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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

How to bring this point home to all of you? Either in the world or in the human world, whatever you call activity, interaction, and achievement; all these are traceable only to the mind and intelligence of the human individual. When are you going to arrive at this conclusion?

The alphabet for any language, invariably it has been evolved by one person. Kālidāsa is a legendary figure. He is not an imagination. We have got poems, great poems of Kālidāsa. When a written document is there we cannot doubt its author. So, whether there was anybody like Kālidāsa or not you cannot doubt because we have got his creations before us.

This Kālidāsa seems to have been a shepherd boy. He was such a fool that he climbed on a tree and was sitting on a branch away from the trunk and he was cutting the portion of the branch where he was sitting close to the trunk. What does it mean?

Generally you can sit on a branch and cut ahead of your seat. Now here, he is cutting towards the trunk and he is sitting away from the trunk. Can there be a more foolish person? It was this person that a set of pundits selected to be married to a proud princess. So you can imagine how miserable the life of the couple would have been.

From that situation, this Kālidāsa did some kind of an austerity or tapasya. What is this austerity? Any austerity ultimately is motivated by, conducted by, sustained by the mind. “I am going to do tapasya taking only one meal in a day.’ That “I am going to do tapasya , I am going to forego one meal a day”, it is a decision that is made by the mind. Now this will be implemented by not having food physically through the mouth and hand, that’s all. But even not taking food is not done by the mouth and the hand, it is done by the mind. So mind is the sole focus. So by doing tapasya, the same idiotic Kālidāsa, he became an astonishingly wise person to write monumental poetry, immortal poetry.

Just imagine, how this happened? Total ignorance was there in his mind and intelligence. In the same place, astonishing wisdom dawned. The transformation was to the mind and intelligence. Any discovery, any invention, any technological venture, success, everything is traceable to the mind and intelligence.

What will this mind and intelligence do? This also you have to understand. I would like you know. Pāṇini wanted to write a grammar. There were already grammar compositions in the country. He wanted to write a grammar excelling others and making it more complete covering even the Vedic language that was there from the timeless past or from the ageless past. He first of all did tapasya on Parama Shiva. Let the focus be Parama Shiva, Subramanya, Ganesha or anybody else. The point is that his mind and intelligence started getting heated up about the venture and he applied them, applied them, applied them with as much of concentric force as possible. Then whether Parama Shiva himself came with his damaru and played or not, he got some sounds from which he got the clue to the sutrās on the basis of which he composed the entire grammar.

You tell me very clearly, in the whole process, exercise, was there anything besides the mind and intelligence? You will say Lord Siva is there. Who is this Lord Shiva? He is there very much for you, you are not able pray to him and get the same result as Pāṇini had. Any God is already present, everywhere present. Then what is the difference? Our mind making use of this God by means of austerity or contemplation. That austerity or contemplation is an exercise, an expression of the mind. So the mind, mind, mind and its austere application is what counts. Will you understand this proposition very well?

For anything and everything, the focus is the mind, the substance is the mind, the means is the mind, the material is the mind. Mind, mind, mind!

Meera drank the glass of poison given by the mother-in-law. Her sincerity and devotional reliance on Lord Krishna were so much that she did not have any doubt about drinking it. Physically she drank and bio-physically the poison did not have its bio-chemical effect. Just imagine? The mind overcoming matter. The mental laws overcoming physical, chemical, bio-physical, biochemical, biological laws. Is it not an instance where the chemical effect of poison was not there in the physical body of Meera? And how did this happen? There was no doctor, there was no physician. It was her decision to drink it and after drinking, it did not have an effect. Where are you searching causes for magic?

So in our line whenever people take initiation, deeksha, Brahma Vidya deeksha, I give them deeksha, I had got it from my Gurudev. Ultimately it is in the form of a concept or a mantra or something, a formula which the mind has to cling to, preserve and invigorate. When you start chanting or revolving a thought in the mind, this is the greatest austerity that you can think of. First of all, understand that mind is everything. This mind is given to thinking and it thinks discursively, divergently, distractionally. When the sunrise is passed through a convex lens I believe they get converged and they can burn paper, dry leaves etc. That convergence is not there for the mind. Mind is infinitely vast. But the mind is not converging. But if you start chanting a mantra, it is not chanting the mantra. It is making the mind active and exert itself in a very, very, very unitary, concentric manner. Not even concentric, centric manner.

Suppose I give you a hammer, 250 grams and I ask you “Go on powdering this huge rock.” You will say “How it can it be?” Go on beating, beating, hitting at the same point, at the same point, at the same point. Then the rock will start powdering. It will be pulverized. If this is the effect of a hammer on a huge rock, how small is the hammer and what is the weight of the hammer? 250 grams. And you start hitting the rock. The rock will be countless number of times in size and weight of the hammer. Much more infinitely greater is the effect of the mind hammering, hammering, hammering, hammering, hammering...

How will the mind hammer? By virtue of a hammer it produces. And that is that mental formula. It goes on applying, applying, applying, applying, where? Itself. On itself! You cannot imagine the effect. It is far greater than an atomic explosion. People don’t understand it. Many people approach the subject with faith which they are not able to get also.

So I wanted to drive home to you the power of the mind, the exclusiveness of the mind in human life, in the world. The world will not change at all except in the presence and working of the mind. Other beings also there. They don’t have, they haven’t brought about anything called civilization. Civilization has been brought about only by the human mind and intelligence. Mind and intelligence are not different. Mind’s own elder brother, refined form is intelligence. Only in application, the two differ. Substance wise, mind and intelligence are the same. It is like running and jumping done by the same legs.

So I would like you to understand the presence of the mind, the role of the mind, the potential of the mind and how Kālidāsa became a Kālidāsa, Pāṇini wrote a grammar, Meera drank the poison and Sankara walked up and down the country meeting the scholars of the time, talking to them and establishing our Vedanta. Everywhere it is the resoluteness of the mind!

व्यवसायात्मिका बुद्धिरेकेह कुरुनन्दन ।
vyavasāyātmikā buddhir-ekeha kuru-nandana |
(Bhagavad Gita 2.41)

Buddhi, the resolute nature of the buddhi is the only factor to count in the whole of karma-yoga, says Krishna. Spend some time and think about what is this ‘vyavasāyātmikā buddhiḥ’? ‘Vyavasāyā’ means ‘niśchaya’, resolution. ‘Vyavasāyātmikā buddhi’ means buddhi given the quality of resoluteness, the resolute intelligence, resolute intelligence.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.