"The power to promote and reward, as also to demote and punish the individual and his fate in this world, lies within his mind, its thoughts and feelings. No external agency is necessary to bring this infallible fruition. As the growth and development of a seed, an embryo, or a cell designed and preserved by its own inner makeup, here too the causal forces for what one rightly deserves lurk within one’s own invisible bosom."

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[From the morning talks during the Gurupoornima Retreat 2006]

Harih Om Tat Sat.  Jai Guru! After the Gurupoornima function, the Retreat days are now going on. Last night during the satsang one important question was raised: How can the benefits of such Retreats and other similar exposures be taken home? How can householders live after these values trying to build up more and more of the saadhana in their houses?

Nutan Swamiji has already stressed the point that you will have to give the Supreme the supreme pedestal and hence your saadhana itself should have a supreme place in your life. You should consider this as the primary message of the Retreat. I thought of adding a few more points.

Ask yourself: “Why is this place called an Ashram? What is its uniqueness? How is it different from all other places you have come across?” When you enquire in this manner, you will understand the significance of spirituality. One important point you should not miss. Everything in this Ashram revolves around spirituality; everything howsoever it may seem, springs from spirituality; and every event, every act, is soaked in spirituality. Spirituality is smeared to everything that is done here.

Look at us. We don’t have any income of our own. We do not have any blood relationship around us. Each day of our life is governed by the Providential note. At the same time we undertake many tasks, many kinds of work involving expenditures of millions of rupees. But we don’t own anything. Yet, on what account are people coming and seeing us, talking to us about their problems, their afflictions, and feel relieved, deriving the benefits of satsang etc.? Have you thought about it? All these are revolving around one important principle: it is the principle of spirituality.

What does this spirituality mean? It means not having a worldly point of view, but a divine, godly, and universal point of view with respect to everything.

The morning and evening sessions in the Samadhi Mandir should be considered as collective as well as individual saadhana. The more important is the individual contribution to the austerity mood of the Ashram. This austerity is the spinal chord of our Ashram. On this depends everything else. Here too, at least a part of this austerity should be taken to your home life.

Do you have this sense of austerity and devotion in everything that you do at home? The food that you eat, the dress that you wear, the style in which you set up your house, the type of pictures you keep, the manner in which you organize your pooja room, and the custom in which you cook, eat etc. – all these must continuously remind yourself and the others about this spiritual sublimity that you are aiming at.

Expose your children to good values. Discuss with them the significance and importance of values in life. Goodness, dedication, devotion, being truthful and charitable – on all these values you have to ruminate repeatedly. Be saatvik in the food you eat, in the dress you wear and in your behaviour with others.

Before cooking, have spiritual and nice thoughts. Whatever you cook and offer should be divine. Set these values and tell your children that these would keep them in good stead. Make the mind humble, steady and resting upon God unfailingly.

The entire universe is supported by God. Our body too is a little universe. Do not think that whatever you do is because of your own merits. The merits themselves are implanted in you by Nature, derived by virtues of godliness.

This is the divinity you see in the Ashram. Carry a particle of this divinity. Try to blow it up. Like from a spark of ignition a huge fire can blaze forth, the spark of divinity lying hidden in your personality should blaze forth, not only for you but for the others too.

Examine your mind and find out whether you are spiritual and ask yourself if this is being built upon more and more every day. If not, find out the reasons. Why should it not increase? Do not foster desires. Try to develop a desire-free state of mind. Better than seeking opportunities, allow the opportunities to come in search of you.

These are all very simple propositions. Try to understand them, cultivate them, and also inculcate them in your family members. Everywhere the touch of spirituality and divinity should be there. Think more and more on these lines. Let the spiritual thoughts be reflected in your actions – decorate your house in a manner that gives the message of this spirituality. Godliness should start shining forth from every corner of your house. Show this attitude towards your visitors, neighbours and in all your interactions.

I think Maa will tell you more about it sometime. Nutan Swamiji also will have something to add from his own side. Listen to all of them. And as Maa has said, make a written note of all these and work upon these notes after you leave the Ashram. This will assist you to remember the spiritual atmosphere you were exposed to here and also help you to keep your focus on spirituality even in the midst of busy domestic and professional life.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru!

* * *
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