"Karmayoga does not mean ceaseless pursuit of karma. It truly consists in the Yoga orientation and discipline given to the buddhi and the mind. Constant preservation and application of Yogabuddhi while doing any work, alone makes one a Karmayogin."

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So, the fondness for the Guru is the only factor which is going to determine and guide your seeking. Unless you have fondness for Him, you will not take interest to know what He is, how He is. Krishna says in His message to Uddhava, the last message, “Snigdhasya Sishyasya brūyu” The Gurus disclose whatever is the greatest secret to the dear and near disciples.

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru. 

See, all of you have come here. Many others are coming. They are also coming and going. Unless people go, they will not be able to come again. So, coming is necessary, going also is necessary. Some people should be there, should be here as inmates and residents so that we form a team to run this Ashram which is an institution. In fact, we should have a very good, next-generation seekers who have a sense of identity with this kind of a life and also dedicated disseminational mission. Let that remain.

Why are you all coming here? I don`t know whether you have a clear understanding of why you come here. But I have a clear understanding as to how you should come here. It is primarily because of a fondness for the Guru. This fondness may take place, first you happen to meet a Sad-Guru or a knower of truth and the very meeting gives you a new light, a new exposure, a new touch to your heart. You may not know it well, it can be like that. Or you have a fondness for the subject of spirituality.

Spirituality is, after all a subject. Actually it is the last subject of interest in human life. So, to have an interest in spirituality means to touch upon and walk on the last pedestal of human life and attainment. You may not know it but somehow there is an interest in spirituality. That interest drives you to a Guru or to a knower of truth. It can be either way. But sooner or later, it has to be a fondness for the Guru, fondness for the knower of truth. Once you have this fondness, you feel like having proximity with the person, try to understand Him, go closer to him.

Whenever people come here, I don`t take an initiative unnecessarily to talk to him and make them intimate with me or with the others. I simply keep quiet and allow them to take the initiative and come to me, the manner in which they come, how they become close, what they talk, how they disclose about themselves, about their seeking, it varies substantially. Observing them in all these ways, I develop my sense of intimacy, freedom and after sometime, a sense of authority also I develop towards them. But that apart, I would like to tell you that it is the fondness for the Guru that matters in spiritual life and spiritual seeking.

There are people who start wondering and thinking, is a Guru necessary? Why this question at all? Even when fighting for the independence, striving for the independence of the country, will the initial group ask “Is it necessary to have others or we should do it all alone?” Is there any such question coming? Even when an investor invests his money and wants to do something in the way of a corporate attempt, will he not look for people who can further his ambition or aspiration? How do you constitute a family? A man must have a woman married to him. A girl must have a boy married to him. Before long, they must be followed by a couple of children and the four minimum together form a family along with their parents and others.

So, to live alone is not in the nature of anybody, any creature whatsoever. You take any creature. They would always like to have a company. We are all born from a company, we live in a company. Suppose a person dies, should he die solitarily and the dead body should be picked by birds and animals? What is it that you want? A woman is to deliver. Should she deliver all alone by herself? Or there must be some assistance? A marriage is conducted. Is it to be conducted all alone?

So, don’t say that the human life at any point of time in any walk or front is individualistic. It is not at all. If this be the case, where is the question of whether I should have a Guru at all or not? It is a very perverted question. You are interested in spirituality, the subject is unknown to you and you want to pursue it. If there are no notice boards on the travel routes, how will you reach the destination? Suppose you have a doubt whether the route taken is correct, what is it that you do? In India, you stop somewhere and ask people “Which is that place? What is the route?” etc.

So, there is no question of doing anything all alone. It is a very, very perverted question and approach. You take up spirituality because of your interest and you want to pursue and somebody is there who knows the subject, who has apparently reached the end or outcome of it. Then it is natural for you to go to him and then say “Please help me, please guide me.” In seeking such guidance, why should there be a second question or a first question?

So, the fondness for the Guru is the only factor which is going to determine and guide your seeking. Unless you have fondness for Him, you will not take interest to know what He is, how He is. Krishna says in His message to Uddhava, the last message, “Snigdhasya Sishyasya brūyuḥ” The Gurus disclose whatever is the greatest secret to the dear and near disciples. The knowledge of Brahman can be explained. Of what use is the explanation unless that knowledge we know, how it is translated into life and interactions? So, are we interested in the bare knowledge of the subject or are we interested in knowing how a knower lives and moves and interacts in the world?

I was discussing or I am discussing now who is a Sthitaprajna and who is a Sthitadhi, how is he conducting himself in the world, how does he take his rest and how does he interact with the world. What a pertinent question Arjuna is raising! Whether Arjuna raised it or not, we don’t know. We only know it as a written part of Vyasadeva. Maybe Vyasadeva or somebody else but we have a documented version of the subject before us. So unless you become fond of your Guru and because of the fondness, keeping all the necessary refinement, modesty, humility and all that, you get to know him in close quarters, how are you going to translate your sādhanā? With or before the Guru, there cannot and there will not be any secret at all. Everything is sacred but not secret.

In my life, I am an adviteeya person. This adviteeyata I got or I had only because of my closeness with my Gurudev. I would go to him, talk to him, discuss matters with him in any manner I wanted. And he also told me whatever he wanted to say, not only in spiritual matters, everything! About his life which I have not generally enquired into. I have seen his life. Beyond that, I have never enquired into. But without my enquiry he used to tell me whatever was necessary to be known, pertinent to our enquiry, seeking and attainment.

So, this closeness with the Guru… I always say, we are not going to see God at all! It is something like space! God is impersonal and he is present everywhere, inside and outside alike like space. Now such a God, how are you going to see? It is not a question of seeing at all. Our eyes can see only in one direction. You cannot see what is inside the body or back to your body. So we don’t have any organ to see the all-pervading God. But we can always know what is God-realization in a human life and how a human who has realized God either as a principle or as a truth or as an experience or as the inner essence, how he lives and moves. So the behavior, the character and the interaction of the knower, this is what we should be primarily interested. Ultimately also.

So I have seen somebody, a living God, a living God, and that too, a human God. And this sight of that person, I think that has given me everything in my life of search, if at all. I could know how such a man would live, how will he eat, how will he drink water, how will he sleep, how will he interact with the people around, what would his mind be like, what would his intelligence be like.

My Gurudev, mostly he was inside a mosquito curtain. The mosquito curtain was very tall. He was lying on a tiger skin which I got for him. He wanted (the tiger skin), somebody gave me. Before that he was lying. I don`t know why he wanted a tiger skin. We have not brought it here and preserved it. It was a job to get it formally permitted by the Government. So we have got a certificate for it and it is with ‘P’. ‘P’ who is actually a kind of a classmate friend of our Nutan Swamiji. He also took initiation. It is in his house in Calcutta, he is keeping it. We have been able to bring it formally registered etc.

And then one thing that struck me is He (Gurudev) has made small sand bags and then after folding these edges of the mosquito curtain, he has placed sand bags all around so that they will we be in position. This sight of the sand bag for fixing the bottom of the mosquito curtain, it was so enlightening to me.

Those were days when there was no electrical power in the village. So he always used to use a kind of a bedroom lamp, a brass lamp, a very small flame. Now, he used to always stand on his head. So he was an engineer. So what he did was that he made a metal piece, a metal disc with a little hook for it. So he will light the lamp and keep it near his head and put this metal hook there so that his eyes will not be affected by the light rays. I don’t know whether you understand. The round flame, he will put a metal hook. Over the glass, he will put a metal hook, a small round, (so that) light rays will not come to his eyes. So I used to see it and smilingly understand how things are.

He had a bunch of letters, all of them, when a conversation comes he will say “Yes, it is there”. He was reading Bengali books so I have no access to them. Our Swamiji and Ma, they have spent closely time with Him. So whenever a scriptural question or even a searching question was there about seeking, they will say “You take that book, I have marked something there.” And he used to say “Take this book. Here is the marking. You read it.” And he must have read hundreds of books, all scriptural. I asked him “Why did you read so many books?” He gave me an answer.

So, that closeness which I had with my Gurudev and whatever disclosure he made either enlightening or by way of an exposure, you know this is what has made me non-dual in my life. If any God were to come to me and say, “Swami, you are all right, you are great, good etc. But on one point, you require some more tuition”, then I will say, “I don’t need.” If you say now, if Krishna were to come and tell me, “I would like to amend my Bhagavad Gita, add one more sentence.” I will say, “I am not interested in listening to you. If you want to amend it now, you will want to amend it later also. So, where is the question of amendments coming to a halt? So, I don’t want to listen to. If the complete information is not covered, it will never be complete.”

I am telling you because so much of surety, confidence, clarity, fullness, abundance I have and the secret of my getting it perhaps is only in my association with the Guru. I openly say that you cannot see God. You can realize Him. So what you want to know is - How is a human with the realization of God? You are a human. So you have to be a human with God-realization. So unless you see somebody with realization of God, how can you be one like Him with a little personal difference? So this is something very, very important.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru. 



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