“The paths leading man to god or Truth are said to be many. I will speak only of the shortest. It is to recognize God as the Self in you and then to find Him out. What is the distance then between you and God, between you and yourself? Ah, there is no distance at all, a full Zero! Yet, how dare you say to find God and Truth is hard?’’ 

The Guiding force of Narayanashrama Tapovanam & Center for Inner Resources Development

Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha


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An Abode of Learning and Experiential Wisdom

Poojya Swamiji explains it thus :

“This Ashram is actually a Brahmavidya abode. Right from the beginning I did not have any idea of establishing an institution. If I were having an idea, I would have proceeded in a different manner. To establish an institution means to think constantly about the institution and to recruit or allow people to come and join us with a view to do institutional work. That would have been a little different. It is based primarily on man power, not seeking.

Whoever has got the aptitude to work in an institution and take the institution’s ideals to the people by way of a suitable propaganda, I think it will be different. Whereas I only had one thought in my mind. In the same manner I happened to see my Gurudev and I liked him, I sought deeksha from him. After getting the deeksha for me deeksha and my Guru were everything. I did not think of anything else. It is that deeksha and the sādhana I did very fervently that you can say made me the way I was and I am.

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