"Let not world-objects be your mind’s master. Let them be, if at all, subservient to the mind. To be spiritual is not to look for one’s delight and fulfillment in the objects of the world. The mind that causes delight through any object can also provide delight without such an object. Delight in reality belongs to the mind alone. It is verily mind’s own gift."

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Verses for Introspection

04 - लब्ध्वा सुदुर्लभमिदं
Human is a rare birth

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लब्ध्वा सुदुर्लभमिदं बहुसम्भवान्ते
मानुष्यमर्थदमनित्यमपीह धीरः ।
तूर्णं यतेत न पतेदनुमृत्यु याव-
न्निःश्रेयसाय विषयः खलु सर्वतः स्यात् ।।

श्रीमद् भागवतम् ११.९.२९

labdhvā sudurlabhamida bahusambhavānte
mānuyamarthadamanityamapīha dhīra |
tūra yateta na patedanumtyu yāvan
niśreyasāya viaya khalu sarvata syāt ||

Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 11.9.29



After many births, this rare human body is obtained which although itself transient is conducive to attain the supreme welfare in human life. A wise, therefore, should without losing time endeavor for the supreme felicity before the body, which is constantly followed by death, falls; for sense enjoyments are available all around.


Points for Introspection:

Human life is very rare because only after many births one is blessed to get a human body.

The human life is very different from than that of all other living beings. For all other living beings, the life consists of eating, sleeping, reproducing and enjoying the sensual pleasures alone. But a human body is not meant only for that. It has a supreme purpose in life, that is to realize the Self, God or Brahman. Although this body itself is impermanent, through this body alone the supreme purpose is fulfilled.

Unlike other living beings, besides the senses, human beings are blessed with mind and intelligence and possess thinking and discriminating powers. Using the mind and intelligence, man should understand, the futility and perishable nature of this life; that the highest purpose of life is to strive for the realization of the Self which bestows supreme felicity opening the door to liberation.

We do not know when the body will fall, but fall it will. So, we should not delay in taking the pursuit to realize the Self. Without wasting time, till the body falls, one must keep on striving for nishreyasah – the supreme good in human life. Then alone human birth is fulfilled. One who follows this path is wise.

Chanting this shloka repeatedly generates in the mind the feeling of rarity of human birth.The mind feels grateful to the Lord that we have been given the opportunity to strive to attain the supreme goal. A strong conviction arises in the mind that life is limited and hence should not be wasted in unessential matters.


Word Meaning:

लब्ध्वा (labdhvā) = having obtained; सुदुर्लभम् (sudurlabham) = very difficult to be attained, very rare; इदं (ida) = this; बहुसम्भवान्ते(bahusambhavānte) = at the end of many lives; मानुष्यम् (mānuyam) = human nature; अर्थदम्(arthadam) = advantageous, gives value; अनित्यम्(anityam) = not eternal, transient; अपि(api) = and, also; इह (iha) = in this world, in this place, here; धीरः (dhīra) = of firm resolve, wise; तूर्णं (tūra) = quickly, immediately, speedily, यतेत(yateta) = should endeavour; (na) = not; पतेत् (patet) = fall; अनुमृत्यु(anumtyu) = following in death; यावत्(yāvat) = as much as, as many as; निःश्रेयसाय(niśreyasāya) = for the final beatitude, supreme welfare, for the ultimate bliss; विषयः(viaya) = sense enjoyments; खलु (khalu) = indeed, verily,certainly; सर्वतः(sarvata) = from every side, everywhere, all around; स्यात्(syāt) = be.


इह अनित्यं अपि अर्थदं सुदुर्लभं मानुष्यं बहुसम्भवान्ते लब्ध्वा, धीरः अनुमृत्यु इदं यावत् न पतेत्, तूर्णं निःश्रेयसाय यतेत । विषयः खलु सर्वतः स्यात् ।
Iha anityamapi arthadam sudurlabham mānuyam bahusambhavānte labdhvā, dhīra anumtyu ida yāvat na patet, tūra niśreyasāya yateta. viaya khalu sarvata syāt.

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