“The paths leading man to god or Truth are said to be many. I will speak only of the shortest. It is to recognize God as the Self in you and then to find Him out. What is the distance then between you and God, between you and yourself? Ah, there is no distance at all, a full Zero! Yet, how dare you say to find God and Truth is hard?’’ 

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

I don’t know whether this point will appeal to you. I am speaking, in a way exhaustively on the last message Krishna gave to Uddhava. This took place in a very peaceful and palatial environments of Dwaraka. Bhagavata speaks about Dwaraka, a very large city, capital, which was built in the very sea, the boundary wall, the golden domes they had, then the ring roads, parallel ring roads, diametrical roads, cross sections, roundabouts, in various dimensions and sizes, circular, semi-circular, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon, octagon. On both sides of the cross roads, beautiful settlement, habitations for different kinds of people, roads and pathways made by emerald powder pressed very beautifully. There were places where you could go and sit and bask in the moonlight, many, many things are explained there. There is a lot of architectural skill, design and excellence shown in the description; something that you may not expect normally.

In such a palace, this last message took place. Obviously, Krishna had the leisure; he had completed his mission and he was about to depart. I think the discussion also was very, very exhaustive. I am completing the twenty-third chapter possibly today while speaking to Muktisudhakaram. Then I move on to perhaps the twenty-fourth chapter in which Krishna is explaining Sankhya Yoga.

The Sankhya Yoga is a process in which enumeration is done. He goes on enumerating, enumerating. Enumerating what? The contents of the world, the substance of the world, how these contents came into, came to be, what is the order and is there any reverse order, if so what it is. Why are we doing this? The idea is to make the mind think, think about the world. Normally you think only about your house, about the house members, a little profession that you have in order to earn money to live, then getting people married, having children, this is all what we think. But our mind and intelligence are capable of thinking far, far, far, far ahead.

We are delusionally attached to many things in this world or all things in this world. This delusional clinging makes our mind myopic and constricted as a result of which every little or big incident, every little incident in this world becomes a huge rock or a mountain. No, no, it should not be, it need not be. You must be able to live in this world with lightness of your heart, with relaxation. Understand your body is rigid and gross but the mind is flexible, soft, permeative. The two are in full contrast. The body is designed and shaped by the mind. All the senses are the mind’s own creation. With this rigid body and rigid senses, you are interacting with the world. In this interaction, you owe nothing to the world. You owe everything to your own senses, senses, senses. The senses are made by the power within the body. And it is these senses that are employed in wakefulness by the mind. And these sensations are what you experience. These sensations are sense-born; not world-born.

The eyes look and then say ‘Here is a gross object’. This reading or assessment is done by the eyes, by the mind. And the entire grossness, its perception, the idea ‘grossness’ and its perception, the resulting experience, it is all mind-born, inner, inner, inner. And the mind is not gross, it is subtle. How can the subtle mind produce and make you feel something gross? Is it acceptable?

We only know, we only know of material things getting born from matter. Living beings born from parallel living beings. We don’t know of an instance where earth has been born from air or from space. We don’t see it. But in reality, it is this, just like the mind produces the idea of gross and makes you experience it, the whole universe has come from no universe. All the things have come from no thing. Now, to make you understand this point, this Sankhya Yoga goes on taking you in the reverse equation. You see the earth. So many beings there. So our source seems to be the earth. And the earth is the solid matter. The entire solidity is surrounded by fluidity or liquidity and both of them are surrounded by air. It is further surrounded by heat, brilliance. That is still further surrounded by space indefinable. So it is from this most subtle thing that grosser and grosser elements have come. If they have come from the subtlest, subtlest, the so-called void space, then these thing are bound to go back there in the reverse order.

So the earth, the solid existence, will get dissolved into its property, smell. That will get further resolved into water, fluid. The water will be resolved into air. That will be resolved into fire, that will be further resolved into the space, where you reach nothing. Now when you start reflecting upon this truth, you will find the mind becomes lighter and your delusional clinging begins to become loose. Unless you understand this process of everything getting rarified in the reverse order, and again in the further order of evolution everything gets condensed. So you understand that it is a process that is going on. There is nothing here to be clung to delusionally. Nothing here to be clung to delusionally. Understand that the whole earth is subject to extinction. Similarly the panchabhoothas themselves. Then what is there worth clinging to? The sentience or consciousness which is present everywhere and which is what you find in the functioning of the mind, (mind is not matter) in the functioning of the intelligence, in the functioning of the ego. This consciousness does not require any space or place or property to be. Because everything follows it. That does not follow anything. Now, that consciousness is what animates your body. So your focus and locus should be on this consciousness. That alone creates everything, brings about all orders and sequences. Now this is the whole thing presented in Sankhya Yoga. This is generally considered to be Kapila’s Sankhya Yoga.

A list of items, it can be 24, it can be 18, it can be 15, it can be 11, it can be 6, it can be 2, it can be 1. So you are given, just like climbing upon a ladder, steps, solid, fluid, gaseous, energy, space, finished. Then what survives can only be something different from all these. That is what you have in your body. The sentience or consciousness. That is the Supreme. And you have the Supreme already in you. And having the Supreme, why is it that you are begging and dependent, is the question asked.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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