"Self-realization is meant to ensure fulfilment for one’s own self. It is not reaching somewhere or getting at something external, like going to the peak of a mountain. The attainment is in dissolving the mind and intelligence, and getting into the very core of oneself. In other words, it is like multiplying everything with zero."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

I am keeping this Malaysian medical student in mind. See, you have come here to understand and know the mind. Mind is not a material product nor is it something energial whereas the entire world is consisting of matter and energy only. Whenever we refer to a person, we refer to a person when he is born in this world with a body. So, the body is the normal identity of a person to which we refer. This body, even before birth, after birth till death, it is nothing but matter and energy as the world and the world condensed are. But the matter-energy aggregate called the body is inert, insentient. So, it cannot function at all by itself. The word ‘inert’ means, ‘insentient’ means that which lacks any kind of an animation, consciousness or sentience.

The difference between living being and non-living being is that, the non-living entities do not have the power or the process to react to external stimuli, to do anything independently. If you keep a ball of earth, it will just remain there. Suppose there is a living organism, it can move, it can sense. So, the difference between a living and non-living entity is very clear. Our body belongs to this insentient matter-energy aggregate.

So, because of the body we cannot live. The body has to be animated and activated. The power represents that animates and activates the body is called life or consciousness as we call it. It is not the medical consciousness. Consciousness is a presence indefinable because it is not matter and energy. So we have no words to express it, define it. So, it is something by which you become conscious of other things as well as of yourselves. I know “I am”. I know I have a body. I am living in an Ashram. So many of you are seated before me. I am talking. You are hearing. All these are awareness which I am able to have, all by myself. In this awareness, there are other things different from me and I myself. If I am not there, I cannot know anything else.

So, consciousness is that which makes you conscious of other things as well as yourself. Even when you sleep and you get up, you say, “I slept”. Though in your sleep, you were not conscious of your body, of your mind, of your intelligence, of your ego, of the world, nevertheless you know, “I slept”. So it is a consciousness about oneself. This consciousness expresses itself as the mind, intelligence and ego.

Just take the mind. Everything that we feel, sense, it is because of the mind. In spirituality, we say,

मनो हि द्विविधं प्रोक्तं शुद्धं चाशुद्धमेव च ।
Mano hi dvividham Proktam śuddham ca-aśuddham-eva cha.
(Amritabindu Upanishad 1)


The mind is of two kinds. One is the pure mind and the other is the impure mind.

अशुद्धं कामसङ्कल्पं 
Aśuddham kāmasaṅkalpam

What we call impure mind or impurity of the mind is desire and various kinds of imagination and assessment. As long as the mind goes on desiring, becoming ambitious of, as a result of which so many other counter-emotions also take place, that is called the impurity of the mind.

Then what is purity?

शुद्धं कामविवर्जितम्
Śuddham kāma-vivarjitam

Purity is then when the mind becomes free of desire. So, the desire is the ingredient which makes the mind pure or impure. Our spirituality is trying to develop the mind in such a manner that it is capable of assimilating all kinds of inputs and impacts coming from the world through the senses throughout the wakeful hours.

When you wake up, your eyes open. You begin to see, maybe the roof first, the walls next, the floor still next, you go to the toilet, the water, closet, the wash basin etc. So, whenever the senses interact with the world, there are a number of resultant impacts or inputs. The mind must be able to assimilate all kinds of inputs. Never say, “This is too much. I cannot bear. Oh! Why did God do this to me? Oh, it is impossible! It is easy to say one should assimilate. Only when it occurs to somebody he will know. Oh! A loss, I cannot reconcile with.” This is what generally people say. And they are referring to things which have already taken place. Once an event or an episode takes place, where is the alternate then? You simply have to reconcile with it. So, the readiness and a resolve to assimilate all kinds of inputs from the world.

My dear boy, there is something very special here. You are likely to miss it. We are not going to assimilate any kind of material things from the world. Our assimilation is always the impacts the mind feels or creates towards the sensory interactions and their outcome. Suppose, somebody scolds you. He is scolding using his mouth and words. They strike your eardrum and you feel unpleasant and pained. So, are you to assimilate his words as sound vibrations? They have disappeared. You are only to assimilate your impact of whatever has been heard. Suppose, somebody very close and very dear to one dies. So, he sees the dead body. He calls him dead. Is he going to assimilate the dead body? No. It is taken and cremated. Then, what is this assimilation about? The impact of the event of death. Dead body is not to be assimilated. The shirt or the dress is not, the cot or the bed is not. You are only to assimilate your own mind’s response to the event.

So, the mind is always to assimilate its own reactions and responses, something like sea assimilating all the waves which are water arising from the sea water itself. The sea water can always assimilate its own wave because the wave is occurring in the sea, the wave has no existence besides the sea. Here also, any impact of the mind is produced by the mind and it is subsisting on the mind, just like the waves are assimilated by the sea, your mind can assimilate the impacts. People don’t know. It is a mystery. They don’t know that this is something that can be done. So, they never go into what is the impact of any occurrence or event in life. Occurrences may be physical in character but the impacts are always inner and mental. So, the mind has got ample potential to assimilate anything that the mind produces. When something is assimilated, automatically enrichment will result. Like food when assimilated becomes nourishing blood, energetic blood, so the mind also becomes enriched.

So, spirituality is trying to cultivate in a very simple manner, brief manner, the habit of assimilating whatever takes place in the way of sensory impacts, it also tries to generate whatever output is necessary to perform your task, to achieve your goal. If it is to study - study, if it is to do a performance, yes that. If it is an invention, yes, treatment of patients, okay. First of all, it is assimilating the inputs and impacts. Secondly, it is generating the necessary outputs to do whatever you want. The entire spirituality can be summarized in these two qualities - powers and potentials. Describe them in any manner you like. It is a very simple process.

At no time will you be able to say or will you say, “No, It is too much. I cannot assimilate it. No, it is too much, I cannot do it.” Everybody in this world has had only two hands, one head, two eyes, two legs and they have achieved great things. They did not have a third hand. So, the same personality you also have. The body completes its growth at the age of twenty one. It cannot grow further. So, the growth and enrichment are not of the body. They are of the mind and the intelligence and this enrichment can go on. Sky is the limit and the last breath is the final moment. This is spirituality. Assimilating whatever impacts takes place from the world through interactions, generating whatever outputs are necessary to be interactive in this world and by a process of mento-intellectual exercise including contemplation and meditation, primarily introspection, this inner ability can be enhanced to any extent you want.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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