"Devotion is a means as well as its true end when it grows into a full treasure. When devotion becomes a treasure, you will need nothing more for inner fullness or affluence. As devotion grows, it will begin to free you of all desire, hatred and fear. It will relieve poverty, either by making you amply resourceful or by taking away from you the very feeling of poverty. Devotion also will remove your weakness, generating untold strength and confidence."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

See, keeping her instance in mind and what she told me and I had told her, I would like to emphasize one point. What we call spiritual wisdom is the only science and technology by virtue of which our mind, intelligence and ego are steadied, understood and harnessed more and more, more and more. Let us forget about self realization, God realization etc. Let them remain there.

Spirituality is a subject which deals with the spiritual factors or constituents. I am using two words – spiritual factors and constituents of the whole creation. Mark my words, again, in our personality. These spiritual factors and constituents I refer to are the only constituents in the whole creation spiritually. Can you imagine? I don’t think you will get the import. 

Sri Krishna in the seventh chapter of Bhagavad Gita goes on explaining what is creation, what is the human personality, what is meant by the interaction etc. Till then he was speaking about the soul. Now he starts entering into cosmology explaining the universe etc. and the first statement he makes is that “My prakṛti is eightfold. In the eight, five are pancabhūtās.” What are they? – The solid earth, the fluid water, the gaseous air and the energial fire, then the fifth is the ākāśa. These are the matter-energy constituents of creation wherever you go.

Yesterday I found a satellite of Saturn photographed on the newspaper and they say NASA has released information saying that this particular planet has got an ocean there. On some day in October, the satellite which is giving them picture, it is going to be 49 kilometers close to this planet.  And it will give better pictures which may perhaps confirm or deny what they have found now.

Why I mentioned it? Wherever you go, you will only find solid, fluid, gaseous, energial substances. The ground of all these – space. This is the external, gross, material part of creation. My dear seekers, there is nothing more, only these five. Then these are inert and insentient. So they cannot have much of, what shall I say, creativeness, imagination etc. They have to come from some other factors. What are they - mind, intelligence and ego.

So what importance and place the pancabhūtās have in the world, even more important are the three items. What are they – mind, intelligence and ego. When you refer to them, be very sure that these three are within the human body alone. They are in no other place available, only within the human body. Whatever you see in the way of imagination, creativity, order, rhythm etc. they are not brought about by matter, they don’t have any power of conceiving, ideating. They are inert matter and energy. So if you find anything in the way of a conscious expression, it can only come from mind, intelligence and ego. And these three are within the human body.

So you tell me, which part of creation is more important and where is that? Can you imagine the importance of a human body then? They excel the entire world of matter and energy.  Why did I say this? I said this only to make you think that, what is the potential, magnitude and amplitude of the mind and the intelligence? They are infinite!

Now, this girl is reporting that “I am missing my father. I am a lot aggrieved”. Our mind reacts to events and developments and episodes in the world. Somewhere we are happy, in some instances we are unhappy. This is the conventional response of the mind. We don’t have to work for it. There will be pleasant things, unpleasant things and the mind will pick them up and react and respond accordingly. Now this conventional expression of the mind does not completely restrict it or complete it.

You should understand mind has got infinite potential and magnitude. Spirituality tells you how you can deal with the conventional responses of the mind and make it more and more flexible on the one hand, assimilative on the other and get to much greater heights and excellences than you can imagine. Spirituality is a probe into this area, the inner domain where the thinking, feeling and responding mind is there, where the rational probing and understanding intelligence is there, the assertive ego also is there.

So if the normal responses of the mind towards the episodes of life are proving troublesome to you, our mind has got the capacity to rise to a higher level of response. This is what has taken place in the Kurukshetra battlefield for Arjuna, in the palace of Ayodhya for Rama when he was sixteen years old. There was no war and there was no impending crisis except Rama’s own crisis. So Vasishta got eighteen days for exposing the spiritual wisdom to Sri Rama and it took place in the company of all the palace inmates, the father and the three mothers, the ministers, the citizenly chiefs, many people. It was an open invitation. Early in the morning, the session started. Till sunset it continued, again the next day, like that eighteen days.

And what did Vasishta do? Vasishta was trying to, what shall I say, in the crucible of spiritual wisdom Vasishta put the raw material mind of Sri Rama and he was boiling it, purifying it, boiling it, purifying it, rectifying it until at last it became a beautiful, golden, divine product and said “You get up. Get up as a Prince. Sit on the throne when it is necessary. Rule the kingdom. Whenever any sacrifice is to be made, do not fail. Do whatever you want, whatever is necessary. And never say ‘I fail. My mind is inadequate.’”

My dear souls, the entire secret of Rama’s excellence in life as a Prince and a King, the key to it is the conversation, the dialogue of eighteen days. Our mind can be handled only by the intelligence and the intelligence expresses itself in the way of knowledge alone. So Vasishta was spoon-feeding Rama’s mind with the knowledge using the tool of intelligence and as much as he spoke, Rama received and assimilated. And the effects were marvelous, found even by the middle of the conversation. Rama sat absorbed in his own inner bosom. Vasishta stopped his narration. When Rama and others, not only Rama, they revived their consciousness, then he continued.

Can you imagine the effect of a spiritual dialogue? Either you hear it or you read it. There is no other way!  No other way at all! You have to be exposed to it in the hands of a good knower of truth. After listening to him you can think about it, think about it, reflect upon it, make sure that the ideas are assimilated by your system. Once it is assimilated, the structure of the mind will change.

Suppose your blood lacks potassium and potassium is given orally or otherwise, once the potassium blends with the blood, then you will find the blood is potassium full. My dear souls, exactly in the same manner, your present worldly mind will become a supra-worldly mind by absorbing spiritual wisdom, ideas. That infusion must be had. Now I can speak to you and infuse. You must be receptive and absorbing. After that, you have to generate the thoughts yourself. Normally it is not possible. That is why we have to speak again. After sometime you will find your own mind will start generating spiritual thoughts. At one time it was absorbing. Now the assimilation has become sufficient and it begins to express, express, express, you become a spiritual person.

If you ask me is there any magic in it? There is no magic. But it is a miracle that the mind can change. So what I have to tell this girl “As your mind is aggrieved now, grief stricken, you will find it becomes lighter, pleasant, very comfortable. But understand that there is a treatment, there is an exercise to be done.” So I told her to do an exercise for 20 or 25 minutes. I asked her “Did you do? Do you feel comfortable?” Today I found a smile in her face. Yesterday she could not smile. I said “Be smiling. This is the only treatment that you want.” Let us smile. Make a resolution that “I will never drop my smile; I will always smile come what may.”

We cannot wait for going to heavens to be smiling. Let us smile and make the heavens follow us. And mind has got the capacity to do it, it has the potential, it has the possibility and you have to understand it and employ it. For everything human effort is the key. Here it is a mento-intellectual effort.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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