“The paths leading man to god or Truth are said to be many. I will speak only of the shortest. It is to recognize God as the Self in you and then to find Him out. What is the distance then between you and God, between you and yourself? Ah, there is no distance at all, a full Zero! Yet, how dare you say to find God and Truth is hard?’’ 

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Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha


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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru. 

I don’t know whether you know that I have no job other than thinking usefully. I do think. And what is the subject I am thinking about? I am thinking about the Supreme Reality which is in the nature of supreme intelligence. In other words, it is called the Brahman, the Ultimate Reality by the Upanishads. It is also called the Self, the Atma, by the same Upanishads. Religiously, it is called God. This world is no other than God’s, Brahman’s and Atma’s visible manifestation. So I feel I have nothing to think about except God, Brahman and Atma, whose manifestation is the world.

Everybody will say that the world is God or Godly. But even then, they are missing God though they live in the world. If we accept that world is Godly, living in this world is actually living in Godliness. That they are not able to accept or realize. This is the treachery, the loss, the travesty of human life and mind. So I am always wondering, without undergoing so much of time and trouble which I had perhaps undergone, if I can say so, I would like the seekers of truth around me to arrive at the goal of life, the realization of truth. This can be done if they are properly told about it. So my thinking has always been with a view to tell them, the easy way, the shorter way, the nicer way, the shortcut way. This is where I focus my thinking.

In the thought, what I found was that we are not giving the mind its importance. We don’t understand the mind properly. Mind itself is God. The purity of the mind itself is God. The impurity of the mind is what the human is. So from the human level, if you have to go or rise to the divine level, the impurity of the mind has to be shed and the mind has to become pure. For that, I would like you to think in this manner. Our body is a very limited body. Its height is very moderate, very short, its weight and circumference also. Now, within this body there is a mind. The moment you say ‘mind’, it is above and beyond matter and energy. And the entire world is matter-energy. You cannot think of a product or existence besides matter and energy because our senses perceive only matter and energy. But being familiar with the visible world, you have to arrive at the invisible mind, the source. So I try to give you three or four words.

Try to reflect upon and understand the measure of the mind. Is it something like the body, about 6.5 feet long, one and a half feet wide and may be nine inches in radius? Try to understand the measure of the mind. It is not at all like any one of these. If at all, it is resembling something like the space all around, which is endless, so the measure.

You also try to understand the magnitude of the mind. Measure is one and magnitude is another. With such a measure and such a magnitude, how much should be the potential of the mind? With that potential, what are the possibilities the mind holds before us? You always complain about the mind becoming aggrieved, afflicted, stressed, tormented, tensioned, tense. Now this is what the mind creates. Can the mind create only these or the mind has got potential and possibility to un-create these things and give you something instead? This is the one point I want you to think about repeatedly.

Understand the measure and magnitude of the mind, the potential it has and the possibility it holds before us. The very fact that the mind produces millions, trillions, quadrillions of thoughts clearly proves that it has got infinite resources within it. This mind can, not merely cause thought, it can also make all the thoughts extinct. If all the objects in the universe were to be completely removed or dissolved, what will be left aside? What we now call space will be left aside. Will you be able to identify it because there is no comparison or contrast? It will be very difficult. Now think about this. When the mind is completely free of all thoughts, nothing arises there. Yet it is there. How will it look like? The external space is inert. But the internal spacial mind is sentient. This is the only difference.

Now you must be able to reflect upon and grasp the measure, magnitude, potential and possibility of the mind. I think by doing so, your whole spiritual quest will become simpler, easier, short-ranged and more productive and surely fulfilling.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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