"The power to promote and reward, as also to demote and punish the individual and his fate in this world, lies within his mind, its thoughts and feelings. No external agency is necessary to bring this infallible fruition. As the growth and development of a seed, an embryo, or a cell designed and preserved by its own inner makeup, here too the causal forces for what one rightly deserves lurk within one’s own invisible bosom."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

Today I am going to conclude the talk in this year’s Srimad Bhāgavata Tattva Sameeksha Satram. It will be the last talk today to start at 04:45 in the evening. I wanted to discuss the twenty-eighth chapter of the Eleventh Skandha where Sri Krishna practically summarizes and concludes his twenty-seven-chapter dialogue with Uddhava. I don’t know whether I mentioned this, he starts with the statement,

परस्वभावकर्माणि न प्रशंसेन्न गर्हयेत् ।
para-svabhāva-karmāṇi na praśaṁset-na garhayet |
(Srimad Bhagavatam 11.28.1)

See how practical and relevant the instruction, the spiritual and philosophical instruction are! Do not spend time either unnecessarily praising or blaming other’s character, behavior, tendencies and the like. By so doing he says, you are falling from the supreme truth and goal of your life. What a significant statement is this! Anytime you spend considering and particularly with a view to blame others for their behavior! Of course, we have a police department; the whole department is always worried about the unlawful behavior, unrighteous behavior of the others and whenever there is a behavior like that, instantly the criminal department will come and catch hold of the criminal and put him in the jail. The gang rape that has become a great subject of discussion in our country, the police is going to submit a charge sheet consisting of one thousand pages. The moment the girl died, instantly they were waiting for the time, they instantly charged the people with murder.

So for the home department, it is necessary to go into the right and wrong of matters. They are only concerned about the karma. But we are generally speaking about the swabhāva. Swabhāva means the character, behavior and interaction amalgamate of an individual. What is the quality and tendency of his mind? That forms his characteral co-ordinate. When this character comes to express, it becomes behavior, visible and audible. How he speaks, how he acts. Then another aspect is interaction in the world. This also comes under behavior. It is necessary for us to know what is the kind and quality of the people around with whom we deal. It is altogether different when you start blaming and praising people unnecessarily. And Krishna says that by so doing, the very goal of human life is vitiated and you fall from it. So what a significance the statement carries! How can people overcome this tendency?

Yesterday I wanted to read more details about our own country. It is very clear that India is not a safe place for women and girls. Every twenty minutes of the day, one girl or woman is being raped in India. Every twenty minutes! I am sometimes wondering what we are doing. We have got so many sensory boards. Are we doing the right thing in exhibiting women in various poses in the name of advertisements and other matters? Are we not trying to excite and stimulate unnecessarily the emotional framework of the individuals? Another notoriety is the fashion design, dresses. What is the type of dress that people are wearing? What is the purpose? So if you want to excite the people, then such gang rapes also will take place. May not be that particular victim was not properly dressed but you are exciting the people. Don’t you think the problem has to be tackled at the very root level?

The criminal department will come and catch hold of the crime and the criminal. But that is after the event. What is it that we have done during the sixty-five years after independence in order to think and then evolve as to how to shape the character and behavior of our people? This clearly comes under the domain of values, disciplines, restraints and regulations. These are to be individually opted for and people have to practice and pursue them, incorporate them, as a part of incorporating them as a part of their inner personality. Have we done anything about it? I am very much disturbed and also ashamed to see that every twenty minutes a woman is being raped in India. What is this country then? What are we for? We are all born of women. And the people who are born of women, they deal with the women in this manner. Where is that sense? Where is the discretion?

At the same time, my dear souls, I am a different person. I am not going to blame the rapists at all. I am very much concerned about how these tendencies are prevailing in the people. How are they bred, where are they bred, what is the breeding ground and what are we to do in order to bring about a correction, a moderation, a regulation and a sublimation?

Our body is made up of food, food, food. If the body is the cause of these tendencies, our food will have to be dealt with properly. That is why we have the formula,

आहारशुद्धात् सत्त्वशुद्धिः
Āhāraśuddhāt sattvaśuddhiḥ

By purifying the food, you have sattvaguṇa in you. Apart from the food, what are the other inputs into our system? The most important are audiovisual. What are the things we see and what are the items we hear? We permit the external world and objects to exert their influences in the mind. What should be the type of exposure for our people in order that we will not have a dangerous and a rapist mind? Is it not something to be gone into? Laws can only come in when somebody commits a crime externally and you can administer a punishment. Do you want all our people to be punished and killed? Is that our intention? Or we should avoid the instances which are calling for such summary punishment? So unless there is a system of education and refinement, a process of inner purification, making people aware of; that societal awareness is instilled into the people, I don’t think there can be any change at all.

Now who will take up this task? What is the methodology by which a process of refining education is instilled into the people right from the young age? I find there is a lot of agitation in the whole country asking for death penalty for raping. Very good, okay. Let people die. But what is the safeguard so far as the mind and tendencies are concerned? Who is going to take it up? Our country and administration have no responsibility? We run an Ashram and people come here. Most of them are elderly people. We don’t teach children as such. Of course, we have a cultural heritage class. Where are the children going for learning and who are the teachers who teach them? What are the standards and styles set for teachers and also for the students? What is the method of exposing all our citizens right from the childhood to a process of enlightening, refining, sublimating and purifying education? Is not the role of education to purify the mind, to enlighten the intelligence especially with regard to character, behavior and interaction? Is this included in the syllabus?

We always say moral, moral lessons, moral class. What do you mean by that? Does it come under morality? Then morality is part of religion and you will call it, it is the responsibility of religionists. The responsibility of administration is to provide all kinds of fissiparous inputs into the children and you expect the religious leaders to tackle their mind for character and behavior. I am speaking like this but I don’t think there will be any purpose, it’s in wilderness.

Now Sri Krishna says,

para-svabhāva-karmāṇi na praśaṁset-na garhayet |

Now I’m not able to do anything at all in the matter of improving the morale, the character and the behavior of people. So I am in the midst of a number of crimes committed by the people. What shall I do as a spiritual man? Here is the philosophical formula. Do not think of blaming anybody or praising anybody.

विश्वमेकात्मकं पश्यन्प्रकृत्या पुरुषेण च ||
Viśvam-ekātmakam paśyan-prakṛtyā puruṣeṇa ca ||
(Srimad Bhagavatam 11.28.1)

Consider the whole world to be laden with one truth, with nature which is complex and purusha who is uniform and eternal. Krishna speaks about the illusory nature of everything in this world. Therefore, don’t worry about it. He also says in spite of whatever seeming behavior or interaction takes place in this universe, understand that everything is in reality the uncontaminable soul. This is another point of view he suggests. Thinking in this manner, refuse to, do not blame or do not praise. While I tell you that I am disturbed and I am concerned about whatever is taking place in the country, raping every twenty minutes but these figures are available with the government. And what are they doing? To run the country is not a sannyāsin’s or my job, an individual’s job. What are they thinking about? Do we want to have a mass of donkeys? Or do we want to have civilized people in the country? And what is the administration doing with regard to civilizing the people? Something very, very, strange.

I am living in such a world at the same time I must have my peace and this peace is ensured by this spirituo-philosophical insight and instruction. The two you have to rate. On the one hand in a vyāvahārik manner, interactional manner I’m very much concerned about the misbehavior of people but I am not going to blame them at all! Not at all! Why such tendencies have crept into the mind? If within me such tendencies creep, I will also be behaving in the same manner. But that it is in some others, it does not give me a freedom to feel relief. So it is a very, very grave question. I think all of you should start thinking because it is from such community thoughts that finally a course of action is evolved. By simply giving punishment, punishment, immediately passing a law, I don’t think the tendencies will be dealt with at their source. No word I see, I am not a wide reader about why such tendencies are there. What is this? Can we not think of this?

Our purāṇas contain something called neeti, a section which deals with the tendencies operating in an individual and the society. As long as this causal thinking is not occupying the minds of our administration, I don’t think there can be a relief at all! Meanwhile spiritually and philosophically, I have to remain unhurt. I am a Jeevanmukta. I carry my freedom and ecstasy. These cannot be tampered with by any disorder in this world. The disorder is not my creation but certainly I am surrounded by it. So our philosophy and spirituality will have to be so subtle and lofty that it should give you a point of view whereby you remain unaffected, preserving your peace, freedom and ecstasy. That is what Krishna, Srimad Bhagavatam and the others do.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

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