"Our body and this complex world around us is meant to reveal and display the Self variously. Spiritual seeking lies in looking for That which animates the body. Turn the mind and intelligence inward to their very Source. Let the thoughts make you search for the thinking substance, the thinker.  Only then the mystery of the Self will be unveiled."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

I am taking the subject of comprehensive view of spirituality. In the forenoon session, we have been speaking about how the religio-spiritual thoughts of the country were evolved right from the prehistoric times. Begun from a religious background or religious character it grows into spiritual and deeper and deeper dimensions. From the sensory and oral level, the thought process as well as the pursuit entered into the mind and intellectual levels to find the culmination and crowning within oneself. Bhagavad Gita is a commentary of the whole of this spiritual wisdom especially as revealed in the treasure called Vedas.

In Bhagavad Gita there are some beautiful statements by Krishna which are a synopsis of the entire spiritual pursuit. It does not deal with any kind of externalities, formalities and the like. There is no reference even to God and even to the soul. Even then, spirituality remains full and complete both in its pursuit, purpose and fulfillment.

Listen to this statement of Krishna.

शक्नोतीहैव यः सोढुं प्राक्शरीरविमोक्षणात् ।
कामक्रोधोद्भवं वेगं स युक्तः स सुखी नरः ।।
śaknotīhaiva yaḥ soḍhuṁ prāk-śarīra-vimokṣaṇāt
kāma-krodhodbhavaṁ vegaṁ sa yuktaḥ sa sukhī naraḥ
(Bhagavad Gita 5.23)

Sa yuktaḥ sa sukhī naraḥ - That person is very well integrated as a personality in the world.

Sa sukhī naraḥ - He is a most comfortable, happy and pleasant person. Who is that person?

Śaknotīhaiva yaḥ soḍhuṁ prāk-śarīra-vimokṣaṇāt - Before he is released from the body, before his body falls, he throws away his body, śaknotīhaiva yaḥ soḍhuṁ, whoever is able to forebear, dissolve before the fall of the body. So the pursuit is very clear. It has to be right here and now and the goal has to be achieved before the fall of the body. Is it possible? Yes. What is that?

Kāma-krodhodbhavaṁ vegaṁ  - He has to forebear, dissolve kāma-krodhodbhavaṁ vegaṁ, the urge caused by kāma and krodha. Kāma means desire and passion, krodha means intolerance and hatred. These are the two elements which are produced by the mind and perpetuated by the mind. You have to understand that you are under a trap and the trap is in the nature of kāma and krodha. The genesis of these is your own mind. Mind is within the body, closer to you than the body and the mind is guilty of creating kāma and krodha. They are two emotional urges which try to dominate and override you. Understand discreetly that this is the situation and always have your focus and effort in sublimating kāma and krodha. They will be produced by the mind but as they are produced by the mind, you have the consciousness, the awareness, the will, the wish not to indulge in them, promote them, encourage them, reinforce them, but on the other hand to make them weaker and weaker, lesser and lesser, lighter and lighter, thinner and thinner. If you recognize that you are on the path of thinning them down, automatically there will come a time when they become practically extinct or at least they don’t ruffle you or destabilize.

Now, what is the source of discomfort? Kāma and Krodha. Where is the genesis of kāma-krodha? In your mind. And what should be done? Using your intelligence and will, understand the crisis and then sublimate. How simple and how precise at the same time how complete is the whole pursuit called sādhana! Just see!

śaknotīhaiva yaḥ soḍhuṁ prāk-śarīra-vimokṣaṇāt
kāma-krodhodbhavaṁ vegaṁ sa yuktaḥ sa sukhī naraḥ

That person whoever he is, he becomes inwardly integrated. His senses, his mouth, tongue, his mind, his intelligence, his ego, all become well-knit so that there is no misbehavior or indulgence, wrong indulgence from any one of them in any of the levels. What a beautiful harmony, integration and wholesomeness is this!

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

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