"Self-realization is meant to ensure fulfilment for one’s own self. It is not reaching somewhere or getting at something external, like going to the peak of a mountain. The attainment is in dissolving the mind and intelligence, and getting into the very core of oneself. In other words, it is like multiplying everything with zero."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

I often wonder about two important factors. One is the great culture of our land which has got an immemorial origin right from the pre-historic times and which has been preserved unbrokenly for countless millennia. How has this been possible, what is the secret? There was a time when no printing publication etc. were there. At that time, our Vedas were uttered and learned only by hearing, it was from tongue to ear but nothing with the eyes so to say, reading. If this is the way our Vedic treasure and Vedic culture were preserved, then I would like you to think one important point. What is that - How is it that it was preserved unbrokenly over countless generations?

In every generation, a few people took to this Vedic recitation, learning, mastering it and then preserving it and bequeathing it to others. If in one generation, people did not come forward to do this, they were not inspired and committed, then the whole lineage would have been broken; but it has not been broken. I would like you to think about it - How this has happened and what was the extent of dedication, commitment and exclusiveness on the part of the Vedic votaries?

Secondly, even today we find there are spiritual abodes and centres and they become the best in all ways, provided it is manned by people who are given to ascetic life and austerity. In other words, there must sannyāsins. Sannyāsa is the fourth and final ashrama of our life. Sannyāsa is not merely a goal for seekers and sannyāsins, it is as well a goal and climax for all the human beings in our land.

Every house holder must end up his life as an anchorite and as a sannyāsin. Just like we have dharma, artha , kāma and moksha, the fourfold objective, we have got the fourfold ashrama also to complete human life. The spiritual abodes become effective in doing what they are expected to do only when they have the ascetic way of life and the austerities and other factors associated with it.

So far as we are concerned, I got initiated; I sought initiation from the hands of my Gurudev and this marked the transition in my life. After I got initiated, my sole focus was to develop what I have been initiated into, which required my own effort, dedication and pursuit. This pursuit consisted of two factors. One is doing the sādhana alone closing the door, closing the eyes and getting absorbed into the sādhana. This is a very exclusive, silent, lonely effort. The rest of it is developing the mind and the intelligence, along with character, behaviour and interaction, in term of the virtues, sublimations, enrichments and excellences which are in varied ways expressed and dealt with in our śāstrās.

What are the qualities of the mind and intelligence by virtue of which a seeker will become a knower and a knower will start excelling in what he is supposed to do in this world? This development requires various kinds of practices like reading and exposure, listening to the Guru, cogitation, rumination of whatever is heard and then understanding the mind’s hidden potential, trying to leap into them, master them, develop them and display them.

So one is vibrant, another is absorption. The meditational is absorptional and the other one is vibrational, behavioural, characteral and interactional. After I did it, I left Calcutta and started my meandering life, gradually, many years back, fifty years back this Ashram was set up. I started moving about independently as you know conducting jñāna yajñās. This exposed me to the people and exposed people to me and one after the other, many things happened and we have now a few disciples, inmates, ascetic inmates in the Ashram. We have got a few centres also in the world.

Whenever you have such a Guru who is already in the mission of disseminating spiritual wisdom, then your sādhana has got a new emphasis. What is that? Trying to do your sādhana in the way of śravaṇa, manana and nididhyāsana and then also be a part of the Guru’s mission. If we have an Ashram here and we have centres elsewhere, understand that these things can never be if I live alone. The whole mission is shared and helped by quite a number of people. First we have the circle of inmate devotees and disciples who are here. They are a very vibrant part of the whole institution and mission. I would like you to be aware of this. A Guru alone will not be able to conduct the Loka-saṅgraha mission in the manner in which we are doing it here. We are not doing anything big but certainly something significant. We have two or three journals, we publish a number of books, a number of letters are written. We now have the modern gadgets like website, electronic mail, letter and what not! All this requires a lot of physical participation from the people.

Then we have the Ashram, its daily routines, needs and so many other things. All these will have to be manned by a set of people. So when you seek deeksha from a Guru who already is involved in the Loka-saṅgraha, Brahmavidya disseminational mission, it is understood that you also will have to become a vital part of it, and I think it is very, very important.

We now hear about Takshaśila university, Pataliputra and so many other things. Our country has witnessed quite a number of good things. And even now, the real India is not in the Prime Minister or in the Chief Minsters. The real India is in the people. In the people also, economic and external advancement is one, but the cultural anchor, the cultural elegance, the cultural cohesion and the cultural attainments of the people are something entirely different. The culture belongs to the subject hemisphere of our life. The material and connected prosperity belongs to the outer hemisphere. We are dealing with the inner one and that is where you find an immemorial, immortal, heredity, lineage and legacy still permeating in the country.

So I would like you to understand that to take deeksha is not merely to do sādhana for oneself, it is also to become a vibrant part of the Guru’s mission. And actually the mission is something very good. I always tell people that I do only two things in my life, in our Ashram now; either I speak or I write. Whom am I speaking to - To the seekers and devotees. And what am I writing - Messages in one form or the other, it may be interpreting and explaining a portion of the śāstrās or dealing with connected subject, answering a letter, dealing with some national issues. All these are beautiful projections.

I always feel more and more expansive when I think of the nation and the nation’s requirement. Any society must have some fundamental thinking, ultimate thinking. Everything evolves from the thought process which is always related to the individual. So any individual thinking well means something to the country. Even now, what we lack is a proper leader or leaders. Our Rigveda says may we have right leaders, so the ‘neta’ is something very important. So I would like you to know that to take deeksha is to build up your individual sadhana and also to become a part of the great cultural mission, the disseminational mission. Both are complementary, they are mutual, they are fulfilling each other and you must have the right point of view.

We are not doing anything alone, nothing can be done. Our body itself consists of trillions and quadrillions of cells and different parts of the body. They together constitute the aggregate body. Similarly, all of you together constitute the aggregate Ashram personality. Maybe I am either the heart or the brain but you are the different parts of the body which together constitute; then only it becomes functional. So I think every time you should have the feeling that we are a part of a great disseminational mission and it is this mission that is going to determine the quality of the culture and the cohesion it brings about in the country, the nation; the contribution India can make to the world still. I think you must have a proper evaluation of about what you are, what is the role that you are fulfilling and how important is the deeksha, the sādhana and this expressive facet of your sādhana.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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