"Karmayoga does not mean ceaseless pursuit of karma. It truly consists in the Yoga orientation and discipline given to the buddhi and the mind. Constant preservation and application of Yogabuddhi while doing any work, alone makes one a Karmayogin."

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Harih Om Tat sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

I had a little talk with ‘X’ and ‘Y’ was also sitting there. Then somehow I was speaking about people who take Brahmavidya deeksha for doing sadhana. Brahmavidya deeksha and sadhana are the last thing in human life, I said. The normal invisible God, temples and holy places would be sufficient as long as you are a simple devotee, praying to God as part of your life. But you go to a Guru and take Brahmavidya deeksha only when there is a specific enquiry, a search and a seeking in you. When you start seeking, you may call it God and God-realization, Self and Self-realization, Moksha and its realization but in reality, it is leading the human life to a sense of fulfillment. This is the purpose of Brahmavidya deeksha and sadhana.  That sadhana is completely based upon the mind and the intelligence. When you have taken such a sadhana, I said that all other things should simply be dropped.

Then ‘X’ was asking me, “Swamiji one should not live in a house?” That question doesn't arise here. I'm only speaking about sadhana and the other forms of dependence like religious practices, going to the temples, doing pooja, collecting this, collecting that. Why is this so, I would like you to understand.

All the practices of the human beings are in four levels. One is the physical - sensory level, collecting materials, offering them in an altar, using your fingers, chanting sometimes some mantras, these are all physical practices. Then the next is oral practice where you chant something, do japa etc.  These are the external, visible practices. All these are caused by the mind. Mind does these, mind sustains these and the mind also dissolves these. All these practices are begun, then sustained and finally concluded in the mind. So without the mind these practices cannot be done.

So, what I want you to do is, go to the mind and install the practice there. You have to use the mind, think, understand etc. The intelligence also has to be equally employed. So the mento-intellectual practices are the final ones, they are the causal ones and they are the higher ones. This sadhana which I give in the form of a deeksha, it is completely on the mind and intelligence.

Now you tell me, in your devotional and religious practices, are physical practices, oral practices or mento-intellectual practice, which is better, higher and better rated? Once you are initiated into the mento-intellectual practice, why should you still cling on to this customary and conventional physical and oral ones? If you are not able to drop, it clearly means that you are not interested in the other one. A girl married to a boy, will she not have to go with the boy, make a family, have a set of children and all that? Or can she say “I will still cling to my father and mother."? A man who has taken a new and a higher job, can he cling on to the old ones? It is not possible at all. Even when you bring up a child, depending upon the age, your association, your expectation, everything will be different. Here also it is climbing a staircase. So the primary class practices should be outlived and the next level taken up. And ultimately, when you take up Brahmavidya deeksha and you begin to practice it, all the other practices are necessarily to be dropped.

Then with regard to the question whether we can live in the family, yes, everybody is living in the family. But if you pursue Brahmavidya sadhana properly and properly, you will certainly have what? - A feeling of non-possessiveness. You will not think that I have too much of a family and all that. You will not be possessive about your house. On the other hand, the mind will expand and you will feel a sense of identity with the whole world. When this expansion takes place, automatically the lifestyle may change. It is expected to change. Why are you afraid of it? Because Brahmavidya deeksha and the sadhana clearly tell you that the goal of human life is realizing this truth and becoming a Jeevan Mukta. There is nothing short of it.

We have four Ashramas, mind you, Brahmacharya and Garhastya. Can you be negligent of the next two? Then you will become a half human. Live as a half human. So, none of you should be afraid of growing in the hands of Brahmavidya, whether it is with deeksha and sadhana or without. The very education should elevate you, elevate you, elevate you. And that elevation, first of all fulfills you, it acts as a great blessing and benediction for the family and family members. Narahari tells Prahlada, “By the very fact of your birth as a son, twenty-one generations earlier and twenty-one generations later have already been purified." This is what is going to happen if you pursue Brahmavidya deeksha, do the sadhana regularly and go up, further up, further up, further up and become enlightened and liberated. So, why are you as a householder afraid of this? If you are afraid of this or unprepared for this, you don’t take up any deeksha or do any sadhana. Remain with your temples, pooja, idols and all that. No necessity to read anything. Simply remain like a worm in the cow-dung pit, nothing more than that. Why are you worried about it? That’s quite okay.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

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