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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

You know that I am in the final stage of reading and finally doing the cosmetic editing for the eleventh book I am writing on Srimad Bhagavatam. The earlier book was containing the whole subject of conversation between King Nimi who was performing a sacrifice and the nine Yogis who happened to go to the place. The King immediately stopped the sacrifice, got up, received them, understanding their greatness and the fortune that he had in that they had arrived there on the scene. After washing their feet, worshiping them, giving them water and other things, he made them sit on the respective seats and he himself sat in their front. When the Yajamāna, the performer of the sacrifice took his seat before them, all the ritwiks, the preceptors and the rest also came and sat. The entire assembly sat mute.

And the King enquired from them, “Please let me know what are the Bhāgavata Dharmās, the characteristics, the ways of life, the disciplines and the observances of the true devotees which will please the Lord and which will make the Lord give Himself to the devotees”. Mark the last sentence. “Which will make the Lord give His own Self to the devotees”. Now this is what the Emperor Nimi enquired from the nine Yogis who arrived on the scene of the performance of his great sacrifice.

When it comes to a question of enquiring into God, God is a religious word; it is actually an enquiry taken up by the mind and intelligence into the Supreme Reality or the source of everything in this world. Everything in this world - Means what? The source of the entire creation on the one hand and equally the source of you, the individual. This was the content of the tenth book.

The eleventh book straightaway enters into the conversation Krishna had with Uddhava. I think I am writing altogether five chapters in the book. It runs to about 225 or more pages. The four chapters are the 10th,11th, 12th, 13th and 14th. I am doing the final reading and I don’t have time. How to complete it, I don’t know. I have done about 125 pages. The remaining pages, equal number, I will have to go through. At the same time, I am also speaking on the same subject in the form of a telecast in Asianet. So yesterday, I had some recording; I am equally doing the editing. So one important point that comes to my mind, I thought of telling you today.

We are all human beings. There are so many beings upon the earth. Compared to our kind, our level, the rest of the creatures will be far too numerous, endless. Amongst them all, the human has got a superiority. This superiority is not something that he has gained. Nature herself has made human being for her own purpose, in her own scheme, with her own wish and will. It so happens that we happen to be the super-most. And what is this supermost-ness? This is something that nobody enquires into.

There are many animals which have lived upon the earth as many years as we have lived, perhaps more even. But you don’t find any kind of a civilization in them. The flying bird continues to fly; the water animals continue to be in water; the land creatures continue to be in the land. But in the case of a man you will find, though he is a land creature and a land animal, he also travels in water. He equally soars into the sky; he is able to do so. A bird will fly all by itself, perhaps with a little kid that it has. But in the case of man, he is flying with 500 people along with him, and beautifully engineered flight. He was also able to send astronauts to the moon and bring them back. What do you understand from this? It is all because of the capacity and the potential, the possibilities that nature herself has provided for and schemed.

The entire difference lies in the human body. When somebody is born, we say he is born. When a body comes into expression, he is able to live, breathe and react to external stimuli. That is when somebody is born. Our whole life span is depending upon the breathing and the acting and the thinking and the understanding mechanisms of the body. So the entire life along with all its potentials and possibilities revolve around the body.

So many animals have tongues. They also produce sound. We also have a tongue. But their vocal system can only produce some sounds. But our vocal systems can produce letters, words, phrases, sentences. The power of articulation is supreme in the human being. Before the articulation, all that we articulate must have transpired inside in the form of ideas. So in the level of ideation and articulation, we are supreme. We are not supreme because of our hands, because of our feet. There are other animals whose hands and feet are far more effective and potent.

So Krishna starts saying that after having created a number of bodies, He describes them as no-legged, single-legged, two-legged, three-legged, four-legged, and multi-legged, “I was not happy. I became happy only when the human body was evolved. And when the body of human was evolved, I felt no further improvement is necessary. The pinnacle and the desired goal are attained.”

Now this is a point I would like you to think. The parallel creatures upon the earth, all have their sensory organs. Just like we have, they have eyes, they have ears, they have tongue, they have nose, they have the skin. They also interact with the world as much as we do. You walk on the road with a dog. The dog and the master will be seeing the objects alike. There is no difference at all. The dog also has the same parallel senses. Then where is the difference in man? Some of the senses of other organs are far more effective than ours. I don’t think the capacity of our eyes or ears is so much as those of some other creatures. Bodily size also, the elephant is far huger. The whale also is far greater, larger. Then where is that superiority? The superiority is in the inner faculties and in the tongue, the vocal system.

Now Krishna specifies that in the human body, mark my words, in the human body, the potential and possibility of life and its expression becomes full. You know why? Be intelligent, use it, understand it properly. Our senses are meant to see outside. That outside perception is alike in the humans and the non-humans. The non-humans are bound to stop with the external perception, the sensory activities. But in the case of the human, the sensory activities are only the beginning. The real activity, pursuit, promotion, achievement, goal, everything is inner. Inner means what? In our mind on the one hand and intelligence on the other.

It is the mind that activates the sensory organs, the intelligence guides and leads the mind. In these two are the entire potentials concealed. How many things are there in the world to see? The outside world on the one hand. But the entire outside world is a perception from our own inside. Where are we experiencing? We are experiencing everything inwardly in the mind. So we have got a horizon within the body which is transcending matter and energy and in that horizon, the human body alone has the potential to probe into, explore and unveil.

अत्र मां मृगयन्त्यद्धा युक्ता हेतुभिरीश्वरम् ।
गृह्यमाणैः गुणैर्लिङ्गैः अग्राह्यं अनुमानतः ॥
atra māṁ mṛgayanty-addhā yuktā hetubhir-īśvaram |
gṛhyamāṇair-guṇair-liṅgair-agrāhyam anumānataḥ ||
(Srimad Bhagavatam 11.7.23)

This is what he says. “Only in the human body, people are able to probe into Me, The Supreme Reality.” They see many things with the senses and the sensory perception is evident and common. On the basis of whatever is seen and heard, they try to develop a process of enquiry and reason which is done by the mind and the intelligence and they can probe into the inner presence which transcends materiality and energiality.

Let me summarize it. The other animals can only see the object hemisphere of existence, but the human can also perceive the subject hemisphere. Our body is a sheath. This sheath divides existence into two, the external and internal, the sensory and the supra-sensory. The sensory things are common to animals and humans. But the supra-sensory perception, mainly what is within the body, where are all experiences and perceptions reflected, how does the experience arise or emerge, who experiences, what experiences, what is the range that it has, how potent it is, is matter, is energy or both matter and energy supreme or the mind and the intelligence are supreme; when you are able to perceive the outside and also the inside, the perception completes itself. So it is in the potential and possibility for this subject perception as different from the object perception that the superiority of the human is contained.

पुरुषत्वे च मां धीराः साङ्ख्ययोगविशारदाः ।
आविस्तरां प्रपश्यन्ति सर्वशक्ति उपबृंहितम् ॥
puruṣatve ca māṁ dhīrāḥ sāṅkhya-yoga-viśāradāḥ |
āvistarāṁ prapaśyanti sarva-śakty-upabṛṁhitam ||
(Srimad Bhagavatam 11.7.21)

I think these two words should be researched the entire world over. Puruṣatve - in the human body; māṁ - me; dhīrāḥ - the wise people; sāṅkhya-yoga-viśāradāḥ - they become experts, clever in two things. Sāṅkhya - the beautiful process of enquiry, research, inference, reason, and finding. Yoga - The art and process of dissolving and blending things. We can blend only the mind products with the mind, the intellect’s products with the intelligence. In the external sphere, there is no blending at all. When two things are blended, there will always be some addition, some change. But in the internal sphere, one merges into the other, the thought merges into the thinker, the thinking merges into the thinker. There is no addition; there is no diminution, nothing. So that process of inner merger, an expert who is expert in efficient reasoning and inference and also efficient merging; Sāṅkhya-yoga-viśāradāḥ.

āvistarāṁ prapaśyanti sarva-śakty-upabṛṁhitam

They understand the measure and magnitude of infinitude. Infinity is a concept which man has evolved. He understands what is meant by infinitude. Secondly, sarva-śakty-upabṛṁhitam. The Supreme Reality has got an infinite dimension; just like that it has also got infinite potential. The infinitely potent consciousness, the infinitely raised consciousness, he is able to probe into on the basis of whatever he sees outside, he is able to probe into, assess, determine, uncover, find and clearly experience the inside factor. This is the distinction of human life. See how beautifully it is presented.

I even now wonder how many intellectuals are there in our country and the rest of the world who will take this as a point of research and understand. All the powers that you are identifying in the world are identified by us. Only when they are identified, they become useful and relevant to us. What is electricity? The elephant has not told you, the rhinoceros has not told you, the whale has not told you. Electricity, we know, we find. Sunlight we understand. Resources, we explore. So every power that we are referring to is actually a power detected, uncovered, discovered, realized and employed by us. So all these powers which you identify, the source which finds it, it is greater than the powers themselves.

puruṣatve ca māṁ dhīrāḥ sāṅkhya-yoga-viśāradāḥ |
āvistarāṁ prapaśyanti sarva-śakty-upabṛṁhitam ||

So the human has got infinite powers because all the powers are identified by him. This is the distinction of human life. I would like you to understand. So before going away from here, make an assessment of who are you, what are you, what is the potential special for you, and what are the possibilities around you. Understand it, come to an assessment and then go.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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