"Your mind has enormous hidden dimensions. Open yourselves completely to whatever reactions and emotions the world evokes from time to time. Accept them all without any reservation or resentment. By assimilating everything and all, your mind grows deeper, stabler and more enriched."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

Yesterday ‘V’ asked me as to “When will a person come to a position that 'I have enough, I should look inward, I must look for something naturally spiritual and inner and something great.'?” I was answering her. I would like to speak on the same subject.

Our personality is a composite one. The gross body is consisting of matter and energy. Otherwise it has got different limbs to be mechanically active in this world like hands, feet, mouth etc. But there are five sensory organs which are meant for interacting with this world in a cognitive manner. With the eyes we are sensing, the eyes do not travel anywhere; they don’t move. The ears also don’t move, the nose does not move, the tongue also does not move in the sense it does not come out of the mouth. The skin also is stationary. In spite of all these senses being stationary, their functions are constant, consistent, very regular. They are meant only to perceive, understand, know and categorize things in this world. So, these five senses are knowledge senses. The other five senses like hands, feet, mouth, tongue etc. are action senses. Our body is a trunk on which these ten sensory organs are fixed. But this is only one counterpart of our personality.

The inner counterpart is the causal and the source one. The inner personality is what functions as mind, intelligence and ego. It is natural for the rational human to understand what he is in terms of a personality and arrive at a differentiation between the bodily counterpart and the inner spiritual counterpart. We call the inner counterpart 'spiritual' because it is neither matter nor energy. Matter and energy do not have any power, potential or property to sense, know, think, feel, memorize, enquire into, know. But these are the functions which our inner personality constantly does. So, they are not matter and energy. To differentiate them from matter and energy, we call it a spiritual counterpart. Understand it very well. This much of knowledge is necessary because we are rational, we should know who we are, what we are.

With this composite personality, ever since we wake up and till we go to bed and sleep, we are interacting with the world, part of which is our own body. So, we interact with our own body and the rest of the world. In all these interactions, our inner personality remains the same and the other factors alone are variable. Though we call it interaction, the entire interaction is sourced, designed by the inner personality, call it the 'mind'. While the interactions are on, they are resting on and supported by the mind, the interactional effects also are taking place in the mind. Will you not then agree that the mind is the sole factor involved in our interaction?

When I employ my eyes, open the eyes, eyelids and see an object, the eyes do not go to the object nor does the object come to the eye. Only the light rays falling on the object get reflected from there, touch the cornea and an image is formed inside. So, do I see the object or do I interact with a mind’s imprint of the object? The object is elsewhere at a distance. When I see the sun, the sun is in its own place. I see the sun from here. Tell me, how do you see the sun? With the help of the eyes, the mind forms an imprint of the sun wherever it is and this imprinted mental sun is what I am seeing and interacting with. Will you agree with intelligence now that in all my interactions I don’t go anywhere nor do the objects come to me, the entire interactions are within me in my mind, the mind interacting with the imprints which it makes? So, the whole interaction is inner, personal and subjective.

If you can understand this with the intelligence, the next point is that all the resultant experiences including joy, comfort, happiness, contentment, are they not mind-born, mind-created? Does the mind create only joy, sukha and contentment? No. It equally creates other emotions also like hatred, resentment, dislike, greed which agitates the mind, unhealthy competition and jealousy. These are all parallel emotions created by the mind out of which only one emotion pleases us namely joy. All the others are disturbing us. So, for one joy, you have five other counter and agitative emotions. This is the way life is.

If you understand life in this manner you tell me. Tell me very clearly.Is the joy external? No. It is created by the mind. If it is created by the mind where should you look it for? Inside. Why is the joy not produced by the mind? Why counter emotions are produced? The objects have nothing to do in your mind producing emotions about them. The mind is independent of the objects. It creates a number of emotions. So we understand very clearly that the so-called joy and happiness which we are running after is actually an inner creation but for one joy we have five other counter creations. Now what is to be done? The counter elements have to be dealt with, sublimated and brought to always almost a position of nil, zero and the favorable and comfortable emotion called joy, sukha or contentment will have to be enhanced.

The effort to enhance sukha and exterminate the counter emotions, is that effort external or internal? Is it material, physical or objectal or is it inner, mental and intellectual? The answer is very clear. Once you understand that this is the nature of life and this is the requirement of life, will you not automatically become a mind-focused person and intelligence-focused person? It does not require anything at all. An analysis of human life, the interactional nature that it has and subsequently the fact and truth, the unnegatable fact that everything is mind-based and in the mind alone, for one joy we have five counter emotions. So, we have always in an entrapment by the mind by its unfavorable and favorable emotions. Let us understand this position and try to be focused on the mind whereby the counter emotions will be lessening, lessening, lessening, lessening, lessening, getting sublimated by our own understanding and deeper analysis and proportionately or even otherwise, the joyfulness created by the mind will be more, more and more. Don’t tell me that this is theoretical. Anything when explained becomes a theory and following the fact that it is theoretically explained, it is for you to pursue it in your actual life.

Mind is yours, mind’s creations are yours, they are accessible only to you, not anybody else. Being so, try to be focused on your mind, make it better, make it more beautiful, make it more sublime, make it placid, make it serene, make it well-resolved, resolute, make it stable, make it contended, make it persevering, make it exclusive in its effort. Always wanting joy but understanding that it is its own creation, persuade the mind, guide the mind, lead the mind, sublimate the mind, make it more and more efficient until at last your mind will be a treasure for you. Making the mind a treasure is the subject of spirituality. That is the goal and the end point of life when the mind becomes placid, calm, serene, stable, pure, delightful, cheerful, joyous and finally ecstatic.

So, the whole spirituality is a process of qualitatively enriching, elevating, expanding and enlightening your mind. Who will not like this in the world? Everyone with an intelligence will have to opt for it. This is the way you come to a sense of sufficiency about the external world and seeking the inner abundance, affluence and fullness.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

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