"Self-realization is meant to ensure fulfilment for one’s own self. It is not reaching somewhere or getting at something external, like going to the peak of a mountain. The attainment is in dissolving the mind and intelligence, and getting into the very core of oneself. In other words, it is like multiplying everything with zero."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

I was wondering what I shall talk to you today. So, Mā told me that, “Will you talk something about recitational culture?” Yes, I can talk.

See, I am a person of śloka. Śloka means verses. The word 'śloka' in Sanskrit means that which removes śoka. Śoka means grief. That which removes śoka is called śloka - verse. So, every verse has got the magic effect of delighting the mind, removing the grief, agitation and all negative traits. You start chanting a śloka with your full mind and heart, listening to the words and verifying whether the pronunciation is correct and if possible trying to associate the meaning of every word. Before uttering the next word, the meaning of the word which you utter should be associated with the intelligence. So, uttering - that needs memory, listening to - which means attention, then verifying it whether the pronunciation is correct -another part of the intelligence, then bringing the intelligence to associate the meaning with the utterance. If all these four items are combined, you will get simply exhilaration. It is a fourfold application.

We have got ślokas covering the entire world and human life. There are Sanskrit compositions in which the world is described in a very lofty manner, in a manner that people normally will not think about. The role of poetry and poets is always to elevate the mind of man to a level which normally the humans will not reach. He will take a simple sight and instill into it a kind of a vision which is very lofty, great and elevating. That is the role of poetry. Unless the poet has got this insight and loftiness, poetry cannot be immortal.

So, we have got poems analyzing the world, analyzing human life, analyzing the human personality, exposing into the different facets of life. Poetic lines can be remembered, can be drilled into the brain and the brain can remember it forever. Suppose we have loss of memory, the first memory to lose is the immediate memory. The second memory to lose is the intermediate short-term memory and the old memory will still continue. So, you can imagine how sensitive the brain is to receive an idea and to remember it. So, the recitation of ślokas can bring about development of your personality, enlightenment and exposure about the world and a variety and a number of qualities which will enrich and empower the mind. Poetry will be remembered. So, it is a great exercise and booster to the brain and memory.

I would like a very widespread internet program whereby we are going to tell the world, please remember, the possibility for dementia is there for everybody. The entire dementia will be safeguarded against, provided you learn poems and remember them and recite them periodically, frequently. I would like to select initially twenty five verses, the second stage - fifty one, the third stage - 108 verses. We will offer them in a package, I, II, III, first, second and third. By reciting these poems you will find, you will always have a stock of material with you which will refresh, regenerate, which will enlighten you, elevate you, expand you, empower you. And after all, to learn 25 verses letter after letter, word after word, meaning after meaning, it should not become a problem. It is a course, a package that we are offering. When the idea of dementia and to safeguard against it is presented, everybody will be interested also. We have got internet facilities here and through the facilities, we should expose the entire world to this offer. We can develop a special DVD or MP3 or CD or anything like that by virtue of which this lesson can be given.

Another important learning will be Vishṇu Sahasranāma Vishṇu Sahasranāma when properly analyzed and divided you will find, it contains such words and concepts which will cover all the fundamental and ultimate needs of human life. If you want prosperity, there are some special verses in Vishṇu Sahasranāma which will ensure prosperity. If you want to have victory in what you do, that is also there. If you want to become flexible and assimilative, such words are there. If you want to generate and derive will and wish, ātma-bala; that is also there. If you want to have a good married life, words are there, concepts are there. Having good children, becoming good parents, becoming a neta if you want, leader. So, Vishṇu Sahasranāma is a psycho-intellectual feast and treat by virtue of which the psycho-intellectual personality of the human is reinforced, enriched, empowered, enlightened and fulfilled.

Now, for anybody to understand the meaning of something like 25, 50 or 100 verses should not become a problem. We undergo research programs, Engineering programs, MPhil programs, PhD programs, MBA programs. So many things we are having. During our Vishṇu Sahasranāma campaigns one or two years back, we got some noted personalities like Sridharan Ji, our Krishnamurthy, ex-chief Election Commissioner; they were openly saying, “In my life, for my professional success especially facing different types of crisis and conflicts, actually Vishṇu Sahasranāma was the main stay.” they said. So, don’t think that Vishṇu Sahasranāma is only meant for liberation. That is the last thing, it will prepare you for liberation. But we have to get temporary and transitory liberations from little, little things. Whenever there is a problem, the mind will bring a poetic line which will offer a solution.

Now I have no time, I want to stop. I will take it up tomorrow or the day after, remind me. One line,

लोकहानौ चिन्ता न कार्या
Loka hanau chinta na karya
(Narada Bhakti Sutra 61)

Don’t worry about what happens to the world in the name of Bhakti.


द्विषन्ति मन्दाश्चरितं महात्मनाम् ।।
dviśanti mandāshcharitam mahātmanām || 
(Kumarasambhavam 5.75)

High souled people, they have got an unusual way of life. This will not be understood by people in general and they go on blaming it, says Kalidasa.

एको हि दोषो गुणसन्निपाते निमज्जतीन्दोः किरणेष्वविङ्कः ।।
eko hi doṣo guṇasannipāte nimajjatīndoh kiraṇeṣvivāṅkah ||
(Kumarasambhavam 1.3)

A man of greatness may have one quality which is bad. He says, it is just like the shadow of earth reflected in the moon. In the brilliance of the moon, the shadow is subdued. Like that. Like that you will find beautiful insights are there. These things will constantly be present in you whenever you want and whenever you need, provided you learn them, recite them and make them your inner treasure. Like any other attempt, any other acquisition, this also can be acquired. Give me something like three months, I will make you a master of at least 25, 50 if necessary 100 verses, and you will become a towering personality.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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