"Devotion is a means as well as its true end when it grows into a full treasure. When devotion becomes a treasure, you will need nothing more for inner fullness or affluence. As devotion grows, it will begin to free you of all desire, hatred and fear. It will relieve poverty, either by making you amply resourceful or by taking away from you the very feeling of poverty. Devotion also will remove your weakness, generating untold strength and confidence."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

I was speaking about how of all the different levels of human activity, the one done in the level of intelligence is the best, highest and most effective. It is for this reason, that many people are not able to take up spirituality and pursue it well to a fulfillment. People remain gross for most of the time and most people do so. They believe only in the body and they believe in physical activity. Poor people do not know that all activities are caused by resting upon and also concluding inside, in the mind. Getting to the mind somehow eludes and eludes everybody. This situation should change. We call it vichāra, vichāra particularly tattva vichāra. Whatever is done with the intelligence is called introspection. I would like to describe it in English as truthful introspection. This tattva vichāra really marks the true nature of the spiritual saadhana. Tattva vichāra is a process where you make use of your intelligence, live in your own inside and start introspecting over enquiring, evaluating, investigating, assessing, determining, concluding in the intelligence level. In fact it is the intelligence that makes any human, the best and the most rewarded in this world.

I say very definitely, that the world is ruled by money and intelligence. Money cannot make intelligence but intelligence can make money. I have also added, when we were having a two day summit of FRNV, I said “We don’t have money but we have intelligence; we don’t want to rule but we would like the rule to be proper and ethical, and we will use our intelligence for the purpose.” I think this is a very, very important statement and evaluation. It is the same vichara process that makes a man a good performer, a manager, a general manager, a managing director, a corporate official, an administrator, a good minister, a very good president, a very good teacher, a very good academician, then a research man, everywhere it is the intelligence that counts, counts, counts. Our IITs are considered to be world famous only because of the intellectual level of teaching as well as learning that distinguishes these institutions from the rest. It is the same intelligence that has to be employed here.

Now what is the application if you ask me, you have to get inside your personality. Understand that there is something called a plane or level of the mind, a level of the intelligence. The intelligence is the mind in its refined form. Mind only thinks, feels and memorizes but intelligence takes up the quest for knowledge, search, research, evaluation and what not. Only when some knowledge becomes an objective, intelligence comes to play. We are sending our children to the schools and colleges only to develop their intelligence. The mind part alas, is not touched there. That is why we have so many disharmonies and problems now. Now, how to employ the intelligence? By taking up vichāra. The vichāra can be about the world as I said, about God, and about oneself. Today I thought I would tell you there is something still distinct about vichāra. When you enter within your body, what is the process which is going on? The entire process is subjective and inner. It has nothing to do with the objects of the world. You don’t even interact with your body. Sit in a place and start thinking. Thinking is a process that takes place subjectively in the sphere of the mind. Intellection also is taking place in the level of the intelligence.

Ultimately within your body, what all things are there, listen to me carefully. We have, we have, we have thoughts giving rise to emotions. These thoughts are a product and an outcome. Outcome of what? A process called thinking. Generally we encounter thoughts, get thoughts and act upon them. You never worry about what this thought is, but I am telling you that it is an outcome, a net outcome, just like goods produced in a factory, thoughts are goods produced in the inside, in our inner factory. Any factory product comes out of a process. So, thought also results from a process. That is called the thinking process and in order to have the thinking process, you must have some workers, managers and others in a factory to give effect to that process. Here also we must have a thinker who takes up the thinking and pursues it, producing thoughts. So, how many are there? Thought - an outcome, thinking - the process which results in the outcome and thinker - the cause and the karta, the performer of the act of thinking. Then in a factory there must be raw material which undergoes different processes and becomes the finished product. So there is a raw material and that is the thinking substance. Now employ your vichāra, employ your vichāra to understand all these factors distinctly. You cannot seek the help of another. There cannot be a torch, a telescope or a microscope. Nothing is required. Only your own mind and intelligence are the tools which will help you, particularly your intelligence.

Now you should do introspection to find out when and how a thought results and what is the thinking process preceding it, who is the thinker which gives rise to and what is the material, the raw material by which the whole process goes on? Normally a thought comes and you follow it in the form of an action, inner or outer, in the form of articulation or physical action and interaction. Here you are not supposed to do any physical activity or interaction. You have simply to remain within you. If you say that, “Swamiji, I am not able to do it, better put a notice board on your chest ‘I am a fool’.” There is no alternative. Everyone in this world is what his mind and thought processes are, nothing else. Your body has completed its growth at the age of 21. If there is anything called character, behavior, action, interaction, it is only by virtue of your mind and intelligence. So, don’t say you cannot go into them. You alone can access your inside, nobody else, nobody else, nobody else.

So, spend the time doing introspection and when you start doing this introspection as a result of which, you become focused in the process there will come a time when the thoughts cease because the thinking process is not there. When the thought and the thinking process are not there, the thinker who is relative to these two also becomes non-existent and redundant. So, the thinker vanishes. When the thinker, the thinking and thought, all of them are no more there, there is no necessity to have the thinking substance also. Now what is the result? All the four disappear. A moment back, all the four were there, now they have disappeared. Naturally you are in their very source. Now the foolish seekers say – “Swamiji…, Swamiji...”


“I reached a state of blank.”

You know, I become so disheartened to hear this from the intelligent people. How can you say it is blank? When all the four bhūtas disappear from the sky, can you say it is a blank? This is the foolish appraisement.

All the four bhūtas have disappeared. Now I am looking at the very source of these things. Oh, these four bhūtas visible and powerful, they have come from seemingly a kind of a transparence, a kind of a nothingness. This nothingness is the source of all things in this world. Oh, I have reached the source of the thinking process, the thinker, the thinking substance and the thought. When you reach the source, that source is the source of the whole universe. Whatever you felt was the ‘I’ limited by the body, now transcends the body and it becomes endless in its dimension like the sky. The earth is limited, air is limited, water is limited, energy is limited, but the sky is unlimited. Why don’t you think about the qualities of the sky? It is not a nothing. It is the magnitude that is called infinite and the endless. In the same manner, you reach the source. And once you reach the source, understand you have transcended the mind, transcended the intelligence, transcended the ego. All these take place only because of truthful introspection.

कोऽहं कथमिदं जातं को वै कर्ताऽस्य विद्यते ।
उपादानं किमस्तीह विचारः सोऽयमीदृशः ।।
- अपरोक्षानुभूतिः – १२
Ko’ham kathamidam jātam ko vai kartā’sya vidyate.
Upādānam kimastīha vicāraḥ so’yamīdṛśaḥ.
- Aparōkṣānubhūtiḥ 12

I am sure that when I get up, if you are able to talk to me you would say, “Swamiji, too abstract. We could not understand.” What is abstract here? You don’t know that there is a thought? Then who else feels and who else thinks. You alone think and you feel the thought. You feel the thinking. You feel the thinker. You also deal with the thinking process. How dare you say, I don’t know? Then what else do you know in this world? You know nothing but your thoughts and feelings. Your body is a feeling. Your house is a feeling. Your wife and husband are feeling. Everything is a feeling. Your house, your money, everything is a feeling. These feelings are inside your body and how dare you say it is abstract? It is more concrete than the objects of the world, more concrete. When you are able to get into your inside and then get more and more familiar with your inner substances like the mind, intelligence and their functions, you become a seeker, set for getting liberation and the last crowning wisdom. Understand this well.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

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