"Let not world-objects be your mind’s master. Let them be, if at all, subservient to the mind. To be spiritual is not to look for one’s delight and fulfillment in the objects of the world. The mind that causes delight through any object can also provide delight without such an object. Delight in reality belongs to the mind alone. It is verily mind’s own gift."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

When I saw the children together with their parents ‘A’ and ‘B’ , I was wondering why suddenly they have come here. Then I thought today must be Saturday or Sunday. I think today is Saturday, so they have no school. So the parents have decided to bring the children here. I think they do so every weekend. I also saw earlier, ‘C’ also has come in a very traditional Kerala dress. She is pregnant and the pregnancy and the growth of the child, pregnancy is growing, the growth of the child is taking place. So, my mind runs into an imagination.

I was thinking about Srimad Bhagavatam and trying to tell in my own mind that this Srimad Bhagavatam is a compendium, given to an elaborate discussion of human life with its all-fold bearing and relationship. When I say all-fold bearing and relationship, it does not stop with merely our life in the house or in a professional front, getting married, having children, grandchildren, observing some of the social events, festivals etc. No, not at all! It necessarily must involve a discussion of the environments in which our life is thriving. We are all upon the Earth. Why are we upon the Earth? Not because of us. We are earth’s own products, earth’s own children. That does not mean that we are necessarily given to living upon the Earth. Earth has got its gravity. That gravitational force acts upon us. And that is why we don’t fly and flee from the Earth, we remain here. So, whenever you think of your life, existence, movements, interactions and the like, you cannot ignore the fact that it is the gravity of the Earth that enables you to live and move.

In our own biological body, there are forces generated by the biological process by virtue of which we can counteract this gravity and start moving. When you lift your hand and stretch it, automatically gravity will be pulling it down. So we can generate a force from within ourselves so that the gravity is neutralized and we are able to keep our hand erect and high at least for some time. So the system is so beautiful and intricate that there is a lot of science and process in it, we should understand it very well. People don’t take any time for it.

Why I said this? Our existence itself is because of the gravitational force of the earth, I said. What about the water we drink, air we breathe, the sunlight and moonlight we have and the different items of food products we produce? All these are from the Earth and from the surrounding factors. We call them panchabhutas. Out of the panchabhutas, the bhoomi comes first, water next, air next and different forms of energy represented by fire, still next. And we also are surrounded and penetrated by space. So, a study or consideration of human life will necessarily take us to an understanding of the Earth and what all is thriving there. Similarly, an understanding of water, its place in our life, the understanding of air in our life, sunlight, moonlight, various other lights coming from the sky through luminaries, all these will have to be considered. Thus you will find Srimad Bhagavatam discusses human life but spreads itself to all the allied factors like the Geology and Geophysics of the Earth, maybe aerodynamics also. It speaks to us about vegetation extensively, about a number of animals and birds, the earth, the trees and plants, the different kinds of rivers, rocks, so many jewels which are available. It speaks exhaustively about environment, the cosmology on the one hand, psychology on the other, philosophy on the other, societal sciences, interaction, behavior, character, what all are necessary to keep a healthy life, healthy mind, healthy intelligence. So many things are discussed there.

There is an occasion where Srimad Bhagavatam discusses the Trikūtāchala mountain in the Gajendra story, how many trees they are referring to and what all flowers they are referring to! So, the author cannot simply discuss one aspect of it. So the entire! Similarly, how the Earth has come, how the planets have come, what existed at first, what is going to be at the end, what are the first primary constituents, all these are very important. It also discusses about the birth and growth and fulfillment of human life. The discussion, wherefrom should it start? We generally say a child is born and the day is calculated, time is calculated, astrologically also. But is that marking the real birth of the child or formation of the child? No. It starts from pregnancy. When pregnancy, garbhādhāna takes place, that is a time a child is going to get formed, the initial step. Right from then on, the child has to be nursed, the foetus has to be nursed.

So, my imagination ran, this girl has been coming here for a long time. So she is carrying now. I wanted to ask her, “Do you talk to your child in the womb? What kind of a child do you want? What do you think should be his or her qualities? Have you thought about them? Or you will start thinking of the child only after it is born?” One great man in this world seems to have said that “What I learned in my primary classes, that alone I will find at the end of my life also.” In the same manner, how the garbhādhāna takes place, how the child grows in the womb, I think this is going to determine his character, behavior, interaction, achievement, excellence and the like.

So I wanted to tell ‘C’ that this is a very, very creative period in your life. You are looking alright. You should understand that you are mothering a child. It is invisible now but still it is getting formed. The brain is first formed, through the brain the other parts are getting formed. What is the structure of the brain? In the same manner that the formations of the parts already take place in the womb, the formation and even quality of the brain will be inside the womb. So you should think about as the child physically grows inside, mentally you should start mothering it, communicating with it. That is why we have the story of Abhimanyu in Mahabharata and Bhagavatam where he says that “I can only enter into the Chakravyuha, I cannot get out because I heard the conversation which my father had about the Chakravyuha and entry into it. But the exit point was not discussed, so I did not hear, I was in my mother’s womb.” This story tells you how the child, the foetus is listening to and reacting to whatever the mother or the others say. Whatever the mother reads, sees, hears, thinks, touches, everything will have to be in a refined manner. This girl should understand that she is carrying and giving shape to a child in her womb. As she will tend the child when the child is born, in the same manner she should tend the child when she is in the womb also. I think Srimad Bhagavata discusses quite a number of things, not only Srimad Bhagavata, Mahabharatam, Ramayana also to some extent but in Bhagavata it is in a more developed and methodical manner.

So the long and short of what I wanted to say is Srimad Bhagavatam is a compendium which discusses the birth, growth and fulfillment of human life in the context of the environments which are hosting it. The environments include the Earth, the water, the air, the different forms of energy, space, the luminaries in the sky. Every plant has got its place. Every creature has got its place, everything around us, I think these are discussed. That is how it becomes a discussion of the cosmology, the very genesis of creation. Then it discusses psychology, the science of the mind; Philosophy, the science of the intelligence; Spirituality, the science of the soul; then character, the formation and display of one’s own inner qualities; behaviour, the manner in which one expresses himself outwardly with himself and with the others; then interaction, we interact with people at home, people outside, youngsters, elders, people of the same group, known people, unknown people. We also interact with the environments. All these things become a subject of discussion in Srimad Bhagavatam. I thought of mentioning it to you. We should be able to read the text and understand it sometime in our life. Today I have to speak to generate the matter for ‘Inner Spiritual Splendour’, naturally the thoughts of what section I am going to deal with, those thoughts also are in my mind.

My mind is in Dwaraka. How the Dwaraka was built and what all architectural details are mentioned there. There is a surrounding wall. There are many ring roads, diametrical roads, intersectional islands, a number of gardens, subsidiary forests, there are special pathways and highways, express highways meant for chariots, elephants, animals, beautiful parks are there, there are some jogging and walking places, all of them are laden with marakatha stones, chips and powders. They are compressed and rolled well and they are glittering with the green colour, a luxurious item. I don’t think we have seen it or heard it anywhere in the Earth. Such beautiful pathways have been made. There are parks there. And all the communities – Brahmanas, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Sudras, all of them are there including the tribal people. There are regular arrangements whereby all these people will be exposed to the others so that each can learn by observation. All facilities are there. Krishna’s palace, the palace of Vasudeva, the palace of Ugrasena, a number of Brahmanas, surrounding all these things how many palaces are there - 16008 for the 16008 women. Beginning from Rukmini to the last person who was sent from the prison of Narakasura after liberating the whole lot. They were sent in palanquins. All these are there. I think Vishwakarma has given shape to Dwaraka in a very beautiful manner. It was a masterly creation. All these things are coming to my mind.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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