"It is not what you do that matters, but how you do it – with what attitude and aim. The spiritual effect that a seemingly spiritual activity brings, can also be had by the domestic pursuit, provided you preserve a spiritual attitude and dedication."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

We have had one more year’s Gurupoornima observance and the retreat session. The Anna Vastra Dana satram also was done yesterday. Some of you have already gone back. Others will be going back one after the other. The Anna Vastra Dana Satram is actually a kind of social service that we are doing.

सर्वभूतहिते रताः ।।
sarva-bhūta-hite ratāḥ ||

This is a phrase Krishna uses in Bhagavad Gita twice. A seeker of truth, a knower of truth, anybody who is spiritual, practicing yoga, every one of them should have an abiding interest in the welfare of all creatures. This tells you that you have to be loving and sympathetic, considerate to the others. Examine your mind and find out whether you have enough of consideration and vatsalya for the others. If you don’t have, then you are a failure. You have to acquire or generate this vatsalya properly. 

The thought process can be that the self is present in every one, in all or God is present in every one and all. That can be a very regular thought. If you ask me, I would like to think of it in a more tangible manner. We are living in a world which got multiple contributions from multiple sources. In the food that you eat, in the residence that you live, the various articles and materials used for constructing a house for you, the dress you put on, the various facilities that are provided for in your life, in all these things, I think you are connected with the society. The food that we eat is grown by farmers in different areas. You will find that all these are mutually connected. Being so, you must always have a societal, a universal feeling. 

There are so many beings upon the earth. Each being makes a contribution. I have one formula that every herb on this earth is either food or medicine. Our food comes from a number of items, number of plants. The excreta of every creature is in one way or the other, fertilizer or manure for the other things or even medicine. When I say this, you may be surprised or repelled but the fact remains that it is so. 

Why I say this? Our life is interconnected always. So, it is necessary to reflect this kind of a mutuality in all that you do. And whenever the mind expands in this manner and you have an abiding concern for the others, you will find you will be more enriched, you will become more and more resourceful. In that resourcefulness, monetary resourcefulness also is included. If you ask me how, I cannot always say this is the way it will happen. Just like there are physical, chemical, bio-chemical, bio-physical, biological laws, there are some psycho-spiritual laws also in the world by virtue of which you will find a person who is charitable will always become resourceful also. Otherwise, how can he continue with his charity? So, learn to do so.

And so far as the spiritual or devotional development is concerned, this is what I have to tell you. Do not fret and fume. Try to become a little tolerant and patient. We are not born in this world at our wish. Somehow, we were born. If our present embodiment does not follow our wish or even our need expressed by us, then we are not responsible for our life. We are responsible to bear it and conduct it. But the actual life, we are not responsible for. So, there are intricate systems in nature, you call them divine, spiritual or providential. Trust them and believe them. And do not fret and fume. Anything that comes will also go. If we are suffering, if nature inflicts suffering on us, nature will also see that our life is sustained so that we may suffer. I don’t know whether you understand my point.

If a suffering is inflicted on us, if the infliction has got to have any meaning, then we must be made to suffer it by the very law of suffering. So, don’t worry about it. Somehow our life will be sustained.

Dispassion is a quality which you must always develop. Dispassion, dispassion, vairagya. For a person of vairagya, the inner spiritual strength is enormous. Vairagya is the greatest strength for a person, whether you accept it or not, you must have increasing measures of vairagya. 

Sit in a place and try to handle your mind, call it meditation or anything else. There, the attitude should be, you should be relaxed and develop an attitude of surrender and unfoldment. This surrender is not a bodily act. It is an inner mento-intellectual note.

How will you develop the sense of surrender? I would even like you to lie on your back so that you don’t have to support the body. Either stretch your hands or put them interlocked and place them on your chest. And then, try to feel the sense of surrender in you. Find out for yourself what is this surrender? “What is this surrender? Oh God, make me surrender or accept me. What is this ‘me’? It cannot be the body.” If you feel and try to get more and more inward, inward and inward, you will strike a point when you will find there is a kind of a bursting that takes place within you and you will feel the first note of surrender.

We don’t where our ego is, the ‘I’-ness is, the mindness is, but it is in our body, within our body. How to reach there? You have no sensory organ to reach there. So, it is beyond the senses. Try to probe into that level. Unwind yourself, uncoil yourself. And if you are able to do it well, you will reach a stage where, there is suddenly, it is not a physical, you will find something like a bursting or an explosion. At that time, you will know what is this psychological knot called ego and how the knot gets broken. At least as a curious experiment, why don’t you try it? 

We are saying ‘I’, ‘I’, ‘I’, ‘mine’, ‘mine’, ‘mine’, what is the genesis of this ‘I’ and ‘mine’, think about it and get into your own inner bottom. It is a kind of a probe and it is done by feeling. Simply by the strength of feeling. Give some time for the mind to get into this feeling structure.

You may mock at what I say. But it is not something to be mocked at. And don’t ask me, “Swamiji, how?” That is for you to find out. Lie on your back, if necessary, put one foot over the other, interlock your palms and put them on your chest and try to unwind yourself and reach at the source of thought, source of ego, source of ‘I’. It is something very beautiful and very effective. You may not initially understand it even. But try it. Maybe in the course of a week or ten days, one day you will find that,

भिद्यते हृदयग्रन्थिः
Bhidyate Hṛdaya-grahanthiḥ

That knot of your heart gets completely untied or broken. It comes through a process of relaxation. Don’t think of anything. Don’t think of God, don’t think of this, don’t think of that. But you should have an insistence. People who believe in God, look to God, “My dear God, let me reach at the very source, knot of the heart.” If you are initiated, you can say, “My dear Gurudev, please take me to the very source within me.” This kind of a prayerful attitude, inner effort and persistence will certainly clinch the issue. Do not worry about the developments in life. Everything will come and go and you will be sustained. It is not necessary that God appears physically creating a miracle for you. Not necessary. Try to have a constant link with God. As I told you earlier, talk to Him, speak to Him anything that you want, and that should be the way of your connection with God.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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