"Self-realization is meant to ensure fulfilment for one’s own self. It is not reaching somewhere or getting at something external, like going to the peak of a mountain. The attainment is in dissolving the mind and intelligence, and getting into the very core of oneself. In other words, it is like multiplying everything with zero."

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Remain silent in yourself, feel the presence of the mind, hail the presence of the mind and realize that no function of the mind affects the mind itself. You are the supreme mind, the soul. You are the supreme mind, the Godly presence. This is not affected and which cannot be undone.  Realize this unaffected nature of the mind and remain unaffected, unaffected, unaffected. The entire sadhana is to gain this wonderful position of enlightenment, stability, and steadiness.

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru. 

I wonder whether you will listen to me with all the attention it deserves and absorb what I am going to say. This is a subject I have been emphasizing for many, many years but I wonder whether or how many have absorbed the message and made use of it.  If they absorbed the message, it will be a startling revelation which will also have a startling effect in your personality, life and interactions. Whatever you may say in the way of explanation or otherwise, we are only concerned about our mind and what the mind does.  The entire spirituality as well as religion is no other than a subject and pursuit which constantly address themselves, which constantly addresses the mind.  But this is a point that people are failing to grasp. If you are addressing the mind, should you not know what the mind is? Always you are complaining about mind, mind, mind, its emotions, its resistance, its conflict, its grief, its agitation.

So, every trouble that you are experiencing and also every desire that you have, all of them are created by the mind. If mind is thus the cause of every effect that you are trying to deal with, should you not try to understand this mind as an entity?

We have our senses to recognize, perceive and understand existence.  The entire world is revealed before the senses.  As we have five senses, the world is revealed five-fold. There is no existence besides these five panchabhutas anywhere in the whole creation. We don’t have an instrument or a means to understand anything else. So, the whole existence and world as far as we are concerned are sensory objects, panchabhutas. The mind is not included in this.  It is something different. Not only that, the mind is associated with the body, working inward to you. So, the senses will not be able to perceive the mind. But nevertheless, we know there is the mind, there are thoughts, there are emotions and other productions of the mind.

What is this mind? Why don’t you understand the presence of the mind?  It is within the body and in the body we have even space, ‘Akasa’. The mind which is present within the body which contains Akasa is and should be subtler than the Akasa. If it is more sookshma than the Akasa, what do you think of it?  Can any effect be produced in the mind? Even if a nuclear explosion is there, can it affect the space?  So many planets, celestial bodies are within the womb of space.  None of them by its activity or otherwise is affecting the space. The mind which is subtler than space, can it be affected?  You have to arrive at the answer “No”.  So, when the mind thinks, “Is there any affectation?”  “No.”  You should have the brilliance of the mind’s working but not the heat and scorching effect of the mind.

The mind within, produces thoughts and emotions. When they are produced, the mind does not get swollen nor does it change and get lost. It produces thoughts and emotions just like the space has produced the other four bhutas and keeps them within space, the mind’s productions are not a physical or a material gross addition. Any production of the mind is not a physical gross addition, then what is it?  Maximum it can be notional. Everything that the mind does is notional, notional, notional. Suppose I have hundred thoughts, do you think my bulk increases by having hundred thoughts? ‘No’ is the answer.

I am giving deeksha to people. In the Brahmavidya Deeksha, when I sit with them I say, at least one of the 3 days I say “Don’t say that ‘I have agitation’.”  Agitation caused by whom? By the mind. Where? In the mind itself.  Is not the mind subtler than space so much so, can there be a cyclone there?  Can there be a rain there?  Can there be a fire there?  When you see the huge fire, you are seeing it at a distance through the eyes, does the mind get hot? Does it blaze forth? When you see an elephant, does the mind become an elephant and does your body burst because the elephant is within you? My dear children, why don’t you spend a little time thinking about it?  It is a great revelation.

Whenever the mind produces a thought, let it produce. Let it give you the information and knowledge, that’s all. Along with that, no other effect.  When you see a dead body, do you become dead? When you see a new born child, do you become born?  If you are deaf, can you hear sound?  All sounds are up to the eardrum.  Why don’t you basically understand this?

You are all struggling for something which is impossible. “I want to reach a stage where I can switch off my mind.” Then, who will live for you? The mind has to be concerned, activate the senses, it has to give you timely memory, priorities etc. If the mind is switched off, what will happen in this world? We are asleep for a few hours. Nothing we do. Luckily, we get up and become wakeful, then only we do. So, we want the mind to do whatever it does, but understand that no thought is a physical addition and it has not produced a physical effect. Mind is not physical. How can it produce a physical substance then? If at all the initiated people sit for meditation, what they should do is, just see by thinking, by chanting your mantra, is there any addition? Is there any change?  No, the mind remains the same. Think, the mind does not change. Feel, the mind does not change.  The feeling comes and it subsides. The thought comes and it subsides.  By any extent of mind’s productions, the mind substance is not affected.  Why don’t you try to understand the presence called the mind?  It is far subtler than space. It is sentient space, you can say.

So, what you have to do is to sit and observe the mind and understand that any kind of a mental activity does not bring about a structural change in the mind. The mind presence continues to be the same and that is how you are able to live , move and act. Understanding this, you can take to your mantra or even ‘Om’ or anything.

By humming, what happens to the mind? By humming nothing happens. Even by distinct sounds nothing will happen. The presence called the mind is such that any of its productions are not external and gross.  They are simply notional and inner.  All the thoughts you have had throughout your life have not changed the structure of your mind. The mind substance remains the same. What a wonderful state it will be if you can feel the unchanging character of the mind!

The mind is functional. But no function changes the mind. Our leg, our feet walk in different directions, do many things, but the feet are not changed by any of these activities. You stand, you sit, you lie, you walk, you run, you turn this way and that way.  We have 200 or 300 poses which can be done by the body, but all these things do not change the structure or character of the body. Remain silent in yourself, feel the presence of the mind, hail the presence of the mind and realize that no function of the mind affects the mind itself. You are the supreme mind, the soul. You are the supreme mind, the Godly presence. This is not affected and which cannot be undone.  Realize this unaffected nature of the mind and remain unaffected, unaffected, unaffected. The entire sadhana is to gain this wonderful position of enlightenment, stability and steadiness. 

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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