"Every moment of your life you are being carried to fulfilment, irresistibly. Everything that comes to you does so to improve, correct or alter your nature, thereby taking you nearer perfection. So, whenever agitation assails your mind, ponder over this truth again and again."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

I have been speaking for the past few days about how you have to understand that in the whole world around us including our body, there are only five substances or factors. One is the solid form of existence like earth, another is the fluid form of existence, matter like water. The third is the gaseous form of existence or substance like air. I think we only know of these three forms of matter, substance.

Then it is a question of energy which operates on matter. That energy is represented by fire which is a source of heat as well as light. Both heat and light are energy. Our own system, mouth produces sound, that is also an energy. Maybe there is magnetism also in our body. Like that, when you are able to identify one form of matter or energy, by the law of conservation of energy etc. there can be changes between energy and matter and between energies themselves.

We are producing sound from our own system and the system contains matter. So, the matter is converted into sound. Similarly, heat and other things are converted into matter also in our body. These five forms of matter and energy, they complete the entire constitution of the world outside. Besides this, there is only one factor namely the power and presence that animate our body. That is the only sixth constituent or component. Out of these six, we very clearly know that all the five are unintelligent, insensitive and insentient. The only factor that can have, that does have sentience is our mind, our intelligence, our ego which are themselves not three different things but functional notes of the same consciousness. How much time will it take for you to understand that the whole world is constituted by panchabhutas plus the power of animation called consciousness or sentience? This sentience is what does all the magic and miracle of creation.

We have the complex nature with a number of laws, sequences, processes etc. All of them are designed, formulated, evolved, implemented by the consciousness. Can you imagine then the power of consciousness? As Krishna puts it in Bhagavatam - Sarvashaktyupabrimhitam. It is associated with all kinds of power. Whatever power in the universe is there, it is only as we see it, identify it and describe it. If we are the ones to determine what are the powers in the universe, understand the power within, how much potent and resourceful it is. Once you understand this, then you can imagine how resourceful and powerful our mind is. Why should this mind unnecessarily put you to pain, torture and torment? This is what I am asking you.

When you see a black colour, you are feeling it, you are sensing it. When you see a black colour, does the mind become black or the eyes become black or the body become black? No. Soon after you see the yellow colour, so the blackness is gone, yellow colour is seen. You are seeing fire, you don’t become hot. When you see water, does the mind become water? If this is not taking place, then when you see something unpleasant or when an unpleasant thought comes to your mind, why should the mind become unpleasant? When an emotion is encountered, why should the mind become that? Just like the eyes are passing through different colours, the mind will pass through a number of thoughts and a number of emotions. Mind has got a capacity to generate pleasantness, to generate unpleasantness, to generate sympathy, to generate hatred, jealousy, intolerance, competition and all that. Though the mind produces and makes you experience all this, it does not itself become any one of this. This one lesson is what I want you to reflect about. Why? Understanding that it is so, never be overpowered by either a thought or a memory or an emotion.

Our mind is like space. It is sentient space. It is in that mind the whole universe is pictured and you are able to say here is a mountain, here is sun, here is moon, here are stars. So it is not a small thing. It is something far greater than whatever you see and interact with. Such a mind has got the resourcefulness to produce any memory, any thought, any emotion and any response. Understand that it is because of the resourcefulness of the mind.

And then do not be affected by any emotion unnecessarily. Whatever is good is no problem. Whatever is bad alone poses a problem. In answer, I tell you that whenever grief is encountered, the mind does not become grief. Whenever a black colour is seen, neither the eye nor the mind becomes black. Once you understand this, instantly you get the strength to withstand any reaction, any response. Now, we are like a wandering dog. “Oh, Oh it has come.” What has come? Something has come to the mind. In the same manner, it will go also. As it has come, it has to go. As it goes, it may come again. Understand that the sentience in you which expresses as the mind has got a static character. It is not something to be affected by either a colour or a shade or an emotion or a memory or a thought or any reaction or response. But it is capable of giving rise to a number of emotions, a number of responses. I think it should be so.

So, you should be loving, you should be sympathetic, you should be sacrificing. But don’t be jealous, don’t be hateful, don’t be intolerant and don’t be non-accommodative. We are placed in the midst of the mind’s possibilities and potentials and we are to handle the mind with enlightenment so that whatever is good and pleasant will be encouraged and acted upon. Whatever is not so will be simply left out. Can you not understand this science and become a little confident that your mind is a friend and not an enemy. If you understand it well, it becomes a treasure, an invaluable one.

Our whole bhakti is meant to make the mind a treasure. ‘I trust in God. My God is all-powerful, all-content, all-potent. Relying upon such a God, I get all the confidence, hope, comfort, consolation, relief and anchor.’ The thought of God should give you so much of energy, patience and what not! It is a wonderful process. So bhakti though springing from you, it is picturing a God who is immensely resourceful and making that kind of a reliance, the mind becomes stronger, greater, loftier and broader. Why don’t you think about the whole subject in such a simple manner?

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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