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Harih Om Tat Sat. Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

I shall continue the subject, “Feeling and seeing divinity throughout”. Will you specially note it and keep it in mind that seeing divinity throughout is not an object or objective process? When we hear the word, instantly the idea will come, “I must see divinity everywhere, everywhere, everywhere”. What do you mean by everywhere? Everywhere in the world? That means the attention is instantly driven to the object and the variety of objects including persons, places and events. We are living in a home and there are other inmates in the home. We invariably have some places of work. They may be within the house, in the office or in any other place. We also are moving about in the midst of society. So we have a domestic front, a residential front, a professional front and a societal front. The same individual is moving and interacting in all these places. That is why I say persons, places and events.

Several events take place in our life. All these events have a place. They become an object or subject of treatment for us, interaction for us. So we have interactions with persons, interactions with places or circumstances and surroundings or events. So whenever we say, “You try to see divinity everywhere”, instantly the idea grips our mind, “I have to see divinity in the donkey, in the elephant, in the pillar, in the ant, in gold, silver, charcoal”, like this. Will you please correct this point? The place of objects come later. First of all, this seeing is done by you. So the transformation, change or progress has to be first and last in you. Meaning what? In your mind, in your intelligence. So it is not a question of seeing divinity but feeling divinity. What feels - The mind feels. Now think seriously about when do we see divinity and when our seeing becomes non-divine. It is a very basic and ultimate question. I will give you a complete answer. I will take two verses from Bhagavad Gita.

इच्छाद्वेषसमुत्थेन द्वन्द्वमोहेन भारत ।
सर्वभूतानि सम्मोहं सर्गे यान्ति परन्तप ।।
icchā-dveṣa-samutthena dvandva-mohena bhārata |
sarva-bhūtāni sammohaṁ sarge yānti paran-tapa ||
(Bhagavad Gita 7.27)

I was taken in Bhopal to the H.E.T I think and I was addressing the corporate officials on “The Secret of Managerial Success”. I quoted this verse there and explained it many many years back. Krishna says in this verse, sarva-bhūtāni sammohaṁ sarge yānti paran-tapa. Right at the time of creation, at the time of birth, all beings - sarva-bhūtāni. Sammohaṁ yānti - they undergo or they beget a delusion. What is that delusion? Icchā-dveṣa-samutthena dvandva-mohena - the delusion arising from iccha and dvesha, love and hate, desire and resentment. It is in the nature. What is this delusion if you ask, iccha dveshas are the delusion. Once you have iccha and dvesha, they will drive you to a number of actions, consequences, further actions and the like. All beings are driven to this delusion. So are you an exception - no. So we have already undergone a delusion at the time of our birth.

A new born child, you put a little sweet, a drop of honey in the tongue, the child will lick it and tastily take it. You put something bitter, “po po” (it sounds). What does it mean? It likes the sweet and it dislikes the bitterness. Now this is the beginning of delusion. It likes the mother and dislikes the rest. It is the same iccha dveshas that go on increasing. Within a house you will say, “I like my mother more or father more. My father understands me, mother does not”. Even for the mother and the father, if there are three or more children, the mother and the father will be liking one or more better than the rest. It is a delusion, it is a delusion, it is a delusion. That delusion works from iccha dveshas and it also promotes and strengthens iccha dveshas. This is what makes everything non-divine, non-divine, non-divine.

Then what is divinity if you ask me, very clearly:

इहैव तैर्जितः सर्गो येषां साम्ये स्थितं मनः ।
निर्दोषं हि समं ब्रह्म तस्माद्ब्रह्मणि ते स्थिताः ।।
ihaiva tair-jitaḥ sargo yeṣāṁ sāmye sthitaṁ manaḥ |
nirdoṣaṁ hi samaṁ brahma tasmād-brahmaṇi te sthitāḥ ||
(Bhagavad Gita 5.19)

Ihaiva tair-jitaḥ sargo yeṣāṁ sāmye sthitaṁ manaḥ. The iccha dvesha drives you to a state of unevenness, unequalness. When you are able to, iha eva - here itself. Taih - by them. Jitaḥ sargah - the entire samsāra, creation is overcome, won over. Yeṣāṁ sāmye sthitaṁ manaḥ - whose mind floats in sāmya, evenness, equalness, whose mind floats in equalness.

Now understand, nirdoṣaṁ hi samaṁ Brahma – Brahman, the Supreme Reality or God is nirdosha. God has no dosha, no evil and sama, he is equal and God’s qualities none else has because there is nobody like God. So when you have evenness and you are devoid of evil, free from evil, these being qualities of God, you become Brahman. Are you able to understand? Please don’t go and seek confirmation from anybody.

If you are free from iccha dvesha and your mind is sufficiently floating in sama, then you have attained Brahman. That is what we call divinity. When I started saying this when I was in Jnanashram along with my brothers, my brothers started poopooing me, virtually. I say, when I look at a coconut tree or the road or anything jarring, I don’t have iccha and dvesha but I have a uniform attitude. Then that very sight is Brahman for me, I said. They started poopooing me. This I said many years back, even now I say the same thing. It is not that the coconut tree puts on a mask of Brahman for you, it is not that the donkey becomes Uchaisravas, no, no, no. No object changes. Every object will have a color and from the color you go to a shape. So there will be men, there will be women, there will be children, there will be middle agers, old people, good people, bad people, rough people, soft people, your own mother may not confirm to your specifications nor father, even your own married partner you may not like many aspects. All of them will continue to be what they are, but, for you, you will strike divinity everywhere and the key for divinity is feeling divinity not seeing divinity. Divinity will be felt when the hindrances to divinity are removed. What are the hindrances? Iccha and dvesha.

So seeing God is not an external process, it is not an object process, it is a subject sublimity, a subject serenity. I had worshipped Lord Krishna because my mother wanted me to worship. Religiously I used to do. When I went to Calcutta, the idol which I was worshipping was simply taken and put on a stand and fixed on the wall. Later on, we don’t know what has happened to the idol. No problem arose either in my mind or in me or in anybody else. I don’t think that idol can be traced now and none of us knows what has happened to it. That idol-worshipping mind, idol-worshipping boy, he tells you now this. Whatever idol you worship, remove the idol and put a stone there and worship. If you are able to worship, you have divinity. If you are not able to worship, you are far away from divinity.

You are looking for divinity in a special form or in a special stone. Stone is God’s creation, jewel is called God’s creation, fecal matter is His creation, excreta is His creation. So what is not divine here? Everything is divine! You have a pooja room and a bathroom. You can manage without the pooja room. Can you manage without the bathroom? So which is more important?

I was taken to Kodungalloor years back for a talk. People started crowding my room, I wanted to have a little leisure. Food was brought to me, so many people were there. So I moved into the bathroom and I sat there and took my food. My host was a little surprised. I said, “I don’t want this crowd, let us sit here”. He did not say anything. There was a time when somebody came to the Ashram here, when Mataji Sulabha Devi was there. I wanted to escape from that person. It was very difficult. That person would rush into where I am taking food etc. So I went to the bathroom. It was a very small bathroom, very small and Mataji gave me food. I took the food in the bathroom.

You must be able to put anything in the place of the deity and still you should worship. Try it at least as a sādhanā. My dear souls, the entire key is in your mind. Shed your iccha dveshas and the mind becomes divine. And if the mind is divine, whatever you see and whatever you do is divine. You know what is my specialty, this Swamiji’s specialty? I refuse to recognize anything as non-divine and I refuse to search for God. I refuse to look for God but I insist upon feeling God, knowing God, experiencing God and not missing Him at any point. That is why I say, “My dear God, can you banish me from your domain and can you exit from my heart?” He has already installed Himself as the Self in you. He has installed Himself. You don’t have to install Him. He has installed Himself in your heart so that he can never be banished by you. He loves you so much that he always wants to insulate you, protect you.

Srimad Bhagavata says this openly and when all of you are divinity, divinity, divinity, what divinity, be divine. Are you not already divine? Are you the body? No, then what are you? You are the spirit. Is the spirit divine? If it is divine, you are divine. If the spirit is divine, then you are divine. When you eat, it is because of the spirit, when you get harsh, it is because of the spirit, when you speak a lie, it is because of the spirit. My dear souls, this is a wonderful position, a wonderful position. Then you may ask, “Swamiji, if people start thinking in this manner, will they not do anything that they want?” Let them feel it and then see whether they do or not. Can you say, “God is within me” and do whatever you like?

I don’t know I can imperfectly say that Thirumangai Alvar or somebody, a Tamil saint was there. He started robbing the articles in an idol. Ultimately, he came to the toe ring. He was not able to take it, so he started biting it. At that time, there was profuse bleeding from the toe or ankle. That particular time, the robber Thirumangai Alvar if that was his name, he became a saint. I think you should steal from the treasury of God. Don’t steal from other places. If you want to steal, go to the treasury of God and steal it fully. I think you will become a saint.

I have told some people, “Chant Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana and do whatever you want to say”. If you start chanting “Narayana, Narayana, Narayana”, what will you say? Try. Once or twice you may say something wrong or bad but this Narayana japa will transfuse you to such an extent that rebelliously and obstinately you will start doing the opposite of what you do. You are now doing a crime; you will start doing a service later.

So the whole secret is mind, mind and mind. Start feeling God, feeling divinity, feeling divinity. There is nothing besides divinity. Divinity alone is there. The whole world including your body is a manifestation, a display of God, display of God. Don’t look for Him in anything in particular, find Him in everything in general. You can never forget God. Even if you forget God, mind you, you are forgetting God, so even in your forgetting, God is there. Because whom are you forgetting - God you are forgetting. When you remember, you are remembering God. When you forget, you are forgetting God. So he is in your memory and forgetfulness. This is that wonderful jñāna path. Only very few people can have the fortune of listening to it and being benefitted by it.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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