"Every moment of your life you are being carried to fulfilment, irresistibly. Everything that comes to you does so to improve, correct or alter your nature, thereby taking you nearer perfection. So, whenever agitation assails your mind, ponder over this truth again and again."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

There has been a little suggestion, talk amidst you that some kind of a practice or something like that should be given to you so that you can hold on to it when you go back. I don’t think many have expressed this. So I am wondering what is to be done.

One day I asked you to sit in silence. Is it that you would like to sit in silence for more number of days? So far as meditation is concerned, I generally explain

-          what is meditation in reality

-          how the meditation can and best progress

-          what is the way it fruitions, and

-          what is the relevance of meditation in the context of self-realization

-        is there any pre and post meditation sadhana to be performed; that is what I call Interactional Sadhana

All these I explained. But so far as my sitting with the people for meditation is concerned, I generally give a deeksha for those people who seek it from me. And then, while giving deeksha, I want at least two or three days morning hours. And after having initiated them – we have got a sound proof meditational room, which is air-conditioned, in the ashram, that is the only room air-conditioned because doors and windows when closed, there will be no circulation of air. There periodically we sit, now we did not have time for so many months now. This is what I do. So, so far as the sadhana brahmavidya meditation is concerned, it is something very sacred, personal and private. So, I don’t like to put people into meditation in a common place. I don’t think it will work nor is it desirable. So, what is the other practice that all of you would like to have? Before giving you a practice, you must give us the idea that we want it, we would do it. It is not a theoretical learning that we have come here for. We also want to carry something in practice.

Then another point that I am hearing is that – “We are afraid of bada Swamiji”. I sometimes wonder - am I frightening you or am I endearing myself to you? I have never frightened people at all. If anybody fears me, why should you fear? What is it that you are fearing? That I will come to know you better? Is it that your thoughts and nature will be understood by me?

Why are you coming to a Guru? Only to lay your mind open before him so that he can read it very well and tell you where you lack and where you should improve. So I think the question of fear never comes! On the other hand, it is to take away and redress all fear that if at all you come to an ashram and to a Mahatma. So a better understanding of what you are here for should be known.

I am a person who talks very forcefully. I have asked so many people. I can talk in a very sublime manner also closing, my eyes or opening my eyes without moving my hands. But I am doing these gesticulations only to give the listeners a kind of a visual support for listening. I belong to Kerala. We have got the kathakali culture. So, to some extent that kathakali culture may be in me. Even when I explain to people meditation and Samadhi, my gesticulations will be such that they will help your mind getting into a very deep calm. So, I am not able to understand why you should fear me. The only difference, if at all I can imagine, is that all of you have been invited as students to attend and participate in a course lasting for three months.

None of you is known to me earlier. So, I can treat you only as students. Apart from the student’s framework if any one of you would like to have a closer or a personal contact with me, you should express it and come forward. Otherwise, people who come here, I generally take a freedom with them and talk to them sometime in a very unusual manner - of course in an endearing way. So, it is understood that you come to a place like this not to be hated by us. If at all we love you, perhaps we love you more than anyone known to you in this world including your family members. And our sole objective is that you should improve, you should become a model human. Sometimes some of my disciples and students have a feeling that Swamiji doesn’t speak anything in appreciation or something like that. I always say, I don’t praise all of you but I will make you praiseworthy. You are not to be praised by me. Other people may have to praise. So become praiseworthy before them. So I would like to make you praiseworthy, meritworthy, creditable, meritorious etc. so that others will feel that you are so. So far as I am concerned, I am supposed to shape and mould your inner personality. That is what I am doing.

These are all some points of you I have I thought of mentioning to you. You know, I am not afraid of you. That is why I speak like that. During the so many years of exposure, you must have at least found that this Swamiji speaks very openly. My openness sometimes perhaps fear a little. I have received a letter and a person has asked a question. “At the end, Swamiji, don’t make use of this letter and my name and flash me, blast me in your telecast”, that is what she has written. See somebody has written a letter. If I refer to it without any name and I answer the letter or if the answer is relevant, I make a few comments. What is the harm? People will be enlightened. The talk is always enlightening. It is never non-enlightening. So, many people have this kind of a reservation. All these come from ego and mamata, aham and mamata, ego and possessiveness.

So, I have discussed this subject today so that you can have rethinking about yourself and if you like, you may let me know or let us know what are further in your thoughts. So, there will be a clarity. In fact we expect everyone of you to become intimate with us before you go. I don't know whether that intimacy is growing at all and I don’t have the freedom to unduly be intimate with all of you because you have come here as students. All the others who come here, they come here as a devotee or a disciple or at least somebody who is very fond of coming here and receiving something more. So, there is an intrinsic freedom I have with them. But with you, I don’t think you have given me that intrinsic freedom. Nevertheless, I am trying to take it sometimes, that is, either my notorious habit or an extraordinary note of goodness.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

* * *

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