"Your mind has enormous hidden dimensions. Open yourselves completely to whatever reactions and emotions the world evokes from time to time. Accept them all without any reservation or resentment. By assimilating everything and all, your mind grows deeper, stabler and more enriched."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.            

What shall I tell you today? We are having a course on Experiential Vedanta. We have described it as experiential only because whatever we teach, impart or otherwise communicate or discuss here, is only experiential and meant for experientiality. In fact, I would like you to understand that our whole life is experiential. It is experience that undergoes a mystic transformation in our inner system, as a result of which, the experiences become knowledge and memory to be available to us and to guide us from that very moment onwards. Which very moment? The moment we had experience and it becomes a knowledge.

Whether you are unconscious or you are asleep, you yourself experience the state and later on report ‘I did not know anything, I became unconscious. There was a black out’. The same is the case with sleep also. Suppose you practice meditation and get into a state of samadhi, where the mind functions and intellectual functions, both come to cease, they cease to be, then also it is you who are going to know it and experience it. This much perhaps you may agree. But what you may not agree or you may find it difficult to accept and implement is the fact that whenever we discuss a subject and communicate a knowledge, that very hearing is an experience. Why are you hearing this spiritual knowledge? Only to imbibe it. And what is that spiritual knowledge? It is generating more and more flexibility in the mind and also instilling the mind to be more and more assimilative.

Flexibility I say because there is a lot of rigidity in people. One rigid feeling that you have is that ‘I cannot improve. The improvement is not easy. Mind cannot be tackled. Desires cannot be confronted. The evil qualities in me cannot be disposed of or dispensed with and good qualities are hard to cultivate’. Who told you good qualities are hard to cultivate? It may be hard to earn money in this world, wealth in this world, but it is not at all hard to acquire good qualities and virtues and values for the mind. Because this is not an external process where you have to compete with the others. This is an inner process by virtue of which, you first of all come to know of a certain value or enrichment. The moment you come to know it as an enrichment, the mind becomes after it, the intelligence is after it. Otherwise it cannot be good. So, you become a lover of good. Lover of what? Lover of good. Is there anybody in this world who will dislike good? Then it will to be good at all. And is there anybody in this world who does not dislike bad? Then it is not bad at all. This is why Vedanta says the most fundamental quality of a seeker is viveka. Viveka means the ability and the readiness to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong, what is pleasant and what is unpleasant, what is eternal and what is ever fleeting.

The whole process is after knowledge. In the seeker, the knowledge assumes an altogether different status and dimension. What is that difference? We look at knowledge to correct, improve, moderate, regulate, refine, purify, sublimate, enrich, empower, elevate, expand and fulfill ourselves. You should agree that knowledge is a process. Our intelligence is applied to a subject and the subject is gone into by the intelligence. Good and bad are sifted and the intelligence absorbs that knowledge. When you have absorbed a knowledge, you have to apply it in your actions and interactions.

Can there be a man, you see you are seeing fecal matter while walking right in your front. It is a knowledge that there is something very, very dirty. Will you step over it or will you avoid it? I don’t think there are two answers. You will not step over it. You will avoid it. Why? Because it is an undesirable item. It is repulsive. This is the knowledge. You see it and the mind and the intelligence spin and weave this knowledge and your legs and feet find a diversion. In the same manner, any knowledge that you get, should act on you. Any knowledge you get should act on you, act on you, act on you.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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