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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

Today is a holiday for all of you but not for me and the others here. We are perhaps counter busy also. I thought of mentioning to you some important points. Today A. has not come? This boy is a wonderful boy. What is this? So many days have been given and he should regularize his routines. Why is he not able to do it? He should understand that it is a great failure that he is not able to conform to a certain routine whenever he comes to a place. Anywhere he goes he will have to conform to a discipline and a routine.

I am wondering whether you are taking stock of the situation in the ashram so far as your course is concerned. Also what kind of an impact it has had on you. How do you evaluate it? Are you able to clearly assess, understand, and appraise what we are discussing, why we are discussing and what place and importance does it have in your life? The one point that I would like to emphasize is that your mind is the fulcrum of your life. Everything proceeds from the mind, comes back to the mind. Our whole body which is a biological viable aggregate, it is only to host the mind. But mind you, the body itself is made by the mind. It is just like our making a house and the house hosting us. We ourselves made the house but the house hosted us. So far as the mind is concerned, it is almost parallel.

When the mind came to be, the mind was already different from matter and energy but the source from which mind, matter & energy came, that was one. That source divided itself into the cognitional faculty called the mind on the one hand, and the media to be used for the cognition, namely, matter and energy, on the other. Because this division was made, mind started using matter and energy for it’s function, formed the body. But in reality you should understand the mind is not within the body; if at all the body is within the mind, because the mind’s measure and magnitude are far greater than the body perimeter.

When I say the mind is greater than the body, what do I mean? If at all mind is a substance, it is not a substance comparable with the physical and chemical things we know of. The mind is consciousness. As consciousness, it has got infinite magnitude. That is why we are able to perceive through the senses and then take into our body all the things that we are seeing – a mountain, a lot of distance, a lot of variety, the sun, the moon, the endless space, all these are personalised, mentalised and experienced by us. What is the proof that there is an expanse before me? Because that expanse is felt and experienced by the mind. If the mind were something small, it would not have been able to contain all the magnitude that the senses try to picture. That is why I say the mind is far greater.

So far as the ability of the mind and the skill of the mind is concerned, it is limitless. Just like the space is not comparable with the other four elements, the mind is not comparable with any product of matter or energy. Now this mind is to focus. Though the mind has got a great dimension, there are some functioning notes of the mind through which alone we will be able to conduct anything. What are we conducting? We are conducting actions and interactions with the help of the body and the senses, and these senses themselves take the help of panchabhutas. But mind has got independent work. What is that? Thoughts, imaginations, feelings, emotions, enquiry, knowledge etc. So the mind has got independent activity and dependent activity. In the dependent activities, it employs the body and bodily parts; in the independent activity it does all by itself. In that functional level, interactional level, we must have some qualities, virtues, or excellences. So, in spiritual imparting we cannot neglect these qualities.

Now one quality I was discussing about our A. He is almost failing as an individual. In what? Only in not being able to conform to a discipline. Discipline where? For his own body. We don’t want any discipline. He has to discipline his own body and his own mind etc. Suppose you are indisciplined, will you be able to function in this world? How much you are able to converge that will determine the effectiveness. See you take a convex lens, hold it before the sun rays. The rays will converge and then you can burn a dry leaf. It will start creating fire. So the effectiveness of any human individual is how much he is able to converge the scattered energy, diffused energy that he has. So a discipline is necessary. These disciplines are indicated by the term purity, moderation, refinement, expansion, elevation, enlightenment. All these are necessary for the mind.

So, our course, though we are discussing a subject like Bhagavad Gita, a subject like Kathopanishad and allied texts, understand that we are interacting with your mind. Every word is falling on your mind and this word representing an idea, the idea gets assimilated into your mind. If a mind starts assimilating ideas in a large measure, the whole structure of the mind will change. As I say, 5 litres of water if you go on pouring milk over and over again drop by drop or any minor stream, after some time the water will disappear and milk alone will be there. The same thing can happen to the mind also. So our interaction is with your mind and in order to make the mind expand and be refined, we are trying to provide some ideas and to facilitate the communication we are taking time, place, personalities and events. Now, these are only pillars on which the articulation and communication are resting. But the communicating individual is a mind and the receiving individuals are again the mind. So, it is an interaction between we and you, not body and body, but intelligence and intelligence, mind and mind. The effect is going to be on the mind. What is the effect? “Oh is it so? Is it so?” Arjuna was in a distress and the distress was set right in a matter of two hours. Can such a distress be dealt with effectively? Yes, every time it has to be dealt with. Mind’s distress will not respond unless the intelligence is activated and then the mind starts “Oh! Whatever I experience I cannot simply be victimized by it. It is subject to examination and evaluation. Here I do it.” When the evaluational process starts automatically the emotional process subsides.

So, from the emotional level, every one of you will have to elevate yourself to the intelligence level. The intelligence alone has the potential to know, to search, to see, to find, to discover, to invent. Here, particularly in spiritual life, the intelligence is constantly acting upon the mind, to see that emotions are favourable and not unfavourable, to see that undesirable elements, psychological elements are removed and desirable psychological elements are incorporated. The whole life is a twin process of including and excluding; including desirable elements and excluding undesirable elements. You may have some elements which you have never examined at all. Some of you may be irritable, some of you may be fault finders. Some of you may not appreciate others.

Ma has been chanting a particular verse. I hope she has been chanting it. Whenever you see a quality in another, that quality you should magnify to such an extent that you will almost fall in love with that quality. When there is a defect, minimize it; make it a mustard so that you will not be affected. So, fault finding is one, lack of appreciation is another. Collectivity is an important point – mutuality. Let us try to help each other and not find fault with each other. We are moving in an assorted society. Many different types of people will be there. You should be ruffled by none. You should be able to appreciate abundantly. Otherwise you will lose your peace. One individual in the society is bad and he is going to rob you of your peace, then what is this? So, our mind is inaccessible to others. It should not be penetrated unnecessarily by any event. You must be able to be all-assimilating. The power and potential for the mind to assimilate are abundantly there.

Most of you do not know the mind has got the power of assimilation. We want to tell you that your mind is capable of assimilating any kind of an impact from the world. Mind you! The mind will dissolve only mental impacts and these impacts are made by the mind, not by any object. I see an object, I feel attracted to it. Is the attraction the objects or you are getting attracted? Every impact of the mind is created by the mind. Mind is the author of the impacts. If it can create an impact, it can also dissolve it. Even tsunami is generated by the sea and the same sea assimilates tsunami also. Where else will the water go? It has to come back to the sea. Similarly, the entire world is forging its impact, not by itself. Mind is impacting itself on account of the world. This world again is seen by the mind. Mind alone sees the world. Mind alone forges an imprint on it and mind alone is feeling the impact. So, everything is the mind and this mind is the sole focus of spiritual wisdom, spiritual search and spiritual examination.

Actually here, A. is facing a crisis in his own mind. He has got a system, a pattern, a method. It is all right when he lives somewhere alone but when he comes to a place like this, which he has optionally come, I am very sorry that poor boy is failing miserably in dealing with his own mind and the impact it creates. None of us is there. He alone is there. Now this kind of a slavery in front of our mind is not acceptable. Of course everybody is a slave, we agree, I agree. But the slavery should be lesser and lesser. Physically we have grown. We have become an adult. Mentally we are still growing and the growth should be encouraged. Development should be encouraged and what is the development? The ability and the readiness to assimilate any kind of an impact whenever you want and the ability and the readiness to generate any kind of an output and inspiration and tenacity whenever you want to do any job. So, to assimilate all impacts from the world and to generate all necessary outputs from the mind, these are the only two abilities you need to live in this world successfully. Think about it. I would like you to represent this properly by a note.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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