. Yesterday it was very holy fire kitchen; today it is a latrine. This is what the world is. This is one of the many instances that or at least a few instances that I have met. I don’t think you are reading the scriptures properly. When the scriptures say or Vivekacūḍāmaṇi says

वैराग्यमत्यन्तमनित्य वस्तुषु |
Vairāgyam-atyantam-anitya vastuṣu |
(Vivekacūḍāmaṇi 71)

You must have overwhelming dispassion towards perishable things of the world. Is there any harm? They don’t say you should have dispassion towards permanent things of the world. They only say you must have dispassion for naśvara vastus. What is the harm in having it? But you should not distinguish between gold and charcoal. Charcoal is ephemeral, gold also is. ‘No, no, gold is not so.’, that you should not say. Be true to your intelligence. Be true to your heart.

When Bhartṛhari says ‘Bhoge roga-bhayaṁ kule cyuti-bhayaṁ.. vairāgyam-evābhayam’ (Vairāgyaśatakam 31), is he making a truthful statement or a concocted statement? Poor man has left his throne finding disloyalty on the part of the queen and he started spending time in the company of trees, animals, birds, rivers, lakes etc. And at the end of a long period he has written his findings. Poor man is not available but his poetry is available. Can that poetry be equated with any extent of Varuna’s wealth? I don’t think.

Ours is a country where knowledge weighs supreme in us. Everything else is below knowledge. Knowledge is the supreme wealth. We call it vidya dhana, Vidyādhanam sarvadhanāt pradhānam. And Bhartṛhari lists a number of advantages.

विद्या नाम नरस्य रूपमधिकं प्रच्छन्न गुप्तं धनं ।
विद्या भोगकरी यशः सुखकरी विद्या गुरुणां गुरुः।।
विद्या बन्धुजनो विदेशगमने विद्या परा देवता।
विद्या राजसु पूज्यते न तु धनम् विद्या विहीनः पशुः।।
(Nītiśatakam 20)

Such a great adoration he has given to vidya! Why don’t you learn these things? What is meant by learning? That is why I say I am not a reader. I cannot read voluminously. I don’t like, I will read whatever is necessary and I will learn it. So I really don’t understand. You tell me, is jealousy good or is it taxing and painful? Then why should you keep it? Drop it. Cry and weep and roll on the ground till jealousy goes away from you. Why should you have it? You should start day in and day out saying, “Oh, I don’t want jealousy.” Ramkrishnadev had a bit of passion in his mind. Suddenly he rushed to Goddess Durga, Kali and said, “It is very, very penalising, please take it away, take it away, take it away.” He cried. The same path is open before you.

I always have one simple prayer. Every one of you can adopt. Suppose you are afraid of something, you are doubtful of something, you are desirous of something, you are hateful of something, what you have to do is, “My dear God, either you fulfil my object or you take it away from my mind.” I want one ton of gold. Either you say, “God give me this one ton or you take from my mind the desire for a ton of gold.” You say this. I think one of it will happen. It is very simple, very lucid, very, very simple. I only know simple spirituality, simple devotion, simple God realization. I don’t know of the difficult. So I want you to think! What is the problem in your imbibing spirituality? What is that problem? “Swamiji, it is hard.” Why should it be hard? For a hungry man, is eating hard?

During my Badarinath journey, I got fever. Prassana’s periyamma Meena was looking after me, giving me some food etc. When she was giving me food, I said, “Meena, I am so hungry and so sick that I cannot even take food. She was giving something in a glass. I was not able to receive it and sip it. So tired and hungry I was! To a hungry man, how can eating be a problem? Even then I took. Similarly, spirituality is never a hard job. Please argue within yourselves, discuss it with me. I will spend hours with you. Of course, I am busy, but still I will try to spend. I tell these people, “Why don’t you come to my office and sit? After some time, I will ask you, “Do you have anything?” “No, no, Swamiji how can we sit there when you are working?” What is this?

Do you want idle Swami who will not work and wait for you to come? What is this? See, this very understanding is wrong. Why don’t you come to my office? Maybe I did not look at you for half an hour. I told Jaya who suffers from jealousy. I told Nandita; she is also suffering from jealousy. So I say “Why don’t you come and stay in my office?” Jaya came one day and ran away. Now I want some people who can be trustworthy and who will do what I want to do. So I have to keep pace with me. People say it is difficult. Now such people feel that “Somebody is very close to me, somebody is working, I don’t get an opportunity.” I am asking them “Why don’t you come?” Let any one of you come and start working for me and see whether it is okay. Five days you work with me. They should be happy that somebody is assisting me, that good thought doesn’t come to them. And I don’t know what purpose is served. They make themselves miserable, me miserable, everybody miserable. So they are keeping a hot burning cinder in their heart. Why don’t you drop it? This is your problem. Problem is this.

Why don’t you come and sit in my office? And I will say, whatever I say is useful to you, whether it is in connection with a letter; I will give you the letter you read it, you will get, just like my talking many things will be there. Sumesh came here and I asked him, “You be here, you know Malayalam. So all the letters I read, you read and proof correction etc. you do.” He came for a few days and disappeared.

So my point is why don’t you love to become pure? Because impurity is hard and very, very difficult. You speak a lie and the lie will haunt you forever. I sometimes tell people, “I want to tell you something but I don’t have the confidence in myself and in you to tell you. Because if I tell you, what will happen I am not very sure. So please give me the freedom not to tell you.” This much truthful I am. Did you understand what I said? Even wives do not like if the husbands find fault with them. The children do not like when the parents speak wrong about them. And the mother is not happy.

I was staying in Delhi with a family very close to me. And the mother was telling me, “I am getting older and older. My son scolds me repeatedly. I cannot tolerate his scolding, he should keep quiet.” The mother tells about the son.

So spirituality is something very simple easy, soft, sweet, nourishing. It demands nothing from you. It only tells you be open, be simple, be full-hearted and live peacefully, comfortably, happily, light-heartedly, jubilantly. This is the message of spirituality. Does it make sense to you?

I had written something openly about me. That letter somebody has written, “Swamiji you have written this.” and she started reading and crying. I said, “Give me the letter. I will read it.” It is about me, a kind of a statement I have made. So her eyes were so moist that she could not read the letter. So I said “Give it to me. I will read and reply.” She is crying even now.

So I believe people should know, I have found spirituality very simple, very simple, very simple. And what I understood it is confirmed by our scriptures left and right. Whatever I tell you, I have not read Yogavasishtha in full, every essay I write, whatever I have said is the same thing repeated. Is it not? It is repeated there which I had not read. Vasishthadeva tells Sri Rama in the Nirvāṇa Prakaraṇa, what all I have said here, now and then, the same thing he is repeating there.

So I wanted to tell you this, please fight with yourself. ‘Why is this that I am not able to imbibe this? It is so simple, easy, comfortable, light, sweet, delicious.’ You know there is a proverb in Tamil, which says again the old door is to be opened. I think every day I have to open old door before you. Whenever I talk to you I have to open the same door over again, same door over again, same door over again. It is not a new door.

An old woman, she is working in her home sweeping, cleaning and all that. So the son took her, son was very high up in his office etc. he took her. All of them were very joyous. She remained there for one or two years and comes back. After coming back, she again takes the broomstick and the wiper and starts doing the same work. There is no change. That is why the old mooshika stri has again become a mooshika stri. This is in Panchatantra.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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