"Let not world-objects be your mind’s master. Let them be, if at all, subservient to the mind. To be spiritual is not to look for one’s delight and fulfillment in the objects of the world. The mind that causes delight through any object can also provide delight without such an object. Delight in reality belongs to the mind alone. It is verily mind’s own gift."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru. 

Today I thought I would discuss the subject of deeksha, particularly Brahmavidya deeksha. In Kerala, I believe, practically nobody knows about this wonderful spiritual initiation called deeksha and Brahmavidya deeksha, spiritual initiation. Here people are all used to mantropadesham, getting a mantra and the mantra can be had from anyone, anyone means it is not always a Sadguru. There are many people who give mantras. There are many people who write what you call this talisman which is generally enclosed in either silver or gold and worn on the neck. Some people wear it on this side. Many people professionally do it.   So, that kind of a culture is in Kerala and there is nothing like a spiritual deeksha which a seeker of truth gets from, has to get from a Sadguru.

When we had our deeksha in the hands of our Gurudev, it appears that our mother’s sister one day was mentioning, “What is this? These boys have been given Brahmopadesa by the father in the presence of a priest. Now they have gone and taken deeksha from somebody else above this brahmopadesa? What is there in life?” I was a little amused when my mother’s younger sister was reported to have said this. It was amusing, at the same time I found that it was enlightening. This is how people think and people understand.

In Tamilnadu, there is something called Upāsana etc. and Srividya Upāsana is very popular there and there may be some others also. But the word deeksha together with its import is very clearly mentioned by the people of the North. They know the place of a Sadguru in the context of religio-spiritual life, the need for going to him, seeking acceptance and getting initiated. They know about it. In this context, this deeksha becomes something unknown to people, so to say.

I would like all of you to know about, what is this place and importance of deeksha. It is the last thing in human life. If you think of any kind of an acquisition, this-worldly or the other-worldly meant for any purpose, one after the other, either prosperity or something else, even for spiritual powers like ashta-siddhi and all that, I would like you to know that this Brahmavidya Deeksha is the last thing in human life. Not only that, without this Brahmavidya, its pursuit and a wholesome pursuit, there cannot be any full fulfillment in human life.

Our culture clearly says that we have got a fourfold purushartha, the object of human pursuit, the same pursuit is fourfold. It starts with dharma - Values, ethics and disciplines which should govern every act of yours, either physical or sensory or oral or mental or intellectual. In any level of activity, we must have the watchword of values, dharma, ethics. And adhering to dharma, you are free to acquire your own wealth, your own money, your own income. But the income should not be attempted flouting the disciplines of dharma. So, dharmic wealth is quite accepted and it is necessary also.

Suppose there is an industrialist who runs an industry. The product is very rare, so he can put any charge. Now the question is, how much he should. Simply because there is more demand, don’t raise the price. The price should be proportionate to what is the cost of production including the cost of distribution. Put a certain percentage. How much do you want, 15% or 20%, maximum 25% you can gain, not more than that. If you are able to gain it, pass it on to the society to the buyers and even with the profit you make like that, what are you supposed to do?

In Gujarat they have a system, 25% they will take for employees, 25% for strengthening the industry for reinvesting, 25% for themselves and 25% for Ashrams. This is how they divide the profit and utilize it. That is why you find Gujarat is very prosperous and there is a lot of unity and mutuality amongst the people. How much they are interested in helping each other, it is something very, very important. Some people even say Mahatma Gandhi became so popular and great only because he was a Gujarati. Suppose he was born elsewhere, people from his own state would have obstructed his growth. So this much we should speak good of Gujarat particularly. If you go to Hrishikesh and Haridwar, there the Ashrams are mostly patronized by Gujarat people. That is what I have been told. So, Artha is the second aspect of the human pursuit.

Then you go to Kāma. Using that wealth, whatever desires are there for you, either in the matter of food or dress or maybe a place to live, okay, you spend money for that, but let there be a reasonableness in whatever you do. Fulfill your desires and then you should become free. ‘I wanted to earn money, I have had. I wanted to spend it and fulfill my desires. I have had. Now I am free.’ Entrust the whole job to your children when they become grown up and you retire. This is what our sastras, our value, our ideal tells us.

Why I said it? Even in the ordinary life, you are supposed to have moksha as the final goal. People who die without moksha, they have fulfilled only 50% of human life. There are householders who think, “We have done best for our children, grand-children also we are helping. Everything is okay.” And they will get fulfillment. No. They will get only 50% fulfillment. The remaining 50% consists in leaving everything and look into your inner wealth, inner treasure, inner resources. Normally we were spending our time to employ the external resources. Now the time comes for you to probe into your own within and then discover what are the resources helped by the mind, helped by the intelligence, what is the actual impact of these, what will they do for us. This is that sphere of moksha. It is not something that you get after the fall of your body.

This Brahmavidya Deeksha is meant for getting this kind of a freedom, liberation, inner abundance and inner ecstasy. That is our goal. Now the question is, how do you get it? We won’t be able to attempt it ourselves. It is not an objective science. Nobody can say, this is the path of moksha, you follow this and you get it. The entire practice rests upon your inner mind. The inner mind is not perceptible or visible. Then how will you get there? It becomes a mystery.

Everybody who goes into the mind says that “Oh my mind is a tempest. It is a cyclone. With what? With so many thoughts which I don’t want.” So, you have got a mind which is not prepared to do what you like it to do. It is from this condition that you have to grow to a life where your mind is good, is very holy, all the thoughts coming in the mind are very, very elevating. I feel peace, I feel contentment, I feel goodness, I feel freedom.

Now, how to accomplish this kind of an inner purity, sublimity, enrichment and fullness? That is the secret of deeksha. The real Brahmavidya Deeksha is trying to activate your inner personality. All that you have to do is sit in a place, close your eyes. Let there be no sensory activity at all. Then what is left is only the mind and intelligence. Employ them. The whole secret is within your body, not outside. It is within your body that you have all the experiences of the world and objects. People don’t know that. So, you have to get into your own inner personality and get into the innermost recess. This is the purpose of deeksha. So, it consists primarily of meditation and meditative absorption or absorptional meditation. When you have absorptional meditation, no question will be there, no search will be there, no complaint will be there. The questioning, complaining mind itself becomes dissolved in its own source. Now, this deeksha stands very singular and exceptional.

In true deeksha, you are not asked to do any ritual, any ceremonies. Nothing which has got a relationship with some factor other than you. You don’t require a lamp and lighting. You don’t require the ceremonial water pot. You don’t require any materials to offer. Nothing external. Close your eyes and sit, interlock your fingers and put them on your lap. Now the body is still. In that still body, get into your mind and go to as much depth as you can. You will find that within your heart is the center of the whole universe. The center is your heart and the whole universe is a huge circle drawn from there.

The science of Geometry tells us that the point has no dimension and when the point is expanded, it becomes the circle. So, what is the huge circle? It is nothing other than the point that you call the center. It has become broader, broader, broader. And what is that point ultimately? It is a dimensionless affair. So, it is from a no-dimension center that the multi-dimensional universe has evolved. Now this is the truth that you have to actualize. It cannot be approached by objective sciences. You can only approach it through your own personal, direct experience. Intelligence and the mind are the tools for the purpose. Examine the mind and make it purer, purer and purer. Make your intelligence sharper, sharper and sharper and as it perceives objects through the senses, the intelligence should perceive directly its own essence. It should understand very clearly that the point expands into a circle and the point itself when probed further, it has got no dimension.

So, from the no-dimensional centre, the multi-dimensional universe circle has come up. Once you know this, what is there in the world for you except perhaps shout at people saying that “Please come, understand this. Fulfill your life, make meaning and purpose of humanhood.” This is all what you can say. From such a man, not merely this moksha is had, the wishes of the people also are fulfilled. The wishes maybe anything. They don’t argue saying that this wish is not right, that wish is not right. That is how we have a number of temples and the temples have so many deities and Gods and Goddesses. Why? Because the whole multiplicity has emerged from one singularity.

So this deeksha, not all will feel that they should have deeksha. God is sufficient. Faith in God is sufficient for them but the moment you want to realize the truth or realize God and you want to become free, then the normal faith in God will not be sufficient. You will have to go to somebody who will communicate with you like any other person, your father or mother and then discuss this subject, make it known to you, give you an actual practice to be undergone and that practice will clinch the issue. This is what deeksha is for. It is a very, very personal and private affair, very sublime, very divine, very spiritual and very easy to practice but the seeker or the initiated is supposed to not look anywhere else than within himself.

To meet any confrontation, to face any challenge, to achieve any adventure, for everything he has to rely on himself. Hanuman did not look to any external factor. He only had the supreme devotion to his Lord and he said “My Lord is suffering and I should relieve it come what may.” It was this wonderful attitude of fondness, fondness, fondness and reliance, devotion that made him alone, singularly, as a single person he was able to rise into the air, not knowing where he would land. And he landed in Lanka, did his mission, came back with the choodamani which Sita had gifted to him to be handed over to Rama. This is how spirituality works in actual life.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

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